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5 Epic Team Photography Ideas to Inspire Your Next Shoot

Team photography can be one of the most challenging types of portraits to get right. Aside from the logistics of making sure everyone’s looking in the right direction — with their eyes open — a poorly put-together team photo can look like something out of a high school yearbook. Whether you’re taking pictures for a sports team or corporate team, add some originality to your shoot with these epic team photography ideas. From choosing the right equipment and location to coming up with poses that capture the spirit of your team, we’ve got you covered.

1. Choose the right time and place with an unforgettable Peerspace location

While it might be tempting to schedule your photo session on a lunch break when everyone is available, the middle of the day is rarely the best time for a photoshoot. Instead, try to plan your shoot early in the morning or after work to make the most of “magic hour” — the period around sunrise and sunset when the lighting is less harsh and more evenly distributed. You’ll be less likely to find your team struggling to keep their eyes open in the glare.

Unless you’re required to shoot in the office for logistical or branding reasons, consider booking a location on Peerspace for your photoshoot instead. For example, this 1,600-square-foot studio loft in Los Angeles has backdrops, green screens, and industrial “steampunk” sets. They also have a variety of photo and lighting equipment available to rent along with the location.

Or, book this private ranch near Malibu, which features a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as a beautiful mountainous backdrop. This is a great venue for a corporate retreat that can double as a photoshoot location. Instead of scheduling your photo session in the middle of the work day, schedule it during a retreat when your team is feeling relaxed and having fun together.

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2. Get creative with your dress code

Inform your team well in advance of what style of dress you’d like them to wear for the team photoshoot. For sports teams or theatre troupes, this will be easy: you’ll probably have everyone wear their team uniform or costume. But just because you work in an office or formal environment doesn’t mean that your outfits have to be boring. Choose a color scheme or clothing style that shows off your sense of fun and creativity. If you have the budget, work with a local fashion designer to come up with something that shows off your company’s values.

For example, a team based in New England might decide to take portraits outdoors to show off the fall foliage while bundled up in outdoor gear rather than formal business suits. The staff at an ad agency could have fun wearing period outfits, Mad Men-style. While you don’t want your team to look unprofessional, photoshoots are a great chance to let your quirkiness shine.

3. Ditch the hierarchy and create active poses

There’s nothing more cliche than a lineup of several dozen mid-level employees standing in a row behind the executive team. Give everyone a chance to shine by incorporating active poses into your team photography project and positioning people at different places in the frame.

For example, try having your executive team walk toward the camera mid-stride. Arrange your subjects throughout the frame, with some standing or sitting to add depth to the image. If you’re shooting a team of bike mechanics, pose them throughout the workshop, mid-repair. A team of chefs could be stationed in an industrial kitchen or around a dinner table.

While staging a scene like this takes more time, the vibrancy that it adds to your shoot will be well worth it. There are plenty of Peerspace venues with libraries, kitchens, parlors, and other stylish settings to add some extra personality to your shoot.

4. Edit together photos from multiple shoots

If you’re working on team photography for a remote group or simply having trouble finding time when everyone is available, don’t stress! Photograph each member of the team on their own and edit it together later in Photoshop to end up with a stylized team photo.

This idea works great for dance teams, sketch-comedy troupes, and other physically active teams. You can stage poses that you wouldn’t be able to capture in a single image. With the right editing, viewers won’t even know which parts of the photo were shot separately.

For this approach, you’ll want to shoot the photos against a white backdrop or green screen so they’re easy to blend together later. Just look for a Peerspace location that has an on-site photo studio or performance space where you can make the magic happen.

This is a great option for teams that have high turnover. You don’t want to invest in an epic team photoshoot only to have to redo it several months later with new team members.

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5. Capture an unconventional view with a drone or 360-degree camera

Finally, consider renting some of the latest camera gear to create a really innovative team photo. You can use a drone to get overhead shots of large teams that won’t fit into a traditional lineup. Have your team spell out the name of your company or form other memorable shapes. For an even more unconventional photo, rent a 360-degree VR camera so that visitors to your website can scroll through an interactive photo of your team. These ideas are great for tech companies or corporations that want their marketing materials to show off their futuristic style.

Ultimately, the best team photography ideas for your shoot will depend on what your goals are. Will these images be used in advertising materials or displayed on your website? Or are they primarily for internal use? Does your team have a high rate of turnover, or will you be able to make the most of this investment for years to come?

Whichever option you choose, there’s more to team photography than corporate headshots or yearbook photos. Get creative with your location, costumes, and poses, and your images will more likely to leave an impression on your clients and customers. To find the right photographer for your shoot, check out our list of the best portrait photographers in your area, then browse Peerspace for the perfect team photoshoot location.

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