13 Memorable 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas To Celebrate The Special Couple (2024)


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If you’re looking for fantastic 40th wedding anniversary ideas to celebrate a special couple in your life, you’re in luck. After all, 40 years of marriage is truly something to celebrate! That’s a special bond that’s stood the test of time.

At Peerspace, we’re all about helping you discover amazing venues that make your events and productions spectacular. We are the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals and have thousands of spaces in cities across North America and beyond. You can easily use our platform to discover and rent an anniversary-perfect venue to serve as the perfect backdrop for the couple’s special event, some of which we’ll share ahead.

Here are our top 40th wedding anniversary ideas for an extraordinary celebration! Put on a record and light some candles. It’s time to get started! 

1. Set the scene with a Peerspace venue

Spanish Villa Garden Courtyard in San Diego
Source: Peerspace

Before you can bring your 40th anniversary party to life, you’ll need a special place to host it. If you’re looking for an awesome place to find and book an event venue, then check out Peerspace.

With thousands of listings in cities all across the globe, Peerspace makes it easy to find and book unique places. In fact, all you have to do is choose your event type, location, and date, and you’ll get tons of fantastic venues to choose from.

So what types of celebratory venues are available to rent on Peerspace? Here are a few of our favorites:

And these are only the start of the amazing anniversary-worthy spaces you’ll find on Peerspace! As you can see, each venue also has its own listing that includes high-def photos, a detailed description by the local host, upfront pricing, and genuine reviews from past renters. The only tricky part is narrowing it down to just one. 

Most spaces also come equipped with useful party features, like kitchens, incredible decor, balconies, etc. Plus, your chosen venue’s helpful local host is happy to help you with your party planning if need be.

2. Plan a ruby red event

a ruby red romantic event space
Source: Peerspace

A 40th anniversary is known as a ruby anniversary. Those fiery gemstones are renowned for symbolizing romance and passion. Bring that sizzling symbolism into your anniversary celebration by hosting a ruby-themed event.

Go all out with bold ruby-colored streamers, balloons, decorative cloth, and any other party decorations you can think of. You could also gift the couple a custom anniversary gift outfitted with rubies to commemorate the occasion! 

3. Stage a romantic dinner for two

Unique Private Event Space in austin
Source: Peerspace

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is the gift of privacy. Stage a romantic private dinner for your special couple, complete with plenty of candlelight and musical ambiance.

You could also cook up the menu yourself with all their favorite foods or book a restaurant on Peerspace and work with the chef to customize the perfect menu. It’s a fantastic way to stage a romantic evening that’s as special as it is intimate. 

One of our favorite options is this unique private event space in the heart of Austin’s Entertainment District. It’s a warm and rustic bar that boasts amazing features like a retractable roof, and the host is happy to help you secure catering as well as personalized drink menus.

A Peerspace user who booked this Austin bar for a party shared the following review: “Katie was incredible! She was very responsive and helped me set everything up. The space is exactly as advertised… We had approx 30 people there. It was the perfect space to celebrate. My friends and I will definitely be renting this space again!”

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4. Book a private speakeasy with delicious cocktails 

a fidi historic jazz bar
Source: Peerspace

Looking for 40th wedding anniversary ideas for a wine connoisseur couple? Then book a private lounge or bar through Peerspace that they can have all to themselves!

An incredible option is this FiDi historic jazz main bar in San Francisco, CA. It’s a semi-private lounge steeped in ultra-chic Jazz Age vibes, perfect if your couple has a fondness for the Roaring 20s.

Savoring delicious libations in a sultry setting is also an excellent way to ignite romance. Invite friends and family along for a private cocktail party, or keep it to a party of two for an extra intimate anniversary celebration.

5. Celebrate surrounded by flowers 

rooftop garden with views nyc new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

Nothing says “I love you” quite like fresh flowers. Take your 40th wedding anniversary to the great outdoors by staging a lovely garden party for the happy couple! A private tea party or barbecue is also an excellent way to celebrate a more relaxed anniversary celebration for couples who aren’t fond of fuss. Plus, all the fresh air and flowers are sure to inspire romance!

6. Surprise them with a late honeymoon

a waterfront event space near Seattle
Source: Peerspace

Did your special couple skip out on their honeymoon when they first got married? Now’s your chance to send them on the trip of their dreams! Book a private getaway for two to a romantic destination to celebrate their 40th anniversary. However, you don’t have to stage anything too exotic.

Even a weekend getaway to a private Peerspace home can set the perfect stage for anniversary bliss. Not sure how to get started? Check out this resource detailing how to rent a stunning venue for the day! Whether you book one that’s near or far, you can rest assured that you can rent a private venue that’s charming and romantic.

7. Take them out for a night of dancing

Large Dance Studio Event Space - Loring Park
Source: Peerspace

Are you looking for classic 40th-anniversary ideas perfect for hopeless romantics? Then take your couple out for some dancing out on the town. There are tons of fun options to choose from, like the waltz, square dancing, salsa, and more.

Check out the dancing clubs available in your local town, or create your own private dance hall by booking a dance studio venue through Peerspace. The right venue not only provides ambiance but provides enough space to dance safely. In fact, it doesn’t matter if they’re not expert dancers. They’ll still get to spend the night out cheek-to-cheek. 

If the couple has an artistic streak and is located near Minneapolis, consider booking this large dance studio event space in Loring Park. It boasts a large dance floor, eclectic decor, high ceilings, and speakers, and is sure to enhance the night with its unique style.

8. Host a vow renewal

a houston brick and glass wedding venue
Source: Peerspace

After 40 years together, hosting a vow renewal ceremony can be a romantic way to renew the spark for your favorite couple. Book a gorgeous wedding venue through Peerspace and then contact the host to see if they can help track down an amazing officiant.

If their actual wedding ceremony didn’t go exactly the way they wanted it to, now’s the time to give them the perfect ceremony they always dreamed of! In fact, it’ll be all the more remarkable for the waiting. 

Love this idea and want to explore it further? Then check out our wonderful vow renewal ideas!

9. Stage a laugh-out-loud skit

a comedy club stage in denver
Source: Peerspace

Looking for 40th wedding anniversary ideas perfect for a couple that loves to laugh? Grab some of your relatives or friends and stage a comedic skit in honor of their anniversary. You could also take the stage yourself as one of the actors or stay backstage by writing a zinging script. A little good-natured teasing is an excellent way to celebrate any significant milestone. Make sure that there’s a camera rolling so they can relive your show after you’ve finished taking a bow. 

10. Play the newlywed game

a classic all-white ballroom event space
Source: Peerspace

How about more ways to keep the playful vibe going at your 40th-anniversary celebration? Why not play some classic couple’s games like the newlywed game? It can be super interesting to see how almost four decades of marriage will influence their answers to juicy questions, like who made the first move or has the craziest family.

To spice things up a little more, have them sit back to back and hold up paddles to answer questions. No peeking allowed! 

Check out these creative couples’ game night ideas for similar suggestions!

11. Host a then-and-now photoshoot

third ward photo studio event space
Source: Peerspace

Want to give your special couple something worth a thousand words? Stage a special anniversary photoshoot to celebrate how far they’ve come. You could recreate their original wedding photos or go with something original to explore new horizons. It’s an excellent way to celebrate a strong marriage that’s stood the test of time. They’ll be able to treasure the photos on their mantlepiece for several anniversaries to come! 

Did you know that Peerspace is home to thousands of unique and gorgeous photoshoot rental venues? It’s true! Book a space that you think is perfect for the couple and then talk to the host about acquiring the services of a professional photographer. They’ll create new memories while taking professional photos that showcase their lasting love.

12. Hand out thoughtful gifts

garden and kitchen rental space in chicago
Source: Peerspace

No anniversary celebration would be complete without some thoughtful presents for the happy couple! This could be anything as extravagant as matching ruby jewelry pieces or a handmade scrapbook of their best moments throughout the years. Use your intuition and choose a thoughtful gift that caters to their unique interests. After all, it’s the thought that counts!

13. Hire a videographer to capture every special moment

a gorgeous georgian mansion in england
Source: Peerspace

Hiring a photographer to helm a special photoshoot for the anniversary duo is a wonderful gesture. But why not take things further? If you’re hosting a 40th wedding anniversary party, hire a videographer to shoot the event. Family members and friends shooting cellphone footage of special moments just don’t cut it, trust us!

Use our filmmaker resources to find our favorite videographers in your metro and contact our favorite. You can easily find a vetted professional videography team in your neighborhood to do the honors. The footage they shoot will be treasured by the loving couple for another 40 years!

Brush up on our favorite wedding cinematography trends of 2024 to know what to keep an eye out for before hiring your professional.

Peerspace brings 40th wedding anniversary ideas to life

unique event space with rustic touches
Source: Peerspace

Throwing a soiree to celebrate an anniversary is never easy. But hopefully, these 40th wedding anniversary ideas are helpful to you and your planning. First and foremost, book a sensational anniversary venue through Peerspace. Hopefully, by now, you’ve seen the types of venues you can book with ease through our platform and are excited to find the perfect space for the anniversary couple.

Once you do, contact your venue’s helpful host. If they don’t already offer the extras you want for the anniversary party, then they should be able to help arrange features like catering, entertainment, photographer and videographer, bar staff, decor, etc.

That leaves you free to add the personal touches that make the special couple so special. Between your dedication and the services offered by Peerspace, it’s going to be an anniversary celebration they will never forget!

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