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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Hotel Conference Room?

Are you planning a corporate event and trying to figure out your budget? This article aims to answer the question: how much does it cost to rent a conference room? In addition, we’ll provide an overview of what hotel conference rooms have to offer and what your alternatives might be.

Why do people rent hotel conference rooms?

Conference rooms are an easily accessible and straightforward venue for meetings, and they’re available in a wide range of budget levels and sizes (for as few as 10 or as many as 300 attendees). Additionally, for those traveling to meetings, these spaces are convenient: attendees can stay in the hotel where the chosen conference room is located and avoid the hassle of finding transportation to the meeting.

Staff are typically available to offer help with event management, catering, locating furniture, setting up A/V equipment, and more. Most importantly, they have general experience dealing with all of these factors, which can be a major help, especially if anything goes astray logistically.

How much does it cost to rent a hotel conference room?

The question of, “How much does it cost to rent a hotel conference room?” is, in fact, rather complicated to answer. It’s hard to make a flat estimate across the board, as the cost will vary widely based in large part on where you’re renting.

A conference room in a relatively affordable city like Boise, Idaho, will cost significantly less than a space in San Francisco, California, which is notoriously among the most expensive cities in the United States. On average, though, renting a hotel conference room runs from about $70 to $160 per hour. This means that for a standard two-hour meeting, you’ll end up paying $140 to $320 for use of the venue.

Rather than charging by the hour, some mid-range hotel chains may charge roughly $250 to $300 for the day. Of course, regardless of the city you’re in, if you go for a more luxury venue, you’ll potentially pay hundreds more. In addition, larger conference rooms with sufficient space to hold more people are also costlier.

Equipment may also not be included, significantly adding to the cost of your rental; this includes standard overhead projectors, which can cost roughly $100 for the day; LCD projectors, ranging from $250 to $300; microphones and podiums, around $30; a TV monitor with DVD player, about $75; and more.

Alternatives to hotel conference rooms

While hotel conference rooms are the conventional choice, this doesn’t automatically make them the best choice. Sometimes people are unaware that they have alternatives to these standard venues, many of which might be more suited to their meeting needs, brand aesthetic, and so forth.

Peerspace allows you to significantly broaden your search for the perfect meeting venue. It’s definitively the largest online marketplace for short-term rentals of meeting and event spaces. Rather than booking what might end up being a generic, harshly fluorescent-lit hotel conference room, Peerspace can help you locate thousands of unique spaces in your target city.

You’ll be able to choose from spaces as varied as creatively decorated lofts, chic art galleries, stunning penthouse apartments, and lots more. Plus, each listing includes plenty of high-res photos and reviews from previous renters, so you’ll have a good sense of what you’re getting into, even if you’re unable to view the place in person beforehand.

Hotel conference rooms are the go-to option for meetings outside the office: they’re convenient and, in general, predictable. But the wonders of the internet allow plenty of other possibilities for your next meeting. Consider using Peerspace to uncover your next out-of-office meeting venue — you’ll be amazed how many exciting choices there are in your city.

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