How To Find An Airbnb For Workspaces (2024)


Workspaces on Peerspace typically cost $30 — $100 per hour.

Wondering if there is an Airbnb for workspaces? Trust us, it’s not a ridiculous notion! Many of us are itching both to travel and to get some work done. And when it comes to doing both, you have more options than ever before.

So much of the global workforce can do business remotely, and people are starting to appreciate that they can work from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. This means employees are eschewing their boring home offices and instead are telecommuting from fun locations worldwide. So yeah, searching for an Airbnb for workspaces is more common than ever!

However, rather than renting a long-term facility like an Airbnb for several days, use Peerspace to book unique workspace venues by the hour. We’ll explain all the ways that Peerspace is the Airbnb for workspaces ahead.

First of all, what is Peerspace?

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Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals. It offers simple bookings conducted with the local owner or ambassador of the space for as many hours as you need, all for one low, transparent price.

While Peerspace has literally thousands of workspace-worthy venues worldwide, you can also use the platform to book production locations, event spaces, offices, and more. Simply start a search, browse venue listings, and book spaces you like when you like.

Communication between the peer-to-peer parties is simple through the platform. Plus, you can use various filters in your search and check out quality pictures of the space and its reviews before booking. More on that next!

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Finding your perfect workspace is all about the filters

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So how do you use Peerspace like an Airbnb for workspaces? The first thing to do is to download the Peerspace app or visit the workspace homepage.

Once there, filter the properties by your location and your dates. The site will first ask questions like how many people you’ll need to accommodate at the venue.

Don’t be too hasty to omit rentals that don’t have a designated office area for working, though. If you’re comfortable working from a table or a porch, you probably only need a strong internet connection. Wireless internet is also selectable under Filters and Amenities. Just select “WiFi” as a necessity, and voila! You’re well on your way to choosing the ideal destination workplace.

Consider the specific amenities you need to get down to work

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Once you’ve answered those basics, select the amenities you’re looking for in your Peerspace workspace. Do you need a full kitchen, or just a microwave and a coffeemaker? There are thousands of Peerspace venues in many countries worldwide, and more are joining the platform every day. You’re sure to find an exciting hourly rental that meets your needs.

If you have a remote so-called “desk job,” you probably want to rent a spot that has a dedicated workspace. This feature is selectable under Filters and Amenities.

Once you’ve found the properties in the area that are available for your date(s) and you have selected how many people have RSVPed to attend, you can scroll through all the venue’s amenities.

Some rentals provide chairs and tables, audio-visual equipment, and even coffee for your event. Others are more specific to certain kinds of workspaces, like music production studios with conference rooms, after-hour restaurants with industrial kitchens, and so forth. With these types of options, you can see why Peerspace is the Airbnb for workspaces!

On Peerspace, hosts list all the amenities for each rental. So you never have to guess if a space suits your needs or not. And remember, if you have any questions, simply reach out to the host on the listing page and shoot them a message.

Working with a team? We have your collaborative workspaces

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Even if a larger group needs an offsite workspace, Peerspace can provide the perfect space. After all, Peerspace is the largest online peer-to-peer rental marketplace of its kind. That means you can locate spaces suitable for one guest or 101 guests!

To sum up, renting a Peerspace is ideal for collaborative workspace events such as:

You can use the filters feature to find workspaces large enough for all your guests. And depending on the specific event you’re holding, the listing will describe the space’s amenities, so you know if it is suitable.

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Explore some of Peerspace’s unique workspaces first-hand

Downtown, Street Front, Walk Up, Loft in Minneapolis rental
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One of the main attractions of renting a Peerspace facility as a workspace is the excitement of doing tasks in a novel setting. You can easily choose a location that can inspire new motivation when you’re blocked or burnt out.

Minneapolis flex space

Imagine what you and your team could accomplish in this Downtown Minneapolis flex space (pictured above). It’s a fun environment that you can rent by the hour that features two floors, an open layout, and even outdoor space.

Plus, it can accommodate about 50 people for brainstorming, meetings, and just hunkering down and getting work done in a novel space.

A Chicago-style focus room

For a much smaller workspace in Chicago, check out this “focus room” on Michigan Avenue. It has space for up to eight people and boasts strong Wi-Fi, tables and chairs, a printer, and a whiteboard.

For an additional few hours, you can also enjoy beverages and snacks. Also, the host is happy to connect you with additional amenities like faxing, printing, coffee, and catering.

“Great host, very accommodating,” shares a Peerspace reviewer who booked this office. “Answered every question, helped make sure we were setup and everything was super easy. The space was exactly as pictured. Fits about 4-5 adults snuggly with bags. Anna even went the extra mile as we had to add an additional hour + kitchen access. Process was seamless. Highly recommended space & host. My team is remote so they loved being able to connect in such a great space. Will be doing this again!”

Getting creative in Atlanta

If you’re looking for workspaces that are the opposite of dark and dingy, then check out this bright, creative workspace in Atlanta. It’s ideal for everything from meetings with coworkers and clients to networking events and seminars.

This is because it has space for 50, an array of comfy seating, and gorgeous decor. Plus, it has two conference rooms, a rooftop deck, a courtyard, a kitchen, and a basketball court. Talk about an inspiring space!

A San Francisco steal

Next up, we have this relaxed and centrally-located FiDi workspace in San Francisco. It has room for 12 workers, is handicap accessible, and is close to MUNI and BART stations. The room is equipped with a conference table and chairs, a whiteboard, a projector, flip charts, a conference phone, a monitor, and more.

It’s also only $90 an hour, which is quite a reasonable rate in our book! The host is also happy to have the room set up conference, theater, or single-user style, per your request.

In the words of a Peerspace reviewer: “Very courteous and accommodating to our circumstances- easy to find – very comfortable and clean space – highly recommended”

A nifty conference room in Austin

Our friends in Austin, TX looking for comfy, modern workspaces need to check out this nifty conference room in North Austin. It is a 500-square-foot room set inside a residential community, so note that it’s only a semi-private rental. The room provides you with a large conference table, seating for six, a 50-inch screen, and glass walls that enhance the space’s contemporary style.

Check out this helpful review from a Peerspace user who booked this room for their meeting: “We had a meeting with 6 people in the room and it worked very well for us. The room layout and temperature were fine, and the location (The Domain) was super convenient for stepping out to grab lunch. Everything was in perfect working order and the coordination with the facility was seamless.”

Airbnb for workspaces: conclusion

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Consider Peerspace your Airbnb for workspaces since you can rent stylish venues in cities across the globe. Plus, venues are owned by real, live people, too – like a video editor who rents out their studio when they’re not using it, a bar owner who rents their space out during the day, or even homeowners who have extra exceptional residences.

Peerspace rentals include barns, sound stages, museums, and other exciting spaces where you can get your work done by the hour. You’re renting from a local person, so you’re helping an actual human being with their expenses.

Every day, Peerspace uncovers new spaces for your hourly rental enjoyment. And there are Peerspace spaces in hundreds of cities around the world. Check us out today and see what’s available in your location!

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