Here’s How to Make Money With Land

Wondering how to make money with land? You may have if you happen to have spare land outside of your vacation home. And if you are going to put your property up for rent, it may make financial sense to use every square inch of it.

Why does it matter? Well, photographers, event planners, and video production companies are not only seeking a place where they can hold activities indoors but also consider what they can do outdoors.

And a property that provides both is an attractive convenience, allowing them to get their job done in one go. As the largest online marketplace for hourly indoor and outdoor venue rentals, we at Peerspace have some ideas on how to help you make money with your space. Here are a few tips to get you started on how to make money with land.

1. List it on the market via Peerspace

How to Make Money With Land
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Make it easier for planners and photographers to find you by using Peerspace. It is a great platform where you can market your unique space by listing it for free. You can charge an hourly fee for any event and receive a direct deposit every time your guest puts in the payment.

While listing your space is free, Peerspace only takes a small service fee to broker transactions between you and your potential guests, but the rest is all yours to keep. And we never charge membership fees. If you have any issues or concerns, we are available every day to assist you with hosting your outdoor space.

2. Determine what you can use your outdoor space for

calabasas luxury private estate
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Look at your outdoor space. Calculate how wide it is and how many people can fit in this area. Once you have an overall idea, determine its functionality and arrange it according to who you wish to target. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What outdoor space does my property have?
  • Is it large enough to hold events such as a wedding reception or live music event?
  • Is the atmosphere perfect for a photoshoot?
  • Do I have the budget to upgrade the space?
  • What do photographers, videographers, or event planners look for when renting an outdoor space?

As an example, check out this luxury private estate on Peerspace. Located in Calabasas, the hosts make use of their 40 secluded acres of land and Malibu Coastal Range summit location to host events. As you can imagine, weddings are very popular here, providing both an amazing space for couples to say “I do” and host their receptions afterward.

Keep in mind that your land does not have to be grand or large-scale. A simple backyard that fits a budget works well too. So long as you maintain it properly and have enough space for both the crew and their equipment.

You can also make money on your space’s interior, too! Learn more with how to rent your home for film productions!

3. Location can elevate your exterior space

hill country austin tx
Source: Peerspace

Incorporate mother nature into the exterior of your property. If the location is in a mountainous area, having a view of the snowy peaks can act as the perfect backdrop for any photoshoots. Event planners can wow their guests by having the wedding reception on the sandy beach for a festive mood. A jungle-like environment or intricate garden makes a perfect setting for videographers to film their project.

For instance, this stunning mid-century modern home in the Texas Hill Country markets its natural resources amazingly. The home itself is cantilevered from the hillside and is surrounded by a dense forest. They made the most of this by building a 100’+ outdoor deck that runs the length of the home. So guests not only get to enjoy the stylish interior of the home, but they can also enjoy breathtaking views of Texas Hill Country out on the balcony.

Observe your surrounding environment and take advantage of what is already available for you to use. You know how to make money with the land when you do it cost-effectively.

4. Add amenities to spruce up your land

How to Make Money With Land
Source: Peerspace

If your budget allows room for it, then you can add a few amenities to your space. A grill or exterior kitchen is perfect for a cooking show, hosting a small outdoor dinner party, or getting some appetizing footage for a food and beverage product. Pools are a great addition to have because of their versatility. This feature is great for filming a music video, hosting a fun birthday party, and capturing snapshots for the latest summer fashion trends.

We love how this Williamsburg outdoor rooftop space added value and interest to its space by incorporating specific amenities. For instance, it includes an outdoor grill, separate dining and lounging areas, a pergola with string lights, Bluetooth speakers, and a stainless-steel cooler. The host obviously thought ahead about what would make this a more enticing spot to host intimate gatherings.

Most importantly, when it comes to knowing how to make money with land, be sure to provide the essential amenities. These are the little things that guests pay attention to, so make sure your property has good Wi-Fi and plenty of restrooms available to use.

Although the majority of the guests bring their equipment, sometimes they leave behind one or two things. You can offer them some of the A/V equipment you have on hand and charge it as an additional cost. The same goes for tables and chairs. Rent these out to garner extra money on top of renting your space.

5. Design with convenience in mind

Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For Adults
Source: Peerspace

Your land may be decorative, but if a production crew has to manually go through the front door and walk through multiple narrow halls to set up the equipment outside, then you might want to rethink your concept. When you design your space, keep your guests in mind because you want to provide them the best experience.

Make sure there is a pathway that guides guests towards the outdoor space. Think of sidewalks, stepping stones, ramps, and walkways. Connecting it from the front to the back makes it easier for them to set up their equipment rather than hauling it through all the dirt and grass. Create a spot for them to relax in. Set up comfortable seating where they can rest and provide shade to cool them off from the heat.

For instance, check out how this country barndominum gathering spot in Spicewood, TX provides convenience to its visitors. The top of the barn is a covered roof space complete with string lights, comfy seating, and a grill. There is also a downstairs area with a fire pit and Adirondack chairs. It’s ideal for events, since guests can mix and mingle upstairs, downstairs, and outdoors, wherever they please.

6. Make your location easily accessible

outdoor space on avocado grove in escondido
Source: Peerspace

The process of how to make money with land comes with valuing their time. Providing easy access to your location is one of them. You want their journey to be as smooth as possible so find a suitable parking space that is easy to locate.

The best place to park is on-premise and wide enough to fit more than just one car. If your location leaves no room to park, then show them additional parking spots nearby, preferably free ones. Parking lots and garages are great alternatives in this case.

A great example of all this is this Spanish-style outdoor space on an avocado grove in Escondido, CA. It is a single-story home that offers convenient access to its multiple gardens, seating areas, outdoor grill, and parking spaces. This makes it easy for guests to host their events or productions, with everything they may need at hand.

Hoping to be the host with the most? Then learn how to rent your home out for parties, too!

7. Create ambiance through the little details

How to Make Money With Land
Source: Peerspace

Keep it simple or keep it classy — it’s in the tiny details. Painting the fences and adding foliage to the border around them creates a cozy natural mood. Setting up fairy lights and inserting a fire pit in the center make it more luxurious.

This pool oasis in Mira Loma, CA definitely created its own ambiance with its outdoor land. Just check out that cave and waterfall feature in the pool! For anyone looking for a pool space that offers something a little different than the usual, this backyard definitely goes there!

Take a few creative spins by enhancing the main feature of your space, for example, by adding a hammock or a swing to a sturdy oak tree that lies in the middle of your backyard. This one little addition creates a playful yet intimate atmosphere which is perfect for a romantic photoshoot.

8. Enhance COVID-19 health and safety measures

dining patio with stage
Source: Peerspace

The safety of your guests is a priority. Especially during public health emergencies, current and potential. For instance, it is crucial to implement effective safety procedures to ensure that your guests have protection against COVID-19. Set limits to how many can fit in a room and remind them to practice physical distancing.

Space out your bookings so that you have time to deep clean the area for the next guests. Sanitize and clean all commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs and light switches. Have a supply of hand sanitizer, disposable wipes, and gloves available for them to use. Enhancing their stay and notifying your guests of the procedure is not just important, but it lets your guests know that you care for their health and safety.

One such venue that has made amazing use of its outdoor land is that of this North Hollywood restaurant. It now rents out its outdoor land after revamping it as a welcoming patio. There are seats, a stage, A/V equipment, and access to a kitchen. Thus, it is a well-equipped and welcoming space that makes outdoor performances and other events COVID-friendly!

How to make money with land: conclusion

How to Make Money With Land
Source: Peerspace

Everyone wants to spend time outdoors often as they can, so investing money in your land to attract renters is smart. And with these tips and tricks, you’ll create a thoughtful and irresistible space that Peerspace renters flock to!

For more ideas on how to maximize your indoor and outdoor spaces, check out Peerspace listings. They are the ultimate source of inspiration! When you feel like your space is as convenient and stylish as possible, list it on Peerspace and watch the booking requests come pouring in.

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