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The 8 Best Pet Photographers in Miami

Having a pet in Miami is a special joy –– especially if your furry companion is a dog. With miles of sunny, scenic beaches and the outdoors to explore day after day, who wouldn’t want a companion whose love never fades or fails? These talented Miami pet photographers know what your pets mean to you, and they’ve built their names and reputations on capturing the true essence of your animals. Look through these shutterbugs’ portfolios, and we think you’ll agree that they produce top-notch photography.

1. Max Norman Pet Photography

Max Norman is considered one of the best Miami pet photographers in the biz. He’s got a style that’s distinctive, taking both cute and humorous photos that clearly indicate he has a deep understanding of the pets he photographs. His style comprises mostly tightly focused and framed photos of your pets looking goofy, friendly, or gorgeous. He takes fine-art photos meant to be printed and framed, but they’d frankly look just as good as your pup’s Instagram profile pic.

2. Enrique Urdaneta

Miami pet photographer Enrique Urdaneta takes artful, occasionally moody photographs of horses and pets. His photos are sometimes narrative lifestyle photos, and other times posed fine-art photographs, but they’re always gorgeously composed with excellent use of contrast and color. He also makes incredible use of the natural Miami landscape and blue sky, though it’s occasionally cloudy and electric. Enrique’s photos run the full gamut of style and technique, making it hard to pigeonhole him. There’s something very fashion-forward about his images — he makes your pets look more sophisticated than that of others, as if your animal should be in cologne advertisements.

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3. Paola Paladini

Paola Paladini takes photos of pets and their owners using a conceptual and whimsical perspective. We love her “Hounds and Heels” series of pups standing at their owners’ feet, as well as her photos of pets and their families shown in silhouette against the setting sun, and pups with their pregnant owners, about to welcome a new member of the family. Her style is extremely technically proficient, with well-balanced colors and light, shot to look quite natural with just a bit of the everyday stripped away to create something elemental. And she understands that your pets, while they are members of your family, are also constant sources of amusement; she is not afraid to lean into that and dress them up like goofy little salesmen for a good laugh.

4. Andie Salinas of Lulu & Petunia Photography

Andie Salinas of Lulu & Petunia Photography is an editorial and commercial photographer with a natural skill for photographing animals of every size. From lions to yellow jackets, her camera captures the mystery, physicality, and personality of all the animals she turns her gaze on. And we enjoyed going through her portfolio, as it had such a variety of photographs — much more than just animal photos. She has plenty of lifestyle and candid shots, as well as intriguing fine-art photos, all in quite varied styles — from stripped-down and desaturated to dramatic and full of color. She’s always saying something unique with her point of view.

5. Marietta of ML Marthinsen Photography

If you’re looking for an artist with a highly attuned eye for beauty and a natural connection with animals, look no further than Miami pet photographer Marietta, the mastermind behind ML Marthinsen Photography. Her photos run the full gamut of pet photography –– from pet portraits against a single-colored background and softly lit with soft shadows, to whimsical borderline-hilarious pet portraits, to lifestyle shots of you and your pet looking glam together. Marietta is a versatile, skilled photographer with a truly creative style, and we’re positive you will enjoy working with her.

6. Danijela Kandera & Yagil Rafaeli of DY Rafaeli Photography

Danijela Kandera & Yagil Rafaeli are Fort Lauderdale and Miami pet photographers who have the stated goal of capturing the unconditional love between pets and their people. When you peruse their portfolio, you’ll see that they truly achieve what they set out to do. Every pet owner understands the surprising depth of that love, the feeling of “I would do anything for this little creature.” Their photos are brilliantly composed, with such an attention to the curiosity, love, and compassion that animals show with their eyes. It’s impossible to look through these photos without appreciating the pets in your life and remembering fondly all the animals you’ve had in the past.

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7. Dog Expressions

The photographers of Dog Expressions run one of the most popular dog Instagram accounts in South Florida. With a home base in Davie, FL, just about 40 minutes away from Miami, they serve the whole South Florida area. They take amazing portraits of dogs just being: dogs looking goofy at their masters, catching their favorite treat as it’s tossed to them, and perking up at hearing their name being spoken –– all the little moments that you love. Your pup distilled into these simple, archetypal poses really has a surprising emotional resonance, which explains why they’ve got well over 15,000 followers on Instagram. Work with Dog Expressions and they’ll make your pup famous.

8. Arelis Aguayo of Dogs of Fun

Arelis Aguayo of Dogs of Fun spent more than a dozen years as a professional wedding and portrait photographer, and she now dedicates all her time to her first love: dog photography. She has received tons of good press for her work, as she’s known as one of the most fun Miami pet photographers who has a natural way with animals. Dog owners know all the looks our pups can give: the expression of contentment, amusement, surprise, love, worry mingled with trust –– we treasure these because they help us communicate with our dogs. Arelis captures pets’ essence in her photos, and she has some of the funniest, silliest portraits that we’ve seen –– with dogs looking so happy and playful that we couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Love your pets!

We hope you’ve enjoyed perusing the work of the best Miami pet photographers. When we say love your pets, we simply mean treasure them and remember that time is fleeting. If you want to take that love the extra mile –– and extend it to all animals –– please support your local shelter and veterinary hospital, and spread awareness about the importance of disease prevention and pet rehabilitation. Together, we can really make a difference in the lives of animals.

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