Here’s Where to Rent Office Space by the Hour in NYC

Working remotely is a trend that isn’t likely to fade any time soon. Especially in major global metropolises like New York City, there’s a growing need to borrow external office space, even if only for a short while. Therefore, you may find yourself needing to rent office space by the hour in NYC.

Luckily, just in that city alone, Peerspace has hundreds of such spaces available to rent daily or even hourly. You may need external office space for back-to-back virtual meetings, a change of work-from-home scenery, or for some peace and quiet. Or, perhaps, a combo of all of these!

Luckily, booking a Peerspace venue is ultra-easy. Simply click the link above to search and filter the results based on your preferred neighborhood and amenities. You can check each space’s listing to read a detailed description provided by the local host, see high-def photos, and read reviews from previous renters.

No matter why you need it, here’s where to rent office space by the hour in NYC.

Determine why you require the office space

rent office space by the hour in nyc
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Answering a few questions will help you filter what kind of office space hourly rental will best serve your needs.

First, how many people will be using the offsite office? Will it serve as an in-person company gathering site? Or is it just a temporary relocation of the workspace for yourself and maybe a few other employees?

Either way, also consider how spread out you want to be from one another. Contemporary hygiene standards dictate that we all need a bit of distance. But maybe you’ll want even more if Laura from accounting loves smacking her chewing gum or if Roberto at the next desk has a fondness for tuna salad sandwiches.

According to some sources, a rule of thumb regarding office space allocations is an average of about 200 useable square footage per single-person desk. But you might want to increase that for the aforementioned reasons.

Note that we mentioned *usable* square footage. That simply means the available space that you and your team will actually put to use. It does not include the broom closet or stairwell, for example.

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How Peerspace makes finding the perfect office easy

Rent Office space by the Hour in Chicago
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Now you have a clear picture of why you need to rent office space by the hour in NYC and the amount of space you need for comfort. Next, we’ll discuss how Peerspace’s listing pages make it easy to discover the perfect office rental to match your needs.

Amenities are clearly listed

Another major factor in selecting your offsite workspace is the equipment it comes with. Granted, few people need fax and copy machines anymore, but you might.

Will you require a conference space or just individual desks? How accessible do restrooms need to be? And what about a kitchenette or break room?

Luckily, you’ll discover the Peerspace listings provide all the information you need to know. And if you have any questions, you can reach out to a space’s host before booking for clarification.

Let’s look at an example and say you’re seeking a co-working space on the Upper West Side. Then this clean and quiet site in a Columbus Circle real estate office building will fit the bill. It accommodates about 20 people and could be ideal for conducting interviews or collaborating with a small team.

For a very reasonable fee, the amenities include fax and copy machines, high-speed internet, a kitchen, restrooms, and other necessities for conducting simple business. And this is all information you discover by browsing the listing page!

A producer who booked this office for a client meeting shared the following review: “Great Space and accommodating staff. Host was responsive and very helpful. Space was perfect for a last minute client meeting and great price. Will definitely book again.”

Examine each listing’s photos

Peerspace’s high-quality photographs of office interiors will help you assess whether the hourly rental is a good fit. You won’t be left wondering about the overall look of the office.

The host of each space posts a series of well-shot photos that you can peruse. Some even include links to virtual tours to further illustrate the space before you even visit.

Don’t forget the reviews!

Another helpful feature that can make your quest to rent office space by the hour in NYC easier is reading reviews, like the one we shared above.

Most Peerspace venues have reviews submitted by renters just like you. You can read their impressions of the space, the host, and their time there. You may just discover something interesting you never noticed in the listing!

These factors help solve the question of where to rent office space by the hour in NYC with convenience and confidence.

Scout the location

rent office space by the hour in nyc
Source: Peerspace

Even more than in most big cities, the location of your hourly office rental is a huge factor in New York City. It is safe to assume that if you’re in from out of the area, you’ll want the space to be close to your lodging, the airport, or your operation’s temporary headquarters.

Meanwhile, you may be a local using the space as an overflow or temporary relocation due to emergency facility repairs or another surprising reason. In that case, you’ll likely want to be close to home or your usual workplace. Proximity to public transit or walkability is also a factor.

Here are a few select office spaces in NYC that boast a fabulous location.

A conveniently located Chelsea office

Peerspace offers hundreds of options in every corner of NYC when you want to rent office space by the hour. For example, check out this therapist’s office set up in Chelsea. It offers the quintessential couch and counselor’s chair with a waiting room and a restroom. It’s less conventional and has a very manageable rate. Plus, its Midtown location makes it conveniently close to many public transit stations.

It also has hundreds of five-star reviews from Peerspace users! Like this one: “Clean and wonderful space, as always! Thank you!”

An UWS location with fabulous amenities

Here’s a stylish Upper West Side meeting room that you can rent in conjunction with several adjacent spaces to form a full-fledged office. The owner provides optional add-ons like a kitchen, an equipment storage room, and a projector, so you can customize the hourly rental to your exact specs.

Since it’s close to Lincoln Center, it’s easy to get to and from this meeting room from every corner of New York City.

A therapist who booked this meeting room through Peerspace shared the following review: “Beautiful space and the owner is extremely responsive and accommodating. I would rebook again in a heartbeat. Garage parking on the block is also very affordable for NYC standards, which is another plus.”

Speaking of affordable, we share what you can expect regarding pricing when you rent office space by the hour on Peerspace.

Assess the budget

picturesque rooftop and penthouse
Source: Peerspace

If money’s no object, that’s fantastic. But if you’re operating on a confined budget, that’s no problem either. Peerspace’s New York City office rental costs run the gamut from less than $100 an hour to more than $500. Fees are determined by many factors like amenities included in the rental, the office’s size, and location.

However, don’t forget that discounts are occasionally available for loyal return renters and those renting the office for longer. These potential discounts are determined by the venue owners and managers, and it certainly never hurts to check on their policies. Discounts are typically stated at the top of the listing where the pricing is.

With Peerspace, you will have direct communication with whoever is letting the office space throughout the rental process. Always feel free to send them a secure message through the Peerspace platform so you know if they offer discounts.

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A few more office spaces for rent in NYC on Peerspace

rent office space by the hour in nyc
Source: Peerspace

Peerspace offers access to office spaces of all sizes, features, and locations throughout New York City. Here are some of our favorites.

A small but mighty private workspace in Williamsburg

Check out this Williamsburg shared workspace rental (pictured above) starting at a very reasonable hourly rate, demonstrating that working off-site is within reach for nearly every budget. It is aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its boho decor and infusion of natural light.

The owners keep it furnished with the basics, so you have what you need at hand. There’s an open floor plan, plenty of seating, and a wood table ideal for conferencing.

As we mentioned, one of Peerspace’s most exciting features is its genuine reviews from past renters. It’s extra peace of mind that gives you the complete picture from someone who was in your shoes. For instance, here’s what one reviewer shared about their experience in the Williamsburg office:

Absolutely stunning space. Easy to access, beautiful to light. Everything was just as it was in the photos. Host was helpful and communicative. Would definitely book again!

Chic and spacious meeting room in Soho

Contrast that smaller Williamsburg space with this large Soho meeting loft. It costs more, yet includes chairs, tables, and a kitchen in more than 4,000 square feet. It can accommodate around 100 guests and is convenient for several trains.

It’s ideal for large-scale meetings between colleagues and clients alike.

Luminous and lofty in Long Island City

This Long Island City private office is airy, bright, and full of foliage. It’s a great place to conduct off-site office duties and is a flexible space useable for many imaginable purposes.

And did you check out those Manhattan skyline views? The office includes many amenities typical for an actual office, like a shared kitchen, a printer, coffee, and space to accommodate about 10 people.

One past Peerspace reviewer summed up their time at this private office succinctly: “Responsive host. Comfortable, clean and conducive environment.”

Private sunny office room in Midtown

If you’re looking to rent office space by the hour in NYC for yourself, small team meetings, or interviews, check out this private window office in Midtown. It’s a petite 170 square feet and is best for up to four people.

But at only about $40 per hour, it’s a steal, especially considering the prime location! While here, you’ll enjoy ergonomic chairs, access to the printer, pantry, and restrooms, and unlimited high-speed internet access.

Check out what a past renter shared in their Peerspace review: “We had a great experience. Our hosts were professional, accommodating, reliable. They’ve created a beautiful space. It seems the rooms are occasionally reconfigured so the photos may not match exactly how they look now”

An Upper West Side primo location

Next, check out this prime meeting space in the Upper West Side. It’s 950 square feet and provides you with space for 48 guests.

This space is well-equipped with amenities like flip charts, screens, tables and chairs, a kitchen, breakout space, and a rooftop. If you’re hosting a conference or a presentation, this may be one of your best options in the area.

It’s only $178 per hour and offers you a 45% discount for 8+ hours, so an amazing rate for such a special space.

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Peerspace makes it easy to rent office space by the hour in NYC

Prime Meeting Space on the Upper West Side
Source: Peerspace

Hopefully now you can see that it isn’t too difficult to rent office space by the hour in NYC. Whether you’re looking for private office space in NYC for a couple of hours, the day, the month, or the year, check out Peerspace. We make booking office space easy. And maybe even a little bit fun!

Browse the listings to see which space stands out to you. Since listings include photos, a description provided by the host, and a list of features, it’s easy to see what’s on-site. But, if you end up requiring any amenities that you don’t see on the venue’s listing, reach out to the host.

They strive to make your time in their spaces incredible and can often help provide catering, lighting, projectors, screens, and other AV equipment, conveniently fulfilling your every workday need

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