12 Gorgeous Mermaid Photoshoot Ideas

Mermaid photoshoot ideas are about so much more than putting on a fin and basking in the sun. In fact, your mermaid photoshoot can be everything you ever dreamed of with underwater pics, sexy boudoir shots, romantic photos on a boat with your other half, and more.

As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, Peerspace is the place to go for one-of-a-kind photoshoot locations. And yes, that includes mermaid-themed shoots! Whether you are crafting a newborn shoot, including a photoshoot at a children’s birthday party, or planning a photo sesh with friends — we’ve got 12 gorgeous mermaid photoshoot ideas that you’ll love for any occasion! 

1. Rent a mermaid-themed venue on Peerspace

Mermaid Photoshoot Ideas
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No need to come up with your own mermaid photoshoot ideas when a mermaid-themed space has already been curated for you! Peerspace offers you access to fun mermaid-themed spaces that you can book with one click of a button for your photoshoot.

So what types of spaces are we talking about here? These are some of our favorites:

  • This fun “Sparkl Palace Chateau” in Los Angeles (pictured above) with an iconic holographic kitchen and lilac mermaid dreamy dining area
  • This 100-year-old stone house in Topanga, CA that comes with a mermaid suite with a mermaid mural and a nautical theme
  • “The Birdhouse” in Twentynine Palms, CA that’s a high desert retro oasis complete with a mermaid window pool
  • This custom-made eclectic stranded ship art studio in Topanga, CA with three decks and an ambiance that suggests a mermaid made be onboard somewhere

You get the picture! With Peerspace, the world is your oyster and the perfect mermaid-themed venue is just a few clicks away! 

2. Like mother, like daughter

instagram birthday shoot ideas
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Dress up like mermaids for a fun and unique mother/daughter photoshoot. All you need is a great location, a few mermaid tails, and a fun-loving attitude to make this shoot work! In terms of location, check out this Hill Country hammock house near Austin, TX. If you utilize the gorgeous outdoor tub, you can channel a whole Daryl Hannah in Splash vibe!

This idea would also work well as a group shoot with all your friends or as an activity during a mermaid-themed party. If you are in search of other adorable mermaid party ideas, read our full idea list here.

3. Underwater shoot

Pool Photoshoot Ideas
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Break out the waterproof camera and get ready for the photoshoot of a lifetime! An underwater mermaid photoshoot is a great way to get stand-out stylish photos that are sure to wow your friends and followers.

If you don’t live close to the ocean or crystal clear lake, book a Peerspace with a pool to get your perfect shots. On Peerspace, you can easily find venues with swimming pools by heading to our pool landing page, entering your location, clicking search, and browsing listings!

These splashy summer photoshoot ideas help you make the most of your epic pool rental!

4. On the rocks

Water Photoshoot Ideas
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Get your perfect mermaid shots as you lounge on the rocks by the sea — or the pool! We love the idea of renting a space like this private outdoor pool oasis in Montville, NJ so you can get a variety of mermaid shots on the rocks, in the grottos, and under waterfalls.

5. Island seclusion

Picnic Date Ideas
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Spotting mermaids is difficult because they can swim to uncharted territory sailors and tourists never reach! Take your photoshoot to a secluded beach for intimate, serene shots of you looking your best in the most “realistic” mermaid setting you can likely find.

You can even use Peerspace to rent a venue that has its own private beach! For instance, we love this private beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL since it has direct water access, sandy shores, a tiki bar, and other features that make for fun and authentic mermaid shots!

6. The sailor and the mermaid

bel air mansion with yacht design
Source: Peerspace

A mermaid shoot isn’t just for the ladies! We love the idea of a couple’s shoot on a boat — one of you dressed as a mermaid and the other as a sailor. Make sure to get some cute shots of the ‘sailor’ looking longingly at his ‘mermaid’ before she joins him aboard! This not only makes for a fun mermaid photoshoot idea — it’s also a great date night idea.

If you are looking for boat or cruise rentals in the San Francisco area for your photoshoot and date night, make sure to check out the options on Peerspace Guides.   

7. Mermaid boudoir

Lingerie Photoshoot Ideas
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Let’s be honest — mermaids are sexy! Show off your beauty with a gorgeous mermaid-themed boudoir shoot. This glam bedroom with a mermaid headboard on Peerspace is perfect for a mermaid boudoir shoot! It features a custom-made LED-lit clamshell headboard with a pearl accent. Plus, the ocean mural, faux plants, satiny bedding, and netting up the fun and will enhance your shoot.

8. Poolside with the girls

Pool with a View! Modern light-filled home with 2 decks austin rental
Source: Peerspace

Mermaid drinks, poolside chats, and an unforgettable photoshoot — it’s time for a girls’ day photoshoot! Invite your closest friends to a mermaid-themed poolside party and photoshoot and enjoy each other’s company in true mermaid style! Lounge around a gorgeous tiki pool, feel fancy at a luxury infinite pool, or book an exotic outdoor space with a pool for your party and pics.

On Peerspace you can easily book a pool location for under $100 an hour, learn more about the options and how to book here

9. The pearl inside

townhouse with swing bed
Source: Peerspace

Looking for newborn-specific mermaid photoshoot ideas? How about newborn photos of your baby inside a large clam? A prop like this one on Etsy is a fun and unique way to show off your newborn “pearl.”

Peerspace offers tons of fun venues for newborn baby photoshoots and information on pricing for newborn photography as well! 

Want to continue the theme for a post-shoot gathering? Then you also need to see our under the sea party ideas!

10. At the aquarium

Multi-purpose Event Space - Aquarium Showroom - Uptown houston rental
Source: Peerspace

Take your mermaid photoshoot ideas to the aquarium for a fun-filled day of photos among mermaids’ sea creature friends. Some aquariums even have mermaids of their own (like the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida) and some venues (like Tank Space in Ollerton, England) offer mermaid photoshoots in their tanks!

11. All caught up

Mermaid Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Docks are a great place for a mermaid photoshoot and offer plenty of photoshoot opportunities both in and out of the water! Take photos basking in the sun, wrapped up in nets, or pulling yourself up onto the dock. Many of the lake venues on Peerspace come with gorgeous docks, perfect for your photoshoot.

For example, check out this gorgeous mountain lake venue in Agoura Hills, CA with a historic look and 700+ square feet of dock area for photos. And just check out what a photographer shared in a Peerspace review after working here: “Oden was great and very helpful! The location is a hidden gem. Super beautiful and peaceful!”

12. The Little Mermaid

Outdoor Tropical Pool Oasis san diego rental
Source: Peerspace

Looking for fun photoshoot ideas for a kid’s birthday party? A Little Mermaid-themed photoshoot is sure to be a huge success!

Ask all the guests to dress up in their best “Little Mermaid” attire and set up a red carpet area for when they walk in to get adorable photos of each guest (and group photos as well) when they walk into the party! Renting a photobooth at the party would be another fun consideration for guaranteed cute pics for kids to bring home with them.

Mermaid photoshoot ideas: conclusion

39th Birthday Ideas
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We hope these sweet mermaid photoshoot ideas have provided the inspiration you need to book a special venue and get out there and shoot! No matter your project, you can always find suitable venues on Peerspace that help you fulfill your creative vision in cities across the globe.

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