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9 Special 50th Anniversary Party Ideas

Fifty years of marriage is is no small feat. Celebrate the longevity of a special couple’s love with an anniversary party that will honor a unique relationship. An anniversary party can be a callback to the couple’s wedding, as well as a celebration of all they have experienced together since that day. The key to creating a memorable party is to plan one that is personalized for the pair. Incorporate inside jokes, symbolic elements of their relationship, and memories from the many milestones they have surpassed together. To get you started, here are several 50th anniversary party ideas that the happy couple will adore.

1. Create a slideshow or movie

Compile a slideshow of the best pictures of the couple and set it to their favorite songs, or combine videos of the couple to create a documentary of sorts. If you’ve got some talent and time on your hands, gather a team of crew members and actors to create a romantic-comedy-style film based off of the couple’s love story. The resulting product will be cherished for years to come. 

2. Add touches of gold

The 50th anniversary is known as the “golden anniversary,” so allow that to inspire your decor choices. Find invitations, tableware, and decorations with gold accents at your local party supply store, and consider ordering a custom cake featuring gold decorations. When you get stuck on 50th anniversary party ideas, always go back to the drawing board and think “gold.”

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3. Toast the couple

Just like on their wedding day, prepare toasts for the couple to commemorate the occasion. These toasts are traditionally given by the children of the couple, as well as close friends and family. If speech writing isn’t your forte, consider hiring a writer who pens wedding speeches to help you give the perfect dedication to the special couple.

4. Pick a venue that matches their personalities

A picturesque backyard for a nature-loving couple. An art gallery for the creatives. A penthouse for the homebodies — you get the picture. If you can think of a place, chances are you can find it on Peerspace. There’s no need to worry about having enough space in your home for the party when you can rent everything from a theatre to a speakeasy with a few clicks of a button.

5. Pay tribute to their wedding day

Throw it back to that special day half a century ago. Use their wedding album as a guide for the anniversary party ideas and design a party that mirrors their reception. Ask guests to wear clothes in the style of the year the couple got married, serve the same cake flavor, clear space for a dance floor, and incorporate some wedding traditions like the bouquet toss and cake feeding.

Or, if the couple’s wedding wasn’t quite the fairytale day they dreamed of, ask them how they would have liked their big day to have gone, and plan the party based off of that. This anniversary party can be a really special opportunity to give the couple the wedding day they always wanted.

6. Make a romantic mixtape

Nothing says love like a custom mixtape. Create a playlist of love songs that suit their relationship and songs that were popular while they were dating. Add in the first dance song from their wedding if you know it, and any other songs that have sentimental meaning for them. If you get stuck, add in some classic love songs. This can be created on a shared Spotify playlist and everyone can pitch in to add to it.

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7. Host couples’ games

Set up games that test a couple’s compatibility or knowledge of each other. One example is actually called Compatibility, a game where players are given a word and a set of pictures, then asked to choose the pictures that, to them, represent that word. Compare their answers to their partner’s. This is easy to make at home if you do not intend to purchase any games for the occasion.

Other fun couple’s games could be Two Truths and a Lie or Guess the Celebrity Couple. For the latter game, you’ll need a pen, Scotch tape, and paper labels. Write down several names of celebrity couples on the labels and stick each one on a person’s back. Everyone will then ask their significant other some simple questions about a celebrity couple written on their back in order to gather enough information to guess who they are. The significant other should answer the questions with a “yes” or “no.” The couple who correctly guesses first wins!

8. Surprise the couple with a photoshoot

Hire a photographer (Thumbtack is a great place to find one) and allow the couple to recreate their wedding photos or stage engagement photos (which they might not have taken at the time they got engaged). The photographer should also be hired to photograph the entire event, as it is quite the milestone. Consider also having a photobooth for the rest of the guests as well with fun props. That way, you can send everyone their photos as a party favor.

9. Have a vow renewal for the couple of honor and guests

There is no better time to renew your commitment than at an event celebrating long-lasting love! Find an officiant or get ordained online so you can officiate the vow renewals yourself! Vow renewals are basically low-key versions of weddings, so in the anniversary party invitations, ask guests to dress as if they were attending a wedding, and have them bring newly written vows if they would like. 

Even for a couple that isn’t too big on celebrating every anniversary, a 50th wedding anniversary demands a celebration. The party should be full of everything and everyone that matters most to the couple, as well as reflect their values. The occasion is for celebrating memories, the life the couple has created together, and the love they share. These 50th anniversary party ideas will help you create an unforgettable day for the couple and all of their friends and family.

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