18 Elegant Tea Party Outfit Ideas For Your Gathering (2024)

Looking to host an indoor or outdoor event that’s a bit more formal and invites guests to dress up in their finest clothes? How about hosting an afternoon or high tea party for your friends? Tea parties are easy to plan for with food that is light and quick to prepare. All you need are some elegant tea party outfit ideas to consider, which we at Peerspace are happy to provide!

Peerspace has some of the best party ideas and venue options around! Regardless of whether you’re planning a tea luncheon or bachelorette party, you’ll find that our party spaces are amenities-rich and beautifully decorated!

1. Afternoon tea party outfits

Afternoon tea traditionally happens at around 3-5 pm. Guests meet for light snacks like tea sandwiches that won’t spoil an upcoming dinner. These kinds of tea parties allow for more relaxed wear that’s impressive without looking too formal. Stick to casual apparel like a knee-length dress or a midi skirt with a printed pattern. 

2. Royal purple tea party outfits

Embrace the royal heritage of the color purple by choosing it when searching for tea party outfit ideas! Purple was a rare dye for a long time so only royalty could afford it in many parts of the world. A purple ensemble is a statement that you’re dressed to impress. Purple dresses, hats, blouses, and gloves look eye-catching on their own and when paired with white or yellow clothing!

3. Wear the rainbow 

Tea party outfits need not be understated; dress to stand out using bold colors. Don’t go for single tones, either. Wear a bit of blue here, some yellow there, with some red to really catch their attention!

You’ll want a tea party venue to match the vivid outfits when planning a tea party for your friends! Don’t worry, we are here to help! Peerspace is the nation’s leading online marketplace for special events. We have hundreds of venues close at hand where you can throw an elegant soiree. Have you seen this rooftop deck venue in Boston, MA? Imagine high tea and snacks amidst a skyline view in the summertime here with your besties!

4. Wear a darling white maxi dress

Simple yet beautiful, a full-length white dress has just the right amount of elegance without looking too formal. White has a natural purity that you can enhance further with gold or red accessories like hats and jewelry. Don’t go overboard with the accessories, however; keep the ensemble simple and fashionable!

5. Choose a silk or satin mini dress

Looking for a tea party outfit that’s simple and stylish? Try on a silk or satin mini dress; it’s form-fitting while still looking classy. Stick to mini dresses with little or no patterning for a lovely tea party outfit that’s comfortable and uses a delicate fabric that’s perfect for special events.

New to throwing tea parties? Don’t sweat it; simply use our tips and tricks to hosting the perfect tea party that wows your guests!

6. Classic tea party dress

Tea party outfits have evolved over the decades but the classic ensemble is a semi-formal dress with heels, gloves, and a hat. Fascinators are the hats most people think of when they imagine a tea party outfit; they are large, bold, and designed to catch your attention! Add some pearls, earrings, and bracelets for the classic look!

7. Wear elegant gloves

Formal afternoon tea parties are the perfect chance to dress up with some elegant gloves. Yes, they are purely decorative as you likely won’t be cold. But they sure are retro-stylish, especially those with lace accents or printed patterns. Gloves also add a splash of color that contrasts or complements other aspects of your outfit, especially solid eye-catching colors like white or purple!

8. Vintage party outfits

Looking for inspiration? Check out the 1920s and 30s for vintage tea party outfit ideas! Day dresses from this eye are perfect for an elegant tea party where you want a retro-inspired look that remains tasteful today. Mary Jane shoes, pearls, and a parasol are all you need to complete the look.

9. Don’t forget your sun hat

Sun hats are the perfect accessory for an outdoor tea party! If your garden party doesn’t have umbrellas by the table or won’t be under a gazebo, wear a sun hat to keep comfortable. Sun hats are also a classic outfit you can wear with a mini tube dress for an iconic summer look that’s light and breezy! 

10. Go elegant with a sun parasol

Keep the sun off of you with a sun parasol. Parasols are as much about style as they are about function. Since they aren’t really a true rain umbrella, you’ll find parasols made of lace to be lightweight and elegant additions to your list of tea party outfit ideas!

If you have a sun hat or parasol then you’re likely preparing for an outdoor garden party! Did you know that Peerspace has some of the most elegant outdoor party spaces imaginable? This outdoor garden in Brooklyn, NY, is one of our favorites! Even in the heart of NYC you can throw an intimate outdoor tea party for your friends with easy access via the subway and both restaurants and shopping nearby!

11. Tea party pants outfit

Tea parties don’t have to be all about dresses. You can bring a touch of chic modernity to the event with wide-legged or close-fitting trousers. Pair them with a blouse or lace top, printed with flowers or single colors. Complete your look with flats or heels, depending on your preferences, and feel free to add a hat or fascinator! 

12. Victorian tea party outfit

Victorian tea party dresses are voluminous by modern standards. They are a lot of fun to get dressed up in, though, with an undeniable elegance that will catch everyone’s attention. A classic Victoria tea party dress is almost loose enough to be a robe and has a large draping train. Lighter colors are for summer wear while you’d typically come dressed in darker colors for a fall or winter tea party. 

13. Warm weather tea party outfits

If the weather forecast calls for a hot day, stick to light fabrics and an airy mini skirt or midi dress. A tube dress or romper is also appropriate; bold sunshine calls for bold colors as well, so break out the bright solid tones or rainbow-patterned apparel! 

Need some activities for your gathering? Then these elegant tea party game ideas should fit the bill perfectly!

14. Autumn tea party outfits

Fall is a chance to break out the midi and maxi dresses in your wardrobe! You can wear them as they are or layer them with a cardigan on top. Stick to more subdued autumnal colors like light tan, earth brown, olive green, and burnt orange as they are a better match to the gray skies and diffused sunlight this time of year is known for. Ankle boots, gloves, scarves, and hats complete the look! 

15. Winter tea party outfit

Winter has come and it’s time to break out the heavier layers! Start with long-sleeve knit maxi dresses and pair them with elbow-length gloves and boots. Wear a coat that’s as heavy as you need to be comfortable and choose scarves or hats as accessories. If you want to go for a more classic look, pick winter accessories with fur trim!

16. Sexy tea party outfit

A sexy tea party is a fun theme to explore! Show a bit more skin with a lower neckline to your knee-length dress. Bold hues are the perfect match to more elegant fabrics like silk and satin! Look for frills, fur, or lace trim to complete the sexy tea party look! 

17. Bridal shower tea party outfit

Tea parties can be a part of a bridal shower or other special occasion! Floral patterns are the classic choice but you aren’t limited to them. Clothing in solid pastel colors is a good choice. You should always stay away from wedding white, even for the bridal shower tea party, as that’s the bride’s color. If you want to wear pants you can but stay away from denim and other casual fabrics. 

18. Classy tea party outfits

Refined fabrics, jewelry, and knee-length dresses are the foundation of a classy tea party outfit idea. As are heels, fascinators, and solid colors like white, navy blue, and pink. Each ensemble is remarkable in how much elegance it evokes while still being a relatively simple outfit to put together! 

Tea party outfit ideas: conclusion

Tea parties can be held for almost any reason! Maybe you’ve always wanted to enjoy afternoon tea with friends in a boutique hotel downtown for your birthday. Or you want a tea party to be part of a bachelorette event or social mixer! Regardless of the reason, you’re sure to be the talk of the event with these beautiful tea party outfit ideas! And while you’re here, do take a moment to browse our collection of party venues near you!

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