13 Creative “The Little Mermaid” Party Ideas

Searching for unique “The Little Mermaid” party ideas? Ariel might’ve spent her whole life dreaming of the land, but if you ask us, the sea is where it’s at. It’s full of beautiful crystal water and adorable sea creatures. You’re not alone if you’ve ever wanted to dive under the sea and explore it for yourself. Yet, you don’t have to make a bargain with a sea witch to party mermaid-style at your next special occasion.

Read on to discover Peerspace’s favorite Little Mermaid party ideas and indulge your inner mermaid.  

1. Find a mermaid-inspired venue

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First things first — if you want to throw a spectacular mermaid party, then a spectacular mermaid venue can help you set the scene. Hosting at a unique venue can help you create an immersive atmosphere for your guests and capture the theme in every nook and cranny. Fortunately, we’ve got the perfect tool to help you find a great venue. It’s called Peerspace

With Peerspace, it’s simple and easy to find rentable venues in cities across the country – and plenty of them have mermaid-friendly vibes. You can find luxurious backyard pools, sparkling mermaid studios, or even underwater-themed breweries with kid-friendly drink options. Just use the search filters to find your favorite spot around town, then bring the rest of your Little Mermaid party ideas to life. 

2. Mermaid tea party

Enchanting Fantasy Princess Dollhouse Tea Room los angeles rental
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When Ariel came onto land, she probably learned the finer art of the tea party from her fellow Disney princesses. Exercise your inner princess by hosting a mermaid-themed tea party for your guests. If you need a spot to host, this Fantasy princess tea room in Lomita, CA, was designed with princess tea parties in mind. There’s even a Little-Mermaid-themed bathroom that’s totally adorable.

3. Mermaid baking party 

The Little Mermaid Party Ideas
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Ever wondered what kind of desserts a mermaid might have on her birthday? Find out by hosting a mermaid-inspired baking party for your guests! Some adorable mermaid treats you could bake and decorate include clamshell whoopie pies or mini mermaid cheesecake cups with adorable edible pearls.

Need a more aesthetic space to work? Keep an eye out for venues with cute kitchens, like this adorable pink house in Clarksville, TN

These fun-filled pool party ideas for kids will make your child’s next gathering unforgettable!

4. Mermaid movie party 

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If you’ve got a little one who’s never seen the Little Mermaid in theaters, why not treat them to a theatrical experience for their birthday?

Try renting a Peerspace venue with a home theater and watching the movie on the big screen. Older guests can enjoy the nostalgia factor, and younger guests can enjoy the movie in a whole new way.  

5. Mermaid costume party 

Magical doll house los angeles rental
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Want a chance to express your inner mermaid style? Then you’re going to love this Little Mermaid party idea. Ask your guests to come in their best mermaid-inspired attire for your party.

You can ask guests to put their spins on Ariel’s outfit for a Disneybound-Esque outfit or have them create more abstract takes of what a mermaid might wear on the land. It’s an excellent opportunity for guests to flex their creative muscles. 

6. Beachside mermaid party

playa del ray throwback beach house la los angeles rental
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Instead of heading under the sea for your Little Mermaid party, why not do the next best thing and host next to the sea? If you’re lucky enough to live by the ocean, hosting your party at the beach can help you set the stage for a day full of mermaid-inspired fun.

If you need a “home base” to set up your mermaid party supplies, keep an eye out for rentable Peerspace beach houses like this Del Ray beach house in LA. 

7. Mermaid pool party 

beachy zen studio with pool
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Not lucky enough to live by the sea? The pool is the next best thing! Pools can provide a perfect backdrop for a day of splashy mermaid fun with friends.

You can easily find rentable pools designed with parties in mind on Peerspace, like this beachy pool in Westside LA. It’s one of our favorite Little Mermaid pool party ideas for summer birthdays. 

8. Freshwater Mermaid party

The Little Mermaid Party Ideas
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Who says mermaids only live in the sea? If you’re not lucky enough to live by the coast, try hosting your little mermaid party by a lake or river. You’ll enjoy a water feature at your mermaid party and some freshwater mermaid fun on a special day.

If you need help finding an awesome spot, keep an eye out for Peerspace homes near water, like this colorful modern home in Silverlake, LA

9. Mermaid spa day 

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Want to spend the day relaxing mermaid style? This Little Mermaid party idea is for you. Host a mermaid spa day and kick your tail back for a little undersea-style pampering. Getting mani-pedis would be an excellent way to keep the mermaid theme going, especially with Little Mermaid-inspired colors or designs. 

10. Mermaid makeovers 

couture high fashion room in LA
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Instead of a spa day, why not host a mermaid-themed makeover party where guests can bring out their inner mermaid? Grab your eyeshadow palettes and fire up the Youtube tutorials, then try to recreate your favorite mermaid-inspired looks IRL.

It’s a fun opportunity for younger guests to play with makeup and express their unique sense of style. 

11. Mermaid photoshoot

Mermaid Photoshoot Ideas
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Want to express your inner mermaid for the camera? Consider staging a mermaid photoshoot party where guests can take adorable photos in their best mermaid looks. Not only will party guests get to have fun posing for the camera, but they’ll also get to take home a treasured photo to remember the party by.

This Little Mermaid party idea would be even more fun when you take your pics at a mermaid-inspired Peerspace studio, like this sparkling mermaid-esque space in Los Angeles

Make this idea come to life by using our fun mermaid photoshoot ideas!

12. Mermaid craft party 

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Pop quiz – how many unique crafts can you make with a dinglehopper? You’ll get to find out with this Little Mermaid party idea. Host a crafting party where guests can make mermaid-inspired crafts with their friends.

Some adorable DIY craft ideas include mermaid seashell necklaces or decorative rhinestone dinglehoppers to comb your hair. Not only will your guests get to express their creativity, but they’ll also get a handmade party favor to take home   

13. Mermaid karaoke 

led video wall studio
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The Little Mermaid has one of the most iconic soundtracks of all time. So why not sing your heart out to your favorite songs at a Little Mermaid karaoke party?

You don’t need a mermaid’s beautiful voice to belt out your favorites. Singing Under the Sea or Kiss the Girl with friends can make for an awesome night of mermaid-inspired memories, no matter what skill level your singing is. 

And if you need A/V equipment, like a karaoke machine or a microphone, the Peerspace Concierge can arrange for nearly anything you need to be at your venue before the party starts. It’s just one more reason why hosting your party with Peerspace is the obvious solution. 

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