The 8 Best Still Life Photographers in Miami

If you’re looking for Miami still life photographers to potentially partner with, then you’ve come to the right place! The largest city in Florida is a cultural melting pot. Here, you’ll find food, products, cosmetics, and apparel from all over the world. This ensures that there is a constant demand for creative photographers who can tell their stories in an artistic way.

Are you looking for a contemporary shoot with pop art backgrounds and zesty colors? Or something more classic, with chiaroscuro lighting and deep shadow? These Miami still life photographers bring to life any creative vision you have in mind!

1. Monica Buck

People, places, and things all enchant Monica Buck! Her portfolio includes not just views of the creations of Miami businesses. She has gone all over the world with her camera, documenting humanitarian missions, taking portraits, and more. Monica is active in New York City and she also works as a Miami still life photographer. Her work explores food, flowers, jewelry, and other traditional still life subjects.

Monica’s style varies, depending on the mood she’s after. Sometimes she prefers subdued lighting, with deep shadow and subtle tones, while other times she favors bold illumination and saturation that pops.

2. Claudia Uribe Touri

Interiors, architectural wonders, and food are what Miami still life photographer Claudia Uribe Touri has to share with you! She describes her approach as minimalistic, with an eye for the fine art elements inherent to it, all while still remaining true to the final vision of her clients.

It’s amazing how well she balances both of these demands. That’s why household name brands like American Express, Travel and Leisure, and Harper’s Bazaar are just a few of Claudia’s satisfied clients. Check out her work on her Instagram or website.

3. Valerie Petralia

Valeria Petralia’s still life photography is a mixture of personal and commercial work. We love to see this because it’s often the simplest, ordinary items that evoke the strongest response in viewers. Her photography is a reminder of still life’s power to engage us when light, color, texture, and the right subject come together.

It’s immediately evident how much thought Valerie places on each composition. Her images are weighted in ways that guide our eyes in an intentional manner while she chooses colors and white balance for their ability to engage the viewer.

4. George Kamper

George Kamper is a commercial photographer whose work spans several genres! In the still life realm, his main subjects are cosmetics and food products, yet George also captures portraits, hospitality, lifestyle, and even underwater images for clients in Miami.

He offers not just a fresh perspective but also a sense of curiosity and a willingness to do whatever it takes to meet the goals of his clients. Well-lit still life images offer a nice contrast to the dark and moody style popular in many advertisements, cookbooks, and other end destinations. George also uses shapes within the frame to strong effect.

5. Marcel Boldu

Marcel Boldu is a Miami still life photographer who specializes in food and beverage art. His work helps businesses showcase their creations in the best possible light.

Marcel’s work breathes life into still scenes so that potential customers can experience the item well before they engage with it in person. You’ll feel your mouth watering when you view a food portrait. Sensory elements like the crispness of french fries or the smooth, sweet promise of a frosted dessert are all evident, even without taste, touch, or smell to guide you.

6. Suzanne Clements

Located in nearby Central Florida, Suzanne Clements works throughout the state as well as the country! Brands like Publix, Delish, and Soulfully Sweet choose her as their Miami still life photographer for several reasons. For one, they see just how detail-oriented Suzanne’s work is. Each item is carefully arranged for maximum engagement potential and adds something to the overall feel of the shot.

As she explains: “Each and every shoot involves that attention to detail, from the simplest layout to the lushest lifestyle setting. It’s what’s missing from your phone photos and what someone who’s just learning cannot quite execute.” Brands also enjoy her vibrant and saturated style, with bold exposure and crisp contrast. Suzanne is especially talented at making the most out of shapes and textures in a scene!

7. Rodrigo Gaya

Rodrigo Gaya is a documentary freelance photographer whose portfolio explores many niches. His still life images center around food; a classic subject that’s always in demand in this culinary Mecca. Rodrigo also captures live events, landscapes, adventure images, and more.

His brand partners include the Design District Miami, the Broward Cultural Center, and Trópico Music Festival. We love how nicely Rodrigo balances realism in his food still life shots. Colors appear true to life and through careful lighting and flattering hero angles, we feel directed to the tableside and ready to eat!

8. Frank Castillo

As a commercial advertising photographer, the still life images of Frank Castillo center around telling the stories of products. He studied graphic design at the New England School of Art and Design and photography at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. This gives him an incredible ability to blend both formal training with his innate love for the art form.

Frank brings in the passion, people, and values behind his brand partners by several means. Some of Frank’s still life product images have lifestyle influences, helping you better understand the kind of person that would engage with them. Many more are static or motion-oriented product still life images.

Frank uses the finest modern studio techniques to highlight specular highlights in reflective surfaces. We also get to enjoy subtle textures, and compositions that create balance and tension, depending on the subject, and colors that are well-saturated without appearing unrealistic.

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