11 Merry Couples Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

Couples Christmas photoshoot ideas are the best way to celebrate the season. After all, the Christmas holiday is a truly romantic time of year when you spend time with family, friends, and loved ones, especially partners.

There’s just something about Christmas-y activities like curling up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa that makes you want to be with the people you love most in the world. That’s why Christmas is the perfect time for a couples photoshoot, whether you’re taking photos for your Christmas card or just for your own photo album!

We’ve gathered 11 couples Christmas photoshoot ideas of all kinds to inspire you for your next photoshoot. We’ve also included suggestions of various locations where you might hold your photoshoot available for rent via Peerspace, the largest online marketplace for hourly rentals of spaces of all kinds (including but not limited to photoshoot venues). Keep reading for a list of our favorite couples Christmas photoshoot ideas. As you read, you’re sure to be inspired!

1. Cozy candid couple photoshoot

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One of the most important aspects of Christmastime is the overall feeling of coziness that it generates. This lends itself nicely to a candid photoshoot of you and your beloved hanging out in a comfortable space enjoying each other’s company.

For a photoshoot like this, you’ll want a warm and welcoming home to take photos in. We recommend something like this modern French country custom designer home in Tampa, Florida, where you’ll have no trouble getting comfortable. And that comfort, especially while in a radiant setting, will come through in the photos.

2. Outdoor picnic photoshoot on a snowy day

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On a cold and snowy day, you probably won’t want to lay down a blanket and sit down. But for this couples Christmas photoshoot idea, you can find a bench in a nearby park or other scenic location and cuddle up next to your beloved with thermoses of hot tea or coffee.

For instance, how about booking your couples Christmas photoshoot at this charming and seasonally snowy chalet home in the mountains in Ketchum, ID? The snow will make everything look magical and utterly romantic!

3. Christmas tree photoshoot

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For this couples Christmas photoshoot idea, the theme is simple but hard to beat: find a Christmas tree and take photos decorating it and/or with the tree as your backdrop. Whether that’s a photoshoot at home with your own Christmas tree or next to the Christmas trees at this multi-set Christmas photo studio in Roseville, CA, is your choice. Your photos will be sweet and help you make memories that will last for years to come.

Love the idea of shooting outside? Then you need to see our other outdoor Christmas photoshoot ideas!

4. Tropical, warm-weather photoshoot

Couples Christmas Photoshoot Ideas
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We don’t tend to associate Christmas with warm weather, but in many parts of the world, Christmas happens during the warmest part of the year. Perhaps you live in one of these locations, or you’re planning to travel to one for the holiday. Either way, you can subvert expectations with your couples Christmas photoshoot idea and fully embrace a warm and sunny tropical/warm-weather photoshoot.

How about somewhere like the garden of this modern Bohemian Bali-inspired tropical home in Las Vegas? It boasts a gorgeous pool, lush greenery, and plenty of chic lounge seating on which you and your beloved can repose and pose.

5. Santa Claus costumes photoshoot

Couples Christmas Photoshoot Ideas
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Find a really cute and Christmas-y location like this Christmas theme setting in Decatur, Georgia, then dress up like Santa Claus and/or Mrs. Claus and take photos together!

The studio’s fireplace, stockings, plushies, and other decor are perfect for your theme. Plus, the addition of adorable costumes is sure to take your photoshoot to the next level and make for some really great pictures.

6. Kissing under the mistletoe

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Take advantage of a bit of classic Christmas imagery and take a photo of you and your beloved kissing under the mistletoe! The unmistakable and enduring symbolism of mistletoe will ensure that your photos are truly romantic and even timeless.

To complete the scene, take your mistletoe pics at this sweet and festive holiday photoshoot set in Los Angeles. Perhaps you’ll look back at these photos decades from now and be reminded of the wonderful times you’ve had as a couple.

7. Go for a walk in the woods

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This is another outdoor photoshoot idea for those who aren’t afraid to brave the cold. If you have a beautiful forest near you, go for a walk or hike there and take photos out in nature. In fact, pine trees and other coniferous trees are especially suited to a Christmas theme.

If you’d like to rent a Peerspace location with its own forest area, this stone quarry on a 28-acre farm in Belvidere, Illinois, could be a really great choice. It consists of Lindenwood, cedar, and white pine trees that the two of you will look absolutely lovely amongst.

8. Indoor/outdoor skiing and post-skiing photoshoot

Couples Christmas Photoshoot Ideas
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Are you and your partner fans of winter sports like skiing or perhaps snowboarding? If so, you might do a photoshoot of you skiing together and then continue snapping photos when you’re warming up afterward.

You could rent a space like this contemporary cabin in Basalt, Colorado. It is near “world-class skiing,” the warm-up location before your big day of winter sports! 

9. Cozy cafe photoshoot

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Visit your most picturesque local cafe and take photos there! This couples Christmas photoshoot idea lends itself well to candid photos, so you can take things in a more casual direction.

If you’d rather have the space entirely to yourself, you can rent a space like this European-style cafe in Chicago. Take as many photos as you want sipping peppermint mochas together without worrying about inconveniencing anyone!

Want to take photos that are a bit more steamy? Then check out our couples boudoir photoshoot ideas next!

10. Buying a Christmas tree together

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We already included a Christmas tree photoshoot on this list, but for an outdoor photoshoot, what about a more dynamic and candid set of photos of the pair of you going out and buying your Christmas tree? This could mean photos of you browsing for the perfect tree and carrying it home with you – whatever feels right!

If you need a space that welcomes photoshoot productions, consider booking time at this Christmas tree farm in Redmond, WA. It’s the only organic Christmas tree farm near Seattle, and absolutely gorgeous.

11. Ultra-glam mansion photoshoot

Couples Christmas Photoshoot Ideas
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For this one, dress up in your finest Christmas outfit (a red and green gown, perhaps? Plenty of velvet? The sky’s the limit!) and find a really luxurious location like this award-winning British heritage manor home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

For a photoshoot like this, you’ll probably want to go in a more formal, less candid direction, but you can always do a mix of both formal and informal photos and see what you like best!

Bonus: couples Christmas shoot in the desert

Couples Christmas Photoshoot Ideas
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Put a whole new spin on your couples Christmas photoshoot ideas and take pictures out in the desert! For example, you could book this distinct architectural desert cabin in Joshua Tree and pose with your beloved outside with one of those mini fake Christmas trees with battery-operated lights. It will be totally unexpected to your viewers and totally fun for you and your photographer to shoot.

Couples Christmas photoshoot ideas: conclusion

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We hope you’ve enjoyed these photoshoot ideas and are jazzed to start planning your own couples Christmas shoot!

As you can see, your photoshoot can be easy to pull off with the help of a festive Peerspace venue and one or more of these fun ideas. Simply book your favorite spaces, hire a photographer whose style suits your own, and have fun!

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