How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Warehouse?


Warehouses on Peerspace cost anywhere between $40 — $250 per hour.

Warehouses have become a top choice in recent years for those looking to host weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties. After all, they’re pretty much the perfect option for events that require a large and open venue with a rustic ambiance. So, this begs the question: how much does it cost to rent a warehouse?

In this article, that’s precisely what we at Peerspace answer. We’ll also share how our platform offers you the best ways to rent one. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we help make it easy to book hidden gem spaces for all your professional and personal needs, including warehouses. Plus, we’ll show you the types of warehouses that are available to rent today in cities across the globe. So let’s get on to answering your question: how much does it cost to rent a warehouse? 

Why should you rent a warehouse? 

urban industrial loft newark rental
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First of all, why would you want to rent a warehouse in the first place? The sky’s the limit when it comes to ways to utilize warehouse space. Renting a warehouse typically comes with a lot of flexibility and opportunities to personalize the venue for your event.

Some warehouses have been remodeled for certain events, like weddings or large parties. Others are tailored for film shoots with decorative walls, lighting choices, and even dressing rooms. 

Another perk of booking a warehouse is the bright lighting. With large floor-to-ceiling windows and sometimes skylights, your event will be perfectly “lit.” However, warehouses can also come with blackout blinds for those who want to set a different ambiance. 

Warehouses can be used for a variety of functions and uses. Some of these include: 

  • Photo or video shoots for brands, models, or influencers
  • Family reunions that bring everyone together in one large place 
  • Art galleries to display sculptures, paintings, and one-of-a-kind masterpieces
  • A surprise party celebrating someone’s milestone in life — like a special birthday, retirement, or graduation

Here’s our guide on where to rent a warehouse for a day!

How to rent a warehouse

dtla warehouse with skyline views
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Finding a warehouse to rent typically means hours of internet searches, phone calls, and back-and-forth emails between you and the venue owner. People book warehouses months or even years in advance — depending on the location and popularity of the venue. It’s also hard to know exactly what you’re getting out of the deal, especially when a warehouse doesn’t include many photos on its website. 

Your venue search doesn’t have to be an annoying headache. With thousands of warehouses and event spaces listed in cities throughout the globe, Peerspace offers one of the easiest ways to rent a warehouse.

As the world’s largest online marketplace for meeting and event spaces, Peerspace makes it simple to search by city, dates, and venue preferences. This includes filters for capacity and price per hour. You can also filter your results further and select whether you’d like the warehouse to include a kitchen, piano, deck, or exposed brick. So even though there are lots of warehouse venues globally, finding the perfect one for your needs, location, and budget is super easy to find.

Each Peerspace listing comes with high-quality photos of the space, as well as real, detailed reviews from previous renters. All you need to do once you find your dream warehouse is contact the host and get planning! Hosts include details on amenities and rules in each listing.

However, the host can also address any specific questions or requests you may have. Many even provide extras like tables, chairs, equipment, and entertainment for your event.

Peerspace makes it easy to book the perfect warehouse for whatever your needs.

Types of warehouses on Peerspace

JR warehouse in williamsburg
Source: Peerspace

Although many warehouses tout exposed brick and high ceilings, there are all types of designs and purposes for the large buildings available for rent. Let’s check out some of the best-loved and ingenious warehouse spaces on Peerspace, coast-to-coast style.

Warehouses in the south

Many warehouses also come with their own quirky stories that you just won’t find at other types of venues. Some are restored to preserve a glimpse into the warehouse’s historic past, while others are incredibly modern. 

This Honduran experience with a southern vibe warehouse in Atlanta is one such example. It is a century old, yet the host has taken incredible steps to renovate it into a tropical, exotic space that is Honduras-inspired. This warehouse is about 2,500 square feet with exposed brick, pipes, columns, and concrete.

But it also has warm lighting, unique wooden accents, faux plant life, and a Dr. Sebi exhibit. It can be the perfect spot for productions and events alike. Remember what we mentioned about reading reviews from past renters on a venue’s listing page? Here is one for this dreamy Honduran warehouse: “This is an absolutely beautiful space! The pictures do not do it justice. It’s beautiful, exotic, and the host is very accommodating. Highly recommended.”

Here’s another unique converted warehouse space, this time in Dallas, Texas. It is nearly 3,500 square feet, with high ceilings and large windows. It too has retained its former industrial charm while being enhanced with modern furnishings and a lot of fun accents.

Thanks to its beautiful appearance, it’s great for photo and video shoots. And with its amenities like a ping-pong table, a large-screen projector TV, and even a dance floor!

And check out what a Peersapce reviewer shared after hosting their event here: “Coolest experience ever. Shelby responded quickly as I needed a last minute venue for an art show. The place is as advertised. OUTSTANDING customer service and I highly recommend anyone to have their event there”

Warehouses on the west coast

This architectural warehouse in Los Angeles is another eye-catching space perfect for a party or a production. And check out that plexiglass with color-changing LED lights for a ceiling!

Whether you’re interested in it for a personal or a professional event, be sure to browse its hundreds of glowing reviews for tips and insights.

We’re also wild about this modern industrial warehouse in Portland, Oregon. It has classic warehouse design features like floor-to-ceiling windows, polished concrete floors, and a wood plank ceiling. However, it also comes with a built-in bar, live plants, and plenty of seating.

Warehouses on the east coast

We can’t leave out beauties like this warehouse with a view of the New York City skyline — which can accommodate up to 500 people in its waterfront space. One reviewer summed up their experience at this warehouse well, simply stating: “Great host. Great space. Would book again.”

Or, check out this production-perfect industrial warehouse film and photo studio in Philadelphia. It is a large and rustic space that the host has decked out with production sets, an LED-lit cube, colorful backdrops, and special add-ons to enhance your shoot.

Warehouses in the midwest

Check out this stunning historic brick and timber warehouse in Chicago. Its natural light and aesthetic appeal make it incredible for photoshoots, video shoots, and events alike. It even has extra features like modern bathrooms, a business center, a wet bar, and a dining area.

This is another venue with tons of happy reviews too, like this one: “We love The Hive! Bethany and her team were great to work with and the venue space was amazing. It was a terrific place for a bat mitzvah party – perfect mix of nice and funky/cool. Would plan another event there in a heartbeat!”

When choosing what type of warehouse you’d like, keep in mind the theme of your party and how many people you think will attend. This will help narrow down the options and hopefully lead you to the venue of your dreams.

In LA? Then you need to see this list of the coolest warehouses in Los Angeles!

How much does it cost to rent a warehouse?

industrial studio with warehouse space
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The cost to book directly through a warehouse varies depending on several factors.

First of all, prices will depend on the warehouse’s location. Is it in the heart of a bustling city? Or, is it set in a rural location?

Also, the size of the venue is a factor, with larger spaces typically costing more than petite offerings.

And finally, you have to consider amenities. Historic warehouses that mix original design accents with modern features are often on the higher end of the cost scale.

Overall, many venues do not publicize the price per hour to rent, however, it’s estimated that it could cost anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars an hour. The most expensive on our list above is the New York City waterfront warehouse venue, costing $1,450 per hour. The most affordable is the industrial warehouse for productions in Philadelphia, costing only $70 per hour.

Rentals through Peerspace are always upfront about the price per hour and any fees. Some rentals even come with staff and a variety of equipment needed to make your event the best it can be. Expect to spend between $250 to $650 an hour for a warehouse on Peerspace — but with many amenities and help included along the way.

How much does it cost to rent a warehouse: conclusion

warehouses in los angeles
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The question, “How much does it cost to rent a warehouse?” is loaded with variables and more questions. However, we hope that this article gave you some direction on how to rent a warehouse and what types of options are out there. 

Head to Peerspace to book the perfect warehouse for your needs. As you can see, you can find warehouses in any city, suiting a variety of price points, features, and styles.

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