20 Memorable Push Present Ideas For Mom (2024)

Push presents are congratulatory gifts for new mothers as they move into the next phase of their lives. Ranging from cute to relaxing, a push present idea can be an experience like a dinner reservation, a practical gift like pajamas or cookware, or something else entirely! As lovers of special moments, we at Peerspace hope you’ll love these gift ideas for the new mother in your life. 

1. Treat her to dinner at her favorite restaurant

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A dinner reservation or voucher is a lovely push present, especially if you already know her favorite restaurant. If not, check out guides to local restaurants; the Michelin Star guide is a great place to start looking for the best restaurants in your state. 

2. Make dinner for her

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A nice dinner doesn’t have to mean leaving the house. Let the new mother put up her feet while you do the cooking. Treat her to a fantastic meal – but what if you aren’t all that great in the kitchen? In that case, hire a private chef for the meal! The chef can handle everything, treating you to an unforgettable dinner experience on par with a restaurant without ever leaving home!

3. Start a time capsule

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Time capsules are a memorable push present idea that you can revisit decades from now as your child grows up! You can add items like the baby’s birth announcement, ultrasound images, footprint art, current magazines, and written messages from the family. Open the time capsule when the baby is ready to move out from home, graduates, gets married, or reaches some other life milestone!

4. Book a session with a photographer

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Photography is one of the best ways to document life milestones like the end of a pregnancy and a newborn coming home. One truly memorable push present idea is to gift her time for a photography session. They can be as little as 30 to 60 minutes, shot outdoors or inside of a photo studio. If you already have the photographer lined up, consider booking a photo studio with us via Peerspace! Studios like this natural light space in San Francisco have cozy seats in addition to multiple sets for creative portrait possibilities! 

5. Get her a voucher for a spa day

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Pregnancy and caring for a newborn are hard on the body…A day or half-day at the spa can do wonders for her vitality! Spa days have packages that include luxury skincare, massage, wellness juices, eucalyptus steam baths…Whatever it takes to bring a sense of lightness and ease in the new mother.

6. Take her out on a creative day

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Assuming the new mom can get a few hours to herself, think about a fun outing! Something that lets her tap into her creative side, such as a painting, sculpture, or music class. A day at an art studio can even include several of these activities at once. Beginner classes let new artists see if the art form is right for them. Creative classes are even better if you know what sort of arts the mother enjoys; a break to indulge in her favorite art form will definitely be appreciated!

Here are 11 creative workshop ideas if you love the idea of treating her to something that stretches her imagination!

7. Add some botanical vitality with a houseplant or three

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Houseplants add a bit of green beauty to any space. Many act as air purifiers, including aloe vera, rubber trees, and snake plants. The majority require almost no care beyond good placement near a window and attention paid to humidity and watering. Succulents are best kept dry while others are rainforest plants that need a bit more attention. Choose only low-maintenance plants since a baby needs so much attention that difficult plants are going to get ignored! 

8. Gift a digital subscription

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Is your new mother a lover of books or digital entertainment? A subscription to Audible, Netflix, or another digital outlet is a great way to give her something she’ll definitely use. Meanwhile, you leave her with the option of choosing exactly what she wants to watch or listen to.

9. Buy a pair of comfortable pajamas

There’s nothing like a cozy pair of pajamas to lounge in after a long day. You’d be surprised how few people have them! Get the new mom a pair of plush silk pajamas, which have a smooth feel and excellent thermoregulating properties. If the extra care needed for silk clothing is a turn-off, cotton pajamas are a great alternative!

10. Get her a journal

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Journaling is one of the most therapeutic activities you can engage in. Putting thoughts down into physical words is more satisfying than typing for many people. A nice, bound journal is also very attractive and acts as a decorative element in a home bookshelf. The new mom will truly enjoy looking back on her own handwritten thoughts years later during this critical period in her life!

11. Buy an eye mask for better sleep

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Sleep patterns are guaranteed to be disrupted once the newborn comes home. It’s vital for a new parent to get whatever sleep they can once the baby’s needs are met. A sleep mask helps create deep darkness that eases the transition back into sleep. Made of comfortable fabric that won’t pinch your eyelids, a sleep mask is far more practical a push present idea than blackout curtains or other sleep aids.

12. Create baby footprint art

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Remember that a newborn is only going to get bigger from here on out! Immortalize those first few tiny moments with baby footprint art. You can buy a kit for the new mother that lets her paint onto the infant’s feet and make her own stamps to then frame!

13. Buy her a heating pad for cramps and back pain

Post-pregnancy issues like cramps and back pain are unfortunately normal. Why not give her some relief with a heating pad? They can be placed in a comfortable chair, sofa, or even set up in bed to help worn-out muscles heal! Muscles that aren’t hurting also make it easier for her to engage in other post-pregnancy healing practices.

14. Comfortable socks or slippers she can wear around the house

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Walking around the house shoeless should be as pleasant as possible. How about a new pair of slippers or socks? Walking socks should be extra-thick and preferably wool, which is far more durable, offer better temperature control, and are naturally antimicrobial.

Check out these lovely Mother’s Day party ideas to celebrate her, whether she’s a brand-new mom or multiparous!

15. An essential oil kit for relaxation

The benefits of essential oils are well documented and varied since there are hundreds to explore! From the calming effects of lavender to the antibacterial properties of tea tree oil, essential oil vaporizers, candles, and skin balms are thoughtful push present ideas for a new mother.

16. Get her a weighted blanket

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Weighted blankets are one of the best sleep aids. They reduce anxiety and promote deeper sleep by applying gentle pressure to the nervous system. It’s like getting a hug, which has an instant calming effect on us. When a newborn is disrupting her sleep cycle, it helps to use sleep aids so she can fall asleep as easily as possible! 

17. Buy her a star

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One of the most memorable push present ideas imaginable is to gift her (or the baby) with a celestial object! You can buy her a star – or rather, the official name associated with the star. Once purchased the star’s new name (which is guaranteed to be visible even in bright skies without equipment) gets added to their official registry. For extra flair, check out the package that includes an engraved brass plate with the star’s new name, mounted on an oak wooden base!

18. Upgrade the cookware set

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With another mouth to feed in the household, it might be time to get bigger pots and pans! Once the baby is on solid foods, you’ll need a kitchen set that can keep up. Cookware like non-stick ceramic are non-toxic, naturally non-stick, and less expensive than many comparable stainless steel sets!

19. Pick out a fun board game

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Board games are one fun activity that can be halted with ease whenever a newborn needs attention! Classic games like Settlers of Catan or LIFE are easy to pick up and enjoy with family or friends on a game night. Not to mention more modern games like Scythe and Wavelength!

20. Choose a digital picture frame

New parents absolutely love taking photos of their newborns. Normal picture frames make it hard to swap your favorite images in and out. A digital picture frame is not only easier; you can have multiple photos on rotation. Parents can add memories as the kids grow right from their phones and enjoy them without losing sight of the older photos.

Push present ideas: conclusion

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As you can see, push presents can be as practical or as creative as you wish! Think carefully about what the new mother in your life most needs and surprise her with one of these push present ideas! 

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