The 7 Best Pet Photographers in San Antonio

Looking for the best San Antonio pet photographers to highlight the furrier members of your family with special portraits? By its very nature, pet portraiture requires talent combined with a love of animals. A pet portrait photographer, ideally, will have lots of patience and care.

We at Peerspace combed through portfolios containing adorable dogs, sweet kittens, and even exotic pet photos. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it, and in doing so, found these gems. We were amazed at the talent found in San Antonio. They draw from various genres of photography and often incorporate humans, too. The following San Antonio pet photographers all combine their love of the craft with their passion for documenting the furry, four-legged members of your family. Keep these shutterbugs in mind the next time you want professional photos of your best friend.

1. Renee Spade Photography

Naming her photography biz after her late kitty named Spade, Renee is one of our favorite San Antonio pet photographers for two reasons. First of all, she is well-known for her commercial photography done in the studio. And secondly, her work is always charming. Working with all kinds of critters — and we do mean all kinds, even your porcine and equine buddies — she creates polished portraits of your loved ones.

We also love how Renee works with animal rescue charities across the great state of Texas. Pets are clearly her inspiration for all her social and creative work. Renee even does fun photo editing and can make your pet a Warhol-inspired pop-art masterpiece! Her artistic eye and unique techniques will delight all those who view her work. For a conversation piece, as well as a treasured artwork photo of your beloved pet, take a look at Renee’s portfolio and be wowed.

2. Cindy Kelleher Photo

With a BFA in photography, Cindy Kelleher is clearly an experienced shutterbug. Having worked with various forms of photography, she is able to draw from her deep well of experience and produces varied and artistic pictures of people and their pets. Like other passionate pet photographers, Cindy actually began her photography career while volunteering with a boxer rescue society in Austin. They needed photos, she stepped in, and the rest is artistic history!

Cindy also does commercial work, as well as architectural and family photography, so her portfolio is as diverse as it is delightful! Whatever is in front of her lens, from events to rescue dogs, they benefit from her candid style and artistic flair. When it comes to getting the perfect shot, check out Cindy.

3. Christy Savarino Photography

More than a San Antonio pet photographer, Christy Savarino is a photographic artist who’s creating original portraits of your fuzzy loves. When you want a stylish and highly individual portrait, she’s one of our top picks! If you want your fur baby documented in the style of a human baby — playful props and styling included — she is the one to work with!

Her high-dynamic range photos have a polished and editorial flair to them, making them art pieces in their own right. She also manages to document your pet’s personality. Choose Christy when you want something in between purely documentary and pure art, she will deliver every time.

4. MarElly of Happy Thoughts Studio

MarElly is a true family photographer recognized for her beautifully authentic, documentary-style, family portraiture. Working with her, you are basically guaranteed to have heirloom prints that include your furry friend. Her in-home sessions are spectacular, as she makes sure everyone is comfortable and cozy in their element, as well as being stylishly portrayed. These one-of-a-kind photos will capture the hearts of viewers, as they undoubtedly have captured ours. If you’re in the market for an expert session and photographer, give MarElly’s portfolio a good look.

5. Petography TX

Petography is a polished team of San Antonio pet photographers — it’s in their name after all! Out to capture more than a mere image, they create artistic portraits of your four-legged friend. If you want quirky studio shots — they have fun backdrops and props aplenty. If you’re seeking a more natural outdoors shoot, they have team members with refined editorial styles. Specializing in showing off the individual, unique sides of your pet in pixel form, their style, and mastery with the lens is always on point. For a memorable session with talented photographers, check out Petography.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out reviews from other pet parents who have utilized their services. Here’s one example, to get you started: “We love Petography! Their photos are absolutely wonderful. Keith and Brandi are both very patient with the dogs and take the time to make sure you get the best photos possible. We’ve done a photo session as well as the pet portraits at the farmers market. No matter the venue, they are always outstanding!”

6. Hayward Gaude Photography

A legacy photographer specializing in in-studio work, Hayward Gaude produces fine art and classically styled portraits of both humans and animals. He collaborates with the members of your family, both two and four-legged, to create nostalgic and painterly works of art. 

Using skills refined by years of experience in the studio, he poses loved ones in traditional ways, as well as implementing a modern twist — using your pet as the centerpiece! The results are worthy of enjoying for generations to come. Work with Hayward Gaude if you have an elegant and refined fine art aesthetic, as well as want an experienced and professional studio portrait experience. 

7. Norah Levine Photography

Even though she’s technically based out of Austin, Norah Levine’s work is too amazing to not mention in our list of excellent photographers! She is a fine art photographer with a strong quirky side — resulting in a delightful portfolio of family portraits, furkids included. Norah gives animals the same treatment she gives all of her subjects — an intimate peek into emotional and complex beings combined with an actual art piece — and the result is oh-so-charming.

She has been featured by O Magazine and HGTV, and it’s no wonder why. Using the medium of encaustic (pigments mixed with beeswax and resin) as well as incorporating photographs, she creates utterly original pieces. You won’t see many artists like Norah out there, so we recommend a trip to Austin so you can have one of her works for yourself! 

Bonus: Ares Emzy Photography

Ares & Emzy is a U.S. veteran-owned pet photography business that celebrates the special places our pets hold in our hearts. As such, these documentary-style photographers take candid snaps of your pet being your pet, playing, running, and standing to attention. They’re your perfect choice if you want beautiful pet portraits minus the studio backdrops and props.

Additionally, Ares & Emzy donate portions of their proceeds to charities involving pet rescues and military dog funds. Plus, they provide pro bono portrait services if your cherished pet is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. And if that doesn’t warm your heart and get your tail wagging, we don’t know what will!

Peerspace loves San Antonio pet photographers!

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Hopefully the work of these incredible photographers has brought you a smile and a laugh as you read along. Overall, we cannot recommend these San Antonio pet photographers highly enough. They celebrate your favorite fur babies and the one-of-a-kind bond you share. And what can be better than that? Take a look at their work, and you will agree — they are fantastic! 

Be sure to book your favorite and then come back here to Peerspace to book a beautiful indoor portrait studio. We have incredible hidden gem spaces across San Antonio that can serve as a special backdrop for photos of your pet (and you, if you want to join in on the fun!)

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