How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Hotel Ballroom? (2024)


Ballrooms on Peerspace cost on average $175 per hour.

Are you looking to host a personal or professional event in a hotel ballroom rental? Whether it’s your first time renting a venue or you’re a party planning pro, it can be hard to know where to start. But luckily, we have your back! In this article, we’ll answer the question: “How much does it cost to rent a hotel ballroom?” If you’re thinking about renting a hotel ballroom, you may also wonder how to do so.

Peerspace has your back there, too! With thousands of hourly rental venues in cities across North America and beyond, you can book a stunning ballroom to call your own for a few hours with just a simple search. Simply click the link above, enter your city, and scroll through all the incredible listings.

Along with hotel ballroom pricing in the guide ahead, we’ll also discuss the pertinent details to make your renting process simple. Here’s your ultimate guide to renting a hotel ballroom. And, check out our tips about booking other types of venues that could be great for all of your significant events.

Why rent a hotel ballroom?

stunning 2-level event hall chicago rental
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So why rent a hotel ballroom in the first place? Most people have attended an event at a hotel ballroom — whether it was a wedding, conference, or another type of formal gathering. The appeal of the hotel ballroom is often the amount of space provided and its location.

Ballrooms also often come with amenities that your event needs, like a kitchen for your catering staff to use, a dance floor for your guests to shimmy and shake, dining tables for enjoying meals and drinks, and A/V equipment to set the right tone.

Weddings are probably the most popular reason to rent a hotel ballroom, right behind corporate events and conferences. Training events, concerts, and birthday parties can also take place in a hotel ballroom, as can a production that use the ballroom as the setting in a film or TV series.

So to sum up, you may want to rent a ballroom when you need the space, ambiance, and amenities a classic ballroom provides for a formal event or production. Although hotel ballrooms can be viable options for your needs, there are other types of spaces that may serve you better.

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How to rent a hotel ballroom with Peerspace

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Hotel Ballroom
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You can likely rent a hotel ballroom directly through a hotel in your city. Some are more affordable than others, and many hotel ballrooms charge significant premiums for their spaces. If you’re trying to plan a party or meeting, budget is likely a concern to some extent. And it can be challenging to get a straight answer from the hotel about exactly how much it will cost to rent a hotel ballroom. 

Luckily, Peerspace makes renting a hotel ballroom a breeze. As the world’s largest online marketplace for event and meeting spaces, Peerspace allows you to peruse thousands of listings and filter down results to find the perfect ballroom for your occasion.

Each venue has its own dedicated listing that includes pricing, genuine reviews from past renters, and detailed descriptions of the space. And, you can quickly contact the ballroom’s dedicated host directly if you have questions or want to learn more about the space. Many hosts are willing to do private tours before you book, either in person or virtually, and strive to make your experience in their spaces impeccable.

Finding out the answer to the question, “How much does it cost to rent a hotel ballroom?” is easy with Peerspace since the price per hour for each rental is listed clearly. Plus, you’ll know if there is a minimum number of hours required to rent the space. We have venues in cities across the United States and beyond that are perfect for ballroom events. We’ll discuss those ahead.

Types of hotel ballroom rentals on Peerspace

Byrd's Paradise Outdoor Space
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Large venue rentals don’t have to be drab like most hotel ballrooms! Peerspace offers a variety of ballroom rental options, from the classic to the more modernized. We’ll show you both types ahead, as well as other types of event venue rentals that may surprise you in terms of cost, amenities, capacity, and style.

Just check out what we have available in your neck of the woods:

West Coast

Think outside of the box with rentals like this gorgeous historic mansion in San Francisco, CA. The space has an expansive view of the San Francisco Bay and almost too many amenities to count. Your booking includes an assortment of tables, nearly 200 chairs, a wooden dance floor, a sound system, and an LCD projector. Great for weddings or large company events, here’s what one renter had to say about her experience at the gorgeous mansion: 

“We LOVED working with this space and its team. Such a gorgeous and unique venue, rich in history, with million-dollar views. We received multiple compliments from our attendees and will absolutely be back!”

For more traditional ballrooms in the Bay Area, check out this boutique 1903 Victorian-style ballroom in the Hotel Majestic in Lower Pacific Heights and this spacious open floor plan ballroom in the heart of North Beach. Both offer exquisite services to enhance your gathering, such as catering and A/V equipment in a classic ballroom setting.

What if you want to host a chic event in a spacious outdoor venue? Then you need to see this Byrd’s Paradise outdoor space in Los Angeles, CA (pictured above). It offers you more than 3,000 square feet of space with room for 100 people. The helpful host is happy to work with you to create the seating configuration you want. Plus, they can also provide catering, photo booths, photographers, serving staff, and so much more.

East Coast

Planning a party in Baltimore and need a stylish and modern space that will impress your guests? Then you need to see this main events center 2 in Reisterstown Station. It is a two-story 1,100-square-foot space for 100 guests with hardwood floors perfect for dancing, unique black walls and ceilings, and elegant lighting fixtures to illuminate the venue. While here, you can make use of the on-site kitchenette, silver Chiavari chairs, round and rectangular tables, and Wi-Fi.

And no surprises here, New York City has its fair share of stunning ballrooms! Like this elegant, full-service event space in Bronx County, NY. It has room for 70 guests across its 4,000 square feet of space and provides you with outdoor space, an incredible dance floor, table, chairs, and A/V equipment. Plus, its ornate design details and helpful staff can make any event you’re planning perfect. 

We also love this more traditional grand ballroom house with an atrium, bar, and library in Stow, MA. The ballroom itself measures 1,600 square feet and has a fireplace, high ceilings, and unique lighting. The home also provides you access to a private movie theater, a resort-like pool area, and more must-see features.


This large flex space in Chicago, IL’s River North neighborhood is actually housed within a boutique hotel, making it a hotel ballroom that’s both affordable and easy to rent on Peerspace. It’s nearly 2,500 square feet and can accommodate up to 50 guests. While here, you can set up the space however you see fit and use the on-site kitchen and seating. The host also allows catering from any licensed vendor.

This flex space’s Peerspace reviews comment on the amazingness of the space itself — and its hosts! Here is an example: “I had a successful birthday party. EXCELLENT SPACE! My guest were able to move around. The staff had great communication. If I was unable to reach one manager their was always someone catering to my need. Dominique and Jill thank you sooo much!”

Take a look at this other Chicago hotel ballroom — a hidden space that’s more affordable for smaller events. Vintage furniture and luxurious amenities make it an obvious choice for reunions, corporate events, or weddings. Hosts of each Peerspace venue rent their spaces by the hour, with costs on every listing.

Just take it from one of many thrilled visitors of this venue: “This was an amazing, unique location for our bachelorette party! We loved everything about it. We were able to plug in music to their overhead system, dance all over the place, and be rowdy all in the safety of one private location due to COVID. Both hosts were SO willing to help with anything we needed.”


Planning an event in Texas? Peerspace has several ballroom rentals there, too! Check out this ballroom in Dallas’s Design District. At 2,500 square feet, it has indoor and outdoor space, floor-to-ceiling windows and mirrors, red oak flooring, and tables and chairs. A Peerspace reviewer refers to it as “One of the best places to host an event!”

You can also easily host a ballroom event at this elegant, intimate hall in Atlanta’s Lakewood Heights neighborhood. It boasts LED lights, gorgeous hardwood floors, a projector, a caterer’s kitchen, and classic banquet table seating.

It’s easy to see why this hall has all five-star reviews! Such as this one: “Great space and the owner was so nice! She made sure we had everything we needed to make our event a success. Her and her staff provided excellent service. They were also willing to help to help us set up. They truly went above and beyond for us!”

Anyone looking for a taste of grandeur is sure to love this historic estate with a ballroom in New Orleans, LA. It is an all-white space with black accents, wooden floors, crown molding, and columns. The home also offer you access to a dining area and a gorgeous outdoor garden, so you and your guests can enjoy several spaces with one single booking.


Did you know that you can book ballroom spaces as well as every other venue imaginable in cities across the globe through Peerspace? It’s true! For instance, take a look at this gorgeous 1920s Grade II-listed ballroom in Bloomsbury Square, London, UK. Along with its central location, it boasts historic architecture, tables and chairs, a stage, A/V equipment, a kitchen, dining sets, and soundproofing. So pretty much anything anyone can want for a personal or professional event!

There’s also this iconic large venue in Sydney, Australia. It is a round theater venue that’s 975m2 for 1,000 guests. You can use the venue’s tables and chairs, stage, lighting grid, and dance floor. Your guests are sure to adore the soaring high ceilings and open skylight that makes the whole venue feel open and inviting.

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How much does it cost to rent a hotel ballroom?

refined and classic ballroom
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Hotel ballroom rentals are typically at the higher end of the price spectrum for venue spaces. However, when you consider the amount of space and versatility you’re getting, it’s easy to see why many choose to rent ballrooms for their events. 

Rental prices for a ballroom booked directly through a hotel range greatly depending on the city and brand of hotel you’re using. Local hotels will typically have more affordable rates and packages that are flexible. Many larger hotel chains have conferences and weddings planned out months ahead, and it can be hard to find available dates. 

Expect to pay at least $1,000+ for a hotel ballroom when you book through larger hotel chains in big cities. These costs can include extraneous fees for choosing your catering that’s not through the hotel. Some hotels will even charge more for simple amenities like tables and chairs. 

Next, we answer the question “how much does it cost to rent a hotel ballroom?” when using Peerspace.

Peerspace ballroom prices

lconic Large Venue in Sydney
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Now that we know that it could be costly to book a hotel ballroom the traditional way, let’s explore how much it can cost you when using Peerspace. We’ll take a look at the venues we mentioned above to provide a range of price examples.

On the lower end of the spectrum, we have the Dallas Design District ballroom which costs just $100 per hour. Similarly, the Los Angeles outdoor space costs about $135 per hour, while the Chicago flex space is $150 per hour.

In the mid-range of spaces, both the intimate event ballroom in Atlanta and the Bronx ballroom in NYC are priced at about $200 per hour. Similarly, the secret ballroom in Chicago is $250 per hour.

Finally, we come to our most expensive ballrooms. First up, the iconic Sydney venue is about A$400 per hour, while the Pikesville mansion ballroom costs about $500 per hour. Finally, the London 1920s historic ballroom costs £1,170 per hour.

Though steep compared to some of the other above options, it is still less pricy than many large chain hotel ballrooms. Plus, since it’s a private residence, you and your guests will be afforded the privacy that is not an option when booking a ballroom at a hotel.

The perfect ballroom is on Peerspace

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Hotel Ballroom
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We hope this guide has helped answer your question: how much does it cost to rent a hotel ballroom?

As you can see, Peerspace offers you access to ballrooms of every style, size, and shape in cities across the globe. And price wise, they can start at a couple of hundred dollars per hour and go as high as about $1,000+ per hour. Many venues on Peerspace also come with amenities that most hotels just don’t offer — and there’s also a touch of local charm that will make your event extra special. 

Between Peerspace venues and the help of your venue’s friendly host, your ballroom event will practically plan itself!

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