13 Cool Team Building Activities in Los Angeles

Need a few Los Angeles team building activities to reinvigorate your crew? We have exactly that ahead! With its massive entertainment industry, as well as year-round warm and sunny weather, Los Angeles is a city unlike any other.

In addition, its array of diverse natural landscapes, which includes beaches, valleys, coastal plains, and more, means LA is teeming with things to do, no matter what your favorite kind of activity. And many of these activities are perfect for corporate team building, which entails helping teams connect, bond, brainstorm, and strengthen their communication skills, all in a fun and engaging environment.

If you prefer a more private option that lets your team bond and regroup your own way, why not book a Peerspace venue? As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we have hundreds of inviting, exciting, and private venues that you and the team can call your own for a few hours.

Next, check out our favorite, most foolproof ideas for Los Angeles team building activities to help you get started in your planning process.

1. Book an unforgettable Peerspace

Light-filled New York Style Loft in DTLA with Rustic Library Room
Source: Peerspace

Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for event spaces. So, if you decide to create your own Los Angeles team building activities, Peerspace helps you to make it happen.

Each venue has its own dedicated listing that includes numerous high-res photos of each space, as well as reviews from past renters that’ll give you a great sense of how each location would suit the team building event you’re planning.

  • This Hollywood industrial studio with space for 30, an open layout, tables and chairs, a whiteboard, and WiFi, all for only $25 per hour.
  • This quiet industrial loft in DTLA with space for 25, a living area, a conference table, a neon light, a kitchen, a bar, and a speaker.
  • This modern office and flex space in Fullerton with space for 40, modular furnishings, a kitchen, a Nespresso machine, a custom whiteboard wall, and breakout space.
  • This light-filled New York-style loft in DTLA with space for 20, a large whiteboard, a conference table, a library room, a Bluetooth speaker, a kitchen, and breakout space.
  • This luxurious tropical villa in Laurel Canyon with room for 100, indoor and outdoor space, a spa, a chef’s kitchen, and breakout space.

As you can see, Peerspace is the go-to site for discovering and renting amazing hidden venues. You can easily discover venues that bring your team building day to life. Plus, all spaces are owned by locals who strive to assist you in any way that you need. Reach out to the host of your chosen venue with any questions or requests as you customize your perfect LA team outing!

2. Explore the high seas with Blue Pacific Yachting

Take advantage of the city’s amazing coastal location by having your team building event aboard a Blue Pacific yacht! There’s no better place to strengthen your team’s collective camaraderie than on a beautiful blue expanse of ocean.

As you collaborate to steer your boat, enjoying the sunlight and fresh air, you’ll learn a decent amount about sailing to boot! You even choose the type of vessel and group expertise level to tailor the event more to your collective speed.

3. Get your axe-throwing on at LA AX

Axe-throwing is honestly one of our favorite Los Angeles team building ideas. It’s not something most people get to do on a regular basis, so it’ll definitely be memorable! And a little friendly competition is always a great way to help people bond and become more comfortable with one another.

What we love at LA AX is that they offer mobile units, walk-ins, leagues, trivia night, and beer and wine. So your team will likely want to return to strengthen their bond over and over again! Plus, with its indoor and outdoor spaces, the weather won’t be an issue.

Check out these creative corporate event ideas in Los Angeles before planning your next big business do!

4. Learn to cook with Cozymeal

One of the greatest ways to facilitate human connection is over a delicious, relaxing meal. Even better if you prepared that meal together! Cozymeal offers a variety of cooking-related team building activities, working with talented chefs to learn practical new skills while having a great time.

And it’s incredibly well-reviewed — it has over 100 five-star Yelp reviews for a reason! You can also opt to have a kit delivered to your Peerspace venue and cook with your team in a private setting.

5. Plan your escape at Escape Room LA

Escape rooms make so much sense for a team building activity: participants have to work together to figure out solutions in an exciting environment. By the time you’ve escaped from this room, you’re sure to be noticeably better at communication and teamwork.

Escape Room LA offers numerous intriguing themes including “Atlantis,” and “The Pyramid” and more! You can also opt to join Escape Room LA for a virtual event from your Peerspace venue. That way, you can enjoy the experience in a stylish, private setting.

6. Volunteer with Do Good Bus

Perhaps an unexpected team building idea in Los Angeles is the Do Good Bus, which lets you spend a day volunteering and making a difference in your community. The organization also offers you and your team an array of team building activities with in-person, online, and hybrid options.

Whether you’re working at a soup kitchen or in a garden, you’ll be giving back in a way that’s fun and meaningful, and doing so as a cohesive group. This is definitely one of the most unforgettable Los Angeles team building activities.

7. Embark on an adventure with Fantastic Race

We love this Los Angeles team building idea. Fantastic Race is a “hybrid of a sightseeing tour and interactive mystery novel” — way better than a conventional sightseeing tour, as it gets people engaged by creating a competitive atmosphere.

Fantastic Race’s immersive, clue-based games will get you and your team up and moving. You can also check out the glowing reviews from past participants!

8. Play your heart out with Stratus Bubble Soccer

What’s bubble soccer, you ask? It’s a lot like regular soccer, except your upper body is surrounded by an inflated bubble! It’s incredibly fun, goofy, and challenging to boot. This hilarious and unique athletic activity is a standout LA team building idea, for sure, and Stratus provides everything you need to make it happen.

Even if you’re not a great soccer player, you’re sure to have fun as a group, and that’s what counts. Bubble soccer is brought to you by Airballing LA, which also offers archery tag, Nerf gun parties, and more.

9. Let off some steam at Rage Ground

This is completely out there in terms of Los Angeles team building activities! Yet, it’s also a really enjoyable one. You don full-protective gear (e.g. coveralls, face shield, gloves, vest, hard hat, etc.), grab weapons, and smash various items throughout the room. Sounds weird, but it’s hugely cathartic, and there are no better means of bonding with your coworkers than by collaborating to smash various large objects.

Rage Ground also has mobile units, so you can invite them to camp it outside your Peerspace venue and rage together in a more convenient setting. Just finished up a stressful project, perhaps? Try a Rage Ground party to let off some steam.

10. Sample diverse cuisines with Avital Food Tours

Like we said in No. 4, one of the best ways to bond and connect with others is over delicious food. One of the things that make Los Angeles such a wonderful place to live is that it has lots of unbelievably delicious cuisine — from all around the world, in fact.

To appreciate this fully, take your team on an Avital Food Tour. Once you do, you can explore foody neighborhoods like Koreatown, Venice Beach, Downtown LA, and more. Its corporate team building options include hands-on activities and progressive meals, all with delicious food to enjoy as a team.

Need professional help planning your next corporate shindig? Then you need to meet our favorite corporate event planners in Los Angeles!

11. Have a cooking party with LA Food Works

Here’s yet another food-based team building activity (as you can tell, we really like food, but who doesn’t?). LA Food Works offers more highly-rated team building cooking parties.

Check out the options: grilled flank steak with roasted red pepper relish; roasted salmon with fennel and rosemary drizzled with basil oil; grilled chipotle rubbed short ribs with avocado-corn salsa — it all sounds truly delicious. Reviews are glowing, so you’re sure to have a good time. 

12. Climb to new heights at Rockreation

Rock climbing is an amazing way to foster communication and teamwork among coworkers. Rockreation offers “corporate climb time,” as well “full team building”. These are three-hour events incorporating both team building and group climbing.

This is one of those Los Angeles team building activities that let you know your coworkers on a totally new level!

13. Find your new comedic passion with Nerd Improv

Speaking of communication, improv is a completely novel way to facilitate it. After a few hours of trading hilarious lines and getting a little bit out of their comfort zone, your team is sure to feel considerably more bonded.

As Nerd Improv’s owner, Danny Yadegar, comments, “Improv is our passion. Laughter is our language. We have felt the benefits of improv in our lives, and want to share that with you in the workplace”. It’s definitely worth trying. In fact, maybe a few of you will even discover a passion for improv!

Bonus idea: Enjoy a beachside Segway tour

No matter where you work, odds are, you and your team don’t get out to the beach enough in your free time. Make it a part of your Los Angeles team building activities by booking a Segway tour with Another Side of Los Angeles tour group.

Your group will meet with qualified Segway tour guides who will teach you how to ride the device before you set off. The tour runs from the Santa Monica Pier down to the Venice Beach Pier and back, taking in the sights along the way.

Enjoy Los Angeles team building activities with Peerspace

Los Angeles team building activities
Source: Peerspace

These are just a few of our absolute favorite Los Angeles team building activities. Thanks to the city’s rich diversity and fantastic year-round climate, the possibilities are endless. But if you prefer team building activities in a more private setting, we can’t recommend Peerspace enough! It’s the platform that connects you with countless rentable venues in your city.

All you have to do is browse the listings, their photos, and reviewers, and decide which to book. Once you’ve decided, it takes only a couple of minutes to confirm your booking. And if you have any questions along the way, you can instantly contact the venue host, who is also a local resident. It’s the easiest (and most creative!) way to bring your team together in a vibrant new setting.

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