11 Types of Venues & Where To Book Them

Wondering what types of venues are available to book for your next gathering? An ever-increasing number of people rent out their spaces to their peers who need someplace to hold an event, a business function, or a production.

No longer does a corporate event need to yawn out the dreaded “bo-rrrrring.”

Tedious baby showers are a thing of the past.

Whether you’re getting married and seek a unique place to say your vows, making a music video and need a fun place to shoot it, or hosting a traveling pop-up dinner party and need to rent a site with a fully equipped kitchen, there are tons of venues in cities all over the world that you can select from.

Here’s a list of 11 types of venues you might not have known were available for you to rent for your event, all available to book through Peerspace. Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals and makes it easy to book any type of venue in cities across the globe. Let the partying begin!

1. Private mansion

There are some rich folks out there who aren’t using their fancy houses all the time and opting to rent them out as venues. Palaces, mansions, villas – all of these are available to book by the hour if you know where to look.

The benefits of renting a large, upscale domicile for your next event are myriad. You could get a jumping castle, for starters, assuming you have access to the grounds as well as the interior space.

Imagine what kind of party you could throw in this Hollywood Hills stunner, complete with more than 4,000 square feet of interior space and views to die for. Or, head to San Diego to rent this 20,000-square-foot estate. The sky really is the limit with the kinds of events you could host in these types of venues.

2. Repurposed retail

Shop Space For Rent in Sydney
Source: Peerspace

Stores and shops that aren’t open 24/7 are starting to rent out their space to be used for various purposes.

Maybe you’re shooting a commercial and need a retail backdrop.

Maybe your client wants their headshot taken in front of cereal boxes.

Or maybe you need a high-end clothing boutique to stage a fashion show.

Retail space venue types are available to rent in cities worldwide, like this versatile pop-up shop venue in Sydney, Australia, and this sweet and well-stocked bodega in New York City, New York.

3. Production set

car tunnel in vegas
Source: Peerspace

Have you ever found yourself needing a place to shoot a film of some sort and nowhere to do it? Luckily, even if you’re in a totally foreign city, many international hosts are renting out their production sets to people just like you. Available rentals range from the zany to the elite.

This LA set has an industrial vibe and comes complete with extras like a green screen and free lighting equipment. Or take your production in a whole different direction by shooting in this Las Vegas set right off the Strip. It includes entertaining lighting options and lasers as add-ons.

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4. Brewery/distillery/winery/cidery/meadery

Cider Bar in Central East Austin rental
Source: Peerspace

Renting a full-on alcohol-making facility as a venue is an exciting alternative to certain other options for a company team-builder or a bachelorette party for 60 tipsy ladies.

Sometimes renting a brewery or distillery includes free tastings, while others agree to allow you to purchase products and get food catered. It all depends on the arrangement you and the host of the space come up with.

Check out this San Francisco working brewery for inspiration for your next get-together. There’s also this cider bar in East Austin with indoor and outdoor space and hard cider and non-alcoholic drinks aplenty.

5. Exercise studio

a yoga studio event space London
Source: Peerspace

There are several reasons why it would be conducive to rent an exercise studio. Spacious open rooms, large mirrors, high ceilings, and oftentimes an amazing sound system combine as an ideal site. Book one to film a yoga class, teach a workshop, or heck, even host an old-school sock hop.

Here’s a cozy yoga studio (pictured above) that might fit the bill when you’re in London and a much larger, industrial-style “movement space” in Austin. Of course, there’s no pressure actually to exercise in these spaces – but just in case you decide to shake a leg, there’s room to move in this type of venue.

6. Photography studio

third ward photo studio event space
Source: Peerspace

No matter if you’re traveling as a freelance photographer or if you’re just looking for new local inspiration, renting a fully equipped photography studio with excellent light can hit the refresh button on your creativity.

Take a look at this rentable photography studio in Milwaukee (pictured above), which comes complete with seamless backdrops and lots of daylight. There’s also this industrial photo studio in Paris, France that’s perfect for headshots and other types of portraits.

These are just two examples of thousands of similar studios around the world available through Peerspace.

7. Outdoor site

Music Video Locations in St. Louis
Source: Peerspace

Forests, parks, lakes, courtyard gardens, and beaches – the natural beauty of an outdoor venue will never get tiresome. Be sure to check for local permitting requirements, especially if you’re doing photography or videography for a fee or if you’re serving alcohol.

A beautiful option that you can book through Peerspace is this urban greenhouse in St. Louis. It is a classic greenhouse restyled for events and productions with an attached outdoor courtyard. Since it’s stylish and inviting, it’s just as popular for photoshoots as it is for weddings.

Once those permits are intact, don’t forget to reach out to your Peerspace venue’s local host if you need extra chairs, secure audiovisual equipment, and even source caterers. It’s their goal to make your time in their spaces perfect. In doing so, they can help alleviate so much event-hosting stress.

8. Gallery

elegant contemporary art gallery in newport beach
Source: Peerspace

You can rent art galleries for after-hours receptions, performances, and micro-weddings. They tend to be spacious, have high ceilings, and wonderful amenities, like kitchens and patios. Since they typically include artwork, renters consider them ideal if they prefer to leave the decorating up to someone else.

And, of course, you can rent gorgeous galleries in cities across the globe through Peerspace. For instance, this Washington, DC gallery can accommodate 60 guests and features tons of framed art that is simultaneously everywhere and yet unobtrusive. The same goes for this gallery space you can rent in Cleveland, which also has a convenient bar.

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9. Restaurant space

historic, vintage cafe in west hollywood
Source: Peerspace

Many people rent local restaurants as the setting for their special events, such as birthdays and bridal showers. You get to enjoy a private space with a beautiful ambiance and delicious food prepared fresh for you on-site. A real restaurant can also be necessary for filming scenes of a movie as it provides all the necessary front- and back-of-the-house equipment and space.

In any case, you can rely on Peerspace to rent a restaurant venue in cities across the globe. Check out this Crown Heights, New York café space that can seat 80 people or this classic fish and chips restaurant in London, England.

10. Rooftop

rooftops melbourne
Source: Peerspace

Renting a rooftop space typically affords you plenty of space and always provides you with exceptional views of your metro. In fact, rooftops are some of the most popular types of venues for both events and productions.

For example, this Queens rooftop accommodates as many as 65 people and offers a fabulous chance to view sunsets. Meanwhile, this converted church rooftop in Melbourne, Australia gives renters gorgeous views of the city atop a truly unique venue. What a fab venue for a birthday party!

11. Penthouse

penthouse lounge nyc new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

Not all of us are so lucky as to live in a penthouse. But as luck would have it, we can rent one for a few hours in cities around the world thanks to Peerspace. Think of hosting a multicourse meal against a glittering nighttime cityscape. Or shoot a high-end commercial photo session in an exquisite interior setting or on a balcony.

This luxury penthouse for rent in Toronto, Ontario should inspire some exciting soiree ideas, and this one in Philadelphia offers simply stunning skyline vistas.

Types of venues and where to book them: conclusion

Baby Shower Venue Ideas in San Diego
Source: Peerspace

As you can see, there are all types of venues you can rent for any of your personal or professional needs. And with Peerspace, they’re super easy to discover and book.

Start a search in your metro using either event types or types of venues so you find exactly what you want. If you have any questions, reach out to the venue’s local host. It’s truly that easy!

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