13 Creative September Birthday Ideas That Are Perfect For The Season (2024)


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Looking for fun and unique September birthday ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place! When the weather gets chilly, and the leaves start falling, some people think of Halloween scares or Thanksgiving feasts. But you’ve got another special day on your mind — your birthday! To spark your inspiration, here are 13 creative September birthday ideas for an unforgettable b-day. 

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1. September dance party

Hidden treasure in Chinatown/Little Italy
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What better way to celebrate a September birthday than with a little Earth, Wind, and Fire? Make a playlist of your favorite songs, then invite your friends over to dance. 

Dance parties are an awesome way to get your blood pumping and enjoy a fun night out with your closest besties. And if you host at a venue with a private, spacious dance floor, your friends are sure to remember dancing in September long after your birthday is over. 

2. Orchard birthday party

an apple orchard historic home
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September is the perfect time to put on your best scarf, slip on your knee-high boots, and head to an orchard. So for your birthday this year, why not invite your friends for an adventure in an orchard? You’ll get to enjoy the gorgeous fall colors and atmosphere with your friends, and if you want a spot to stake out for the day, booking a home in an apple orchard could provide a spot to relax when you’re done exploring the trees. 

3. Head to a pumpkin patch 

a pile of pumpkins at a farm
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Pumpkin patches are the quintessential fall day trip. And lucky for you, pumpkin season comes into full swing in late September. Take your party on the road and head to a pumpkin patch with your friends. After choosing your pumpkins, you could get a head start on Halloween and carve jack-o-lanterns together. This September birthday idea goes hand-in-hand with our next idea, too…

Check out our awesome outdoor birthday party ideas for more suggestions al fresco!

4. Halloween birthday 

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Ok, Halloween is a month away, sure. But who says that you’re not allowed to celebrate spooky season a little early? Throw a spooky Halloween-themed birthday party full of tricks, treats, and ghouls. To give your birthday an atmospheric upgrade, book a spooky burned house that can help you get in the Halloween spirit for your birthday.  

5. September movie party 

Luxurious Atlanta Mansion with Movie Theater
Source: Peerspace

Some of the most beloved movies of all time made their theatrical debut in September, like Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. If you’re a film buff, there’s no better time to have a birthday!

Host a movie-watch-a-thon party full of flicks that hit the theater in September. Caramel popcorn would make an awesome autumnal treat to snack on while you watch. And if you want to capture the thrill of seeing these flicks on the big screen, hosting your party at a private home theater can give these movies the star treatment they deserve. This luxurious Atlanta mansion is one excellent example and boasts a private movie theater with comfy seating and a handy minibar.

6. Autumn leaves party

Award Winning Modern Cabin nyc new york city rental
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In September, gorgeous autumn leaves are falling like confetti. So why not take full advantage of nature’s birthday gift to you by hosting your party outdoors? National parks or forests offer some amazing spots to set up for fall get-togethers, or if you want something more luxurious, book a cabin rental space through Peerspacr that offers a cozy home base for your event. 

7. Plan a Stark Trek party and cosplay event

SPACE SHIP SCI-FI Alien Nasa Submarine Mars los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

The original Star Trek series first lit up televisions on September 8th, 1966. So if you’ve got a September birthday, why not host a Star Trek-themed party and beam yourself up to the final frontier? 

Of course, no one says you have to theme your event after TOS. If you favor The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine, by all means, go for it! It’s a September birthday idea that’s tailor-made for Trekkies. As is this spaceship sci-fi studio set in Los Angeles, CA. The host even offers you space suits and other costumes and accessories, so you and your guests can dress up and play out your favorite Trek scenes.

8. Host a sumptuous pumpkin spice party 

Beautiful brick wall exposed cozy coffee shop in SOHO
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Is September really complete without savoring a pumpkin spice latte or two? We think not. So for your birthday this year, why not host your party at a cafe and savor your favorite fall drink with friends? If you want to celebrate at a place that’s a bit more special than a local Starbucks, a cozy Peerspace coffee shop could give your pumpkin spice party an extra shot of style.

In fact, in the words of a Peerspace reviewer: “Fantastic place! Great for our event, cozy and well designed. Highly recommend”

9. You now have the perfect excuse for hosting a pirate party 

an outdoor pirate village
Source: Peerspace

Some of the most underrated holidays on the Calendar happen in September — like National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yes, that’s 100% real. And it’s glorious, matey. 

To celebrate, hoist the sails and give your birthday party a pirate-themed swagger. Don’t feel like decorating? Set sail and search for Peerspace venues with a pirate vibe, like this epic outdoor pirate village in Henderson, NV. It’s a massive indoor and outdoor space that boasts full-size pirate ships, a western village with mine shafts, and a Medieval village, just for extra fun.

10. Make it a tasty September birthday by throwing a pizza party

Midtown Bungalow - Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven
Source: Peerspace

September is home to not one but two special days dedicated to pizza — National Cheese Pizza Day on the 5th and National Pepperoni Pizza Day on the 20th. But who says your birthday has to fall on either day to celebrate the almighty ‘za? 

Host a September pizza party with all the pepperoni or cheese pizza you and your friends can eat. To mix up the menu, try incorporating pizza-like flavors into unexpected dishes, like yummy Pizza fries or pizza grilled cheeses. Consider booking this Midtown bungalow in Atlanta’s Grant Park since it’s a party-perfect paradise that just happens to have an outdoor pizza oven. It’s by far one of our tastiest September birthday party ideas. 

Be sure to deck out your party space by using our birthday party decoration ideas for inspiration!

11. Have a very Hobbit birthday 

a hobbit house in Lake George
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JRR Tolkien literally wrote the book on epic fantasy when he first published The Hobbit in September 1937. If you’re a love of fantasy literature and movies, then why not celebrate the anniversary of this classic book by hosting a Hobbit-themed birthday party? 

Thanks to Bilbo’s 111th birthday party in Fellowship of the Ring, you’ve already got the perfect template for a fantastic hobbit birthday. And if you want to make the occasion feel even cozier, consider hosting at a Hobbit Hole in the heart of Lake George, NY to set the scene. 

12. Have a cute and cuddly teddy bear birthday 

North Hollywood Pink Dream Studio
Source: Peerspace

We all had a favorite stuffed toy as a child, and National Teddy Bear Day on September 9th provides the ideal opportunity to celebrate your inner kid. Decorate your party venue with adorable plush stuffed animals and pastel decor. Using a child-like theme can give your party a nostalgic vibe and remind you of a simpler, more innocent time in your life. It’s cuddly September birthday ideas like this that are awesome for little ones and grown-ups who never quite grew up. 

13. Throw a tasty breakfast all-day party

a pastel retro diner
Source: Peerspace

There’s something a tad scandalous about eating breakfast for dinner. But if you ask us, it’s society that’s wrong for limiting the hours when it’s socially acceptable to eat pancakes. And since Better Breakfast Day falls on September 26th, you’ve got the perfect excuse to eat breakfast at any hour you choose for your birthday. 

Host a breakfast-for-dinner birthday party and chow down on all of your favorite breakfast selections with your friends. If you don’t feel like cooking yourself, check out diner rental spaces in your area to see what kind of delicious breakfast foods are on the menu. 

We love this designer retro diner in San Francisco, CA as one option! It boasts a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic as well as a menu full of delectable brunch dishes.

September birthday ideas: conclusion

Themed Retreat w/Hot Tub, Fire Pit, & Game Room
Source: Peerspace

As you see, there are so many fun ways to celebrate your September birthday. Simply choose your favorite suggestions from this list of September birthday ideas and book the most appealing birthday party rental venue through Peerspace. No matter your location or interests, you can easily book a venue that suits you. So get out there, explore, and have some fun!

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