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Where to Find a Location Scout in Atlanta

So you’re looking to film in Atlanta? What took you so long? Marvel Studios is in Atlanta, as are large networks, including FX, AMC, Turner Broadcasting — TBS, Cartoon Network, CNN — and so many more. Why? Well, for one, Georgia is an extremely hospitable place for filmmaking, with some of the most film-friendly taxes in the country. Secondly, because this city is incredibly beautiful and alive with the stories of so many people, making location scouting in Atlanta exhilarating. And thirdly, because Georgia now has an almost unbeatable collection of film industry talent. And when all that talent is in one place — it’s just easier to make a great film.

If you’re going to make an unforgettable film, you first need to find the correct locations for your script. In a full-length movie, you’ve probably got anywhere from 30–80 locations that you need to match. In indie films, that number is generally (but not always) smaller. A location scout reads your script, then sketches out a mental picture of each location, as well as the content and mechanics of the shot. Then they go out and secure locations that fit the bill. During shooting, they manage each location so the filming runs smoothly, and maintain relationships between the film crew and property ownership.

In this guide, we’ll offer some useful tips for finding the right location scout in Atlanta, as well as additional resources for finding the best locations at the best price. 

The best websites to find Atlanta location scouts


Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for event spaces. We unlock your city’s coolest spaces and make them easy to book by the day or by the hour. From neon-drenched coffee shops, studios straight out of Flashdance, to art galleries, skyscraper penthouses, and much, much more –– we offer hundreds of bookable spaces in Atlanta and take the drudgery out of location scouting.

We mean it when we say that Peerspace is seriously convenient. You don’t need to agree to a month lease upfront. As a bonus, some of our partner locations even offer equipment rentals on site. Imagine you’re shooting a short indie film — just a tight eight to 12 minutes, one or two actors. You can get everything you need to shoot the film, location, camera, grips, etc. all in one place and have the whole thing done, just like that, in a day or two.

Production Hub 

Production Hub’s probably the place to begin looking for a location scout in Atlanta. They’ve got over 50 Atlanta location professionals, along with their résumés, links to their IMDBs, and so on. Production Hub, as the name suggests, is an excellent resource for anyone working on producing a film. They’re a really great knowledge base, and they have extensive listings of production professionals, crew, locations, and more. Of the listings we checked out on Production Hub and good ol’ Google, these two stuck out to us:

Social media

Social media has a wealth of useful information. Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all, in their own ways, provide pretty much immediate access to anyone you might ever want to work with. Seriously, go to Google and try search phrases such as “location manager Atlanta Twitter” or “location scout Atlanta Instagram.”

Using those three social media tools, you can research prospective location scouts, get an idea of their working habits, their aesthetics, who their influences are, who they’ve worked with, what they’re like to work with, and so much more. And, of course, they all offer you ways to reach out to people directly if you’re interested in interviewing them.

These tools are also useful because location managers are busy, and anyone who’s busy all the time is far more likely to be able to keep up with Twitter and Instagram than to go through all the time-consuming steps of keeping an up-to-date website. Some of these locations scouts have incredible backgrounds, remarkable résumés, and an outstanding sense of style and humor — but websites from like 1997. It is to be expected.

Find locations in Atlanta

Like Peerspace, these websites can help you scout locations in Atlanta yourself.’s location list

This place is great! They’ve collected a list of over 1000 locations in the Atlanta area that are available to filmmakers. There are stadiums, mansions, churches, cemeteries, bridges, family homes, studios, and much, much more. They’ve also got numerous other resources, including information on how to apply for government incentives for filming in the state of Georgia.


LocationsHub has dozens of additional filming locations in Atlanta, including a restaurant, a house boat, an elk farm, and a school of dance. You can expand your search, if you’d like, to the whole state of Georgia, which offers very generous incentives to filmmakers who set up shop here. And, as such, Georgia has become the LA of the East Coast.

The Atlanta Office of Film and Entertainment

You can’t directly find the property on this website, but you’ll need to contact them for a permit should you want to film on any public property. Filming on public property can be a great way to fill out your locations. The Atlanta Office of Film and Entertainment is your gateway to leasing stadiums, school pools, cafeterias, hospitals, water towers, bridges, libraries, monuments, and more.

On filming in Atlanta

The film industry in Georgia is a $10 billion business, thanks to the state giving incentives to films with budgets of over $500,000 to be spent locally. The fact that the state allows studios to split that dollar amount up across multiple projects (and still receive the tax credit) means that the policy is also benefiting tons of smaller films. The latter’s budgets might form only a small percentage of that $500,000. And even if you can’t benefit from the incentives directly, every local filmmaker surely stands to benefit from the heightened profile of the city, as well as from the influx of film professionals to the state.

When you’re searching for your ideal location scout in Atlanta, start with people who have the most experience in the area, but don’t be afraid to check out some of the newbies either. Everyone’s coming here from a different background and has a diverse set of connections — which is one of the many reasons it’s such a cool time to be an Atlanta filmmaker.

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