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9 Motivating Sales Training Ideas

If you need to train some new sales staff or update your existing staff with new strategies and information, design a curriculum that will get everyone excited to get out and close deals. Check out sales training ideas that will leave everyone feeling prepared and motivated to do their best.

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1. Train your team in the art of the elevator pitch

This classic sales training tool is a tried-and-true method. Can your employees explain who your company is and what you do in a compelling 30-second speech that leaves a potential customer curious to learn more? Elevator pitches don’t always follow the same formula, but any good speech should contain the “who,” the “what,” and the value proposition. Some pitches begin with a question that serves as a “hook.” That question can serve to reveal a customer pain point that your company addresses.

Other pitches can simply be a story about a previous customer that might resonate with the audience. You can train your staff in the art of crafting the perfect elevator pitch by assigning them either real or hypothetical companies and/or products, then dividing them into pairs so that each employee can take turns being the salesperson and the potential customer. After making some tweaks to their original pitches, ask everyone to share their pitch with the entire team for more feedback.

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2. Practice demos and presentations

If presentations are a core part of your sales strategy, consider hosting a training dedicated to perfecting them. As with the elevator pitch, you can assign each staff member a product and a hypothetical company they would be selling to, and ask them to come up with a presentation or demo that best sells that product. Presentations should always be tailored to the specific company you are trying to sell to. Host a feedback session after everyone gives their presentation to talk about what went well and ways to improve.

3. Share success stories

Let your staff learn from the best! Gather the top performers on your sales team and ask them to come up with a presentation showcasing their strategies for success. Then, ask each of the sales team members in the audience to brainstorm how they will be implementing those strategies. 

4. Invite guest speakers to present on their area of sales expertise

If your company is trying to ramp up social media sales efforts, consider inviting a social media marketing expert to your next sales training meeting (or, find another area that needs improvement and invite an expert in that area). Ask your staff members to come prepared with questions. It’s not only a great learning opportunity, but also a fantastic chance for your team to network with a thought leader in the industry. As an extra perk for the guest and your staff, you can turn this sales training meeting idea into a full-on “Lunch and Learn” by ordering catering for the day.

5. Catch up on industry news and trends

It’s important for every sales team to understand the changing needs of their target market and be up to date on all of the latest trends in their industry. Subscribe to industry magazines (or print out copies of online articles), and host a training meeting where you break your staff into teams and assign them a section to read. Then, ask everyone to summarize their findings and brainstorm how they can apply their new knowledge and adapt their current selling methods accordingly.

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6. Roleplay customer and salesperson scenarios

An important aspect of selling is being prepared to answer questions and address customer concerns. For this sales training meeting idea, break your staff into pairs and ask each person to take turns being the salesperson and the customer. The point of this exercise is to have everyone practice responding to questions and objections that customers may have. It’s not on-the-job practice, but it’s the next best thing (and comes with a whole lot less pressure).

7. Let a webinar do the training

Online sales training tools are affordable and can offer excellent information. So why not host a webinar “watch party” for you next sales training meeting? You can gather everyone in a conference room and have coffee and bagels or catered lunch as you all watch the webinar and take notes. After the webinar, ask everyone to share what they learned and how they will apply it to their next sale.

8. Show your buyer’s journey

This sales training activity is especially important if you just hired new people or have started offering a product with a new target market. With a presentation or mini movie (it can be animated with a tool like PowToon), show the process your customers go through before purchasing your product, including the awareness stage, consideration/evaluation stage, and, finally, the decision stage. You can find buyer’s journey templates online to help you map out this process.

9. Host the training in an exciting venue

Sometimes a change in scenery can help spark creativity. Try switching up your next sales training by getting out of the office. On Peerspace, you can find a venue with the A/V capabilities and space you need to host your next training. Keep in mind the Peerspace Concierge service is also available to recommend trusted vendors and arrange for catering, furniture rentals, and more. Make your sales training ideas come to life in a new environment!

Your next sales training doesn’t have to be a drag. If you create a learning experience that is memorable, impactful, and fun, your staff is more likely to succeed. Get your team excited about their work and the progress they can make with these motivating sales training ideas.

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