The 7 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Kansas City

On the lookout for the best Kansas City lifestyle photographers? We understand the sentiment! After all, Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly creative venue rentals. We work with countless photographers every day and understand the lasting impact of their work. To make the search for your perfect lifestyle photographer match easier, we’ve combed through countless portfolios and rounded up our very favorites below.

Kansas City, with its diverse history and legendary barbecue, is a great place to live, as its residents know well. If you call this area home and are looking for a lifestyle photographer in Kansas City to capture a monumental occasion, such as a wedding, or simply take beautiful snapshots to document your life and family in this moment, check out the following list. There are so many talented Kansas City lifestyle photographers, but these creatives really captured our hearts. And we hope they capture yours, too! 

1. Juliana Noelle Jumper

With her finely honed documentary and fine-art hybrid style, Juliana produces extraordinary wedding photography. In fact, she is artistic and creative. Her gift is using space to frame her subjects, with a sense of dramatic minimalism. Plus, her posing is at once timeless and quirky, as well as traditional with a sense of fun imbued in each snap.

We also love how Juliana’s editing is almost Gothic-inspired — with beautiful, deep shadows and vignettes, slightly desaturated tones, and crisp contrast. When you want more than a portrait (i.e., the essence of yourself in a photo), Juliana is the photographer for you. She captures all of the fine details of your life, your day, and your being, so you can remember them forever. 

2. Jake and Candi of KC.Photography

Jake and Candi are a husband-and-wife duo, and both of them are incredibly talented. They have a photojournalist approach with an artistic twist. Which, let’s be honest, is ideal for weddings and in-home lifestyle sessions. They each have an eye for composition, using angles to add drama, as well as using the surroundings to create fun and eye-catching photos.

There are traditional bridal portraits, of course, but it is the creative touch to them that caught our eye. With these, each shot feels tailored to the subject and is original as well as  beautiful. Their family portrait and engagement sessions are also remarkable since they’re intimate and full of authenticity. Whatever these two turn their camera upon, great photos are virtually guaranteed. 

3. Colleen Christi Photography

Looking for whimsical portraits of your little ones before they grow up forever? We know, it happens! Luckily, there are Kansas City lifestyle photographers like Colleen Christi to help you out. She is the queen of the adorable kid-friendly portrait setting, turning your little one into Barbie, the toy aliens from Toy Story, and Santa’s favorite worship helper. One-year-old cake smashes and swaddled newborns? Yep, she has also mastered those. Her goal is to provide fashion photography for little ones, and this she does well. Colleen is also an award-winning photographer who photographs children with handicaps, providing them with stylish clothing and backdrops that remind them that they of couse are star-worthy, too.

4. Courtney Mitchell

Courtney Mitchell is based out of Topeka, but her work is so beautiful we had to mention it here! There is a carefree flair to her minimalist portraits that we cannot resist. Plus, her love of neutrals is evident throughout her work — no jarring colors here, only beautiful creamy tones with high contrast. The simplicity of her photos is elegant, and her compositions keep the eye where it belongs — the subject of the photo. Her style is fully modern but with a sentimental touch. After all, she is documenting the genuine emotions of the moment so you can revisit them years later.

Courtney has all of the elements of a standout photographer — combining her technical skills with an eye for memorable moments and sweet detail. Check out her Instagram feed since that alone will convince you! 

5. Emily Nystrom

Emily Nystrom has a worldly vibe to her photography — a well-traveled and authentic style. She travels the globe, celebrating love and real moments, documenting them both on film and in pixels. She’s currently in the Midwest so if you are, too, work with her before she heads off on another far-flung adventure. When you work with her, know you’re getting more than photos, you will have art to treasure for years to come. Emily’s creativity shines in each of her pics, using motion blur or even delightful lens blur to add artistic elements. When you want to shine in all of your authentic beauty and have your story told in a lovely, timeless style, Emily is the photographer for you. 

Be sure to also check out all the glowing reviews from past clients on her website. Here is just one example: “Emily was above our expectations. She was supportive and open minded and she was just so natural and down to earth. It was so easy having her around and she made the day even more special by helping us focus on us and why we were getting married.”

6. Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones has a honed editorial eye, and she uses it to tell a story with photos in a fashionable way. She combines a sense of timelessness into her stylish compositions, creating art as well as mementos. Look through her portfolio and you will see warm, romantic images that celebrate life’s most significant milestones.

Her style is perfectly suited for wedding photography since it is simultaneously artistic and documentary. And yet, we think it is equally suited for in-home newborn lifestyle sessions and maternity portraits. When you want an all-around amazing Kansas City lifestyle photographer, take a peek at Lauren’s work. We think you’ll be glad you did.

7. Cassandra Joy Photography

With a knack for seeing the authentic beauty of a moment, Cassandra Joy creates simply stunning photographs. Her style leans to the free-spirited and fun side of the spectrum, making it perfect for lifestyle photography — think joyful smiles on children as they are jumping around, and you’ll have a feel for her entire style.

Her portfolio feels entirely unscripted, filled with real peeks into a life and all overlaid with crisp editing and gorgeous natural light — few things are better when it comes to photos! Cassandra also produces films, for when you want those sweet memories in motion. An incredibly talented visual artist in so many ways, Cassandra is sure to provide an intimate and authentic look into your life. 

Bonus: Happy Chick Photography

For nearly two decades, Christy Lonergan has helmed Happy Chick Photography, one of the top lifestyle photography studios in Kansas City. She caught the photography bug early, serving as her father’s “assistant” as he explored his photography hobby when she was a child. Christy made photography her full-time profession, and we’re glad she did! She is adept at capturing the beauty of maternity, the precious moments of newborns, and the special bonds between family members.

Aside from the personal joy and freedom she has discovered in photography, she has also been much lauded and is the recipient of several photography awards. We especially think she’ll be a good fit for you if you want a photoshoot with a whimsical touch.

Peerspace + Kansas City lifestyle photographers = perfection

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We hope this list introduced you to your future Kansas City lifestyle photographer. And if it’s inspired project ideas too, we won’t be sad to hear it! Once you book your photographer, be sure your next step is to hop back on to Peerspace and book a sensational Kansas City venue for your shoot. We have dozens and dozens of sensational spaces in Kansas City alone, all of which are available to book by the hour. If you’re looking for nearby hidden gems to serve as your backdrop, we have them right here!

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