Our 10 Favorite Video Production Blogs (2024)

There are so many resources out there to help you with your production from concept through to post. So much so that it can be hard to know where to begin. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting in the production process, it is vital to know about the latest trends in video and film. Luckily, many influential blogs are available as invaluable resources. From industry trends and emerging technologies to problem-solving and excellent scriptwriting, here are our favorite production blogs for 2024.

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1. No Film School

No Film School is a great resource for all stages of production. This is a blog and website that helps democratize the production process, proving that you don’t need to be a film school graduate to make outstanding content. Even if you have a diploma from one of the big film schools, production is a quickly changing and evolving industry, and No Film School will help keep you in the know. This site features practical tutorials, interviews with filmmakers, tools, short films, gear reviews, and more.

2. CineD

CineD, formerly Cinema 5D, is a cinematography-focused blog and site that provides a lot of great content for shooters. In particular, they focus on DSLR cameras and drones. They also provide comprehensive reviews on the latest and greatest gear. CineD is a fantastic resource for staying in the know, from camera reviews to cinematography tips and trends. They will keep you apprised about the latest in camera technology as well as the world of digital filmmaking at large. 

3. Motionographer

You don’t need to be a motion designer to appreciate the fantastic content you can find at Motionographer. This site is all about inspiration. You can learn about the latest in motion graphics technology in their blog posts and check out inspiring motion graphics projects. Additionally, they share the latest in industry news. Motiongrapher is also a great freelance/hiring platform. So if you work in motion graphics and animation — or if you are looking to hire an animator for your latest film or video project — Motionographer is a terrific place to start. 

4. Filmmaker Magazine

While Filmmaker Magazine is actually a magazine, it has been around since the early days of independent film. Founded in 1992, Filmmaker Magazine is a publication of The Gotham. It focuses on indie films and providing resources for indie filmmakers, and the site is no exception. The site offers content on crucial topics such as Filmmaking, Columns, Festivals and Events, Interviews, and Videos. While this is more of a traditional website in format, it is invaluable in staying on top of the state of independent film and video production. 

5. Vashi Visuals

If you are a post-production editor or simply a film fan with an eye for mise en scène, check out the Vashi Visuals blog. This is the personal blog of Los Angeles-based editor Vashi Nedomansky, an award-winning editor and general post-production genius. Vashi provides readers with a behind-the-scenes look at the editing process and shares his tips, tricks, and lessons learned.

This blog is visual eye candy with Vashi’s frame collages — he puts together over 100 stills from major films and provides a great overview of how all the elements of the film come together to tell the story. Vashi also provides a lot of free resources for post-production, including his Vashimorphic template — a free project that allows you to give your 16×9 footage an anamorphic feel complete with lens curves. 

6. Creative Cow

Think of Creative Cow as your virtual film and video-making community. If you have a question or a video production problem that you can’t seem to solve, take it to the Creative Cow community. Thousands of your peers are there and eager to help you solve your issue.

Register for the Creative Cow forum, and log in at least once a week to help your fellow video producers and filmmakers out. There are several subcategories in the Creative Cow blog as well, including editing, technology, and entertainment. The Creative Cow blog is a great way to expand your video and filmmaking skills, and the forum is like having a digital community there whenever you need it. 

7. Lights Film School

Lights Film School is an online filmmaking program for aspiring video and film professionals. They offer courses including Cinematography, Editing, Directing, and such. But of course, we’re here to talk blogs. To that end, The Lights Film School companion blog provides various resources and articles covering all aspects of production, from concept development and scriptwriting to post-production. 

8. Film Riot

Film Riot is the brainchild of Ryan Connelly, a filmmaker and internet personality. Ryan’s infectious attitude and film production enthusiasm will inspire you to get out there and create! There is a lot of useful content on the blog, from behind-the-scenes interviews and articles to tips and tricks from industry pros. Be sure to check out the Film Riot podcast and video tutorials as well.

9. Video Copilot

Video Copilot is a blog and resource site from Andrew Kramer, a visual effects professional who frequently collaborates with Ryan Connelly from Film Riot. Video Copilot is an invaluable resource for post-production and video special effects. From tutorials to templates, Video Copilot provides the resources and information you need. Rely on them to guide you in creating stunning effects that will take your video production to the next level. 

10. Go Into the Story

Last but certainly not least is a blog that helps you develop visual storytelling skills. This blog is the official screenwriting blog from industry giant The Black List. Helmed by award-winning screenwriter Scott Myers, this blog provides lessons, tips, and tricks directly from Scott. In fact, he aims to help you better understand the business and craft of screenwriting. It also delves into how to develop your characters and maintain your script’s flow. Be sure to check out the screenwriting prompts to get the creative ideas flowing, as well as the script and ebook download links. There are endless screenwriting resources here from one of the industry’s most respected writers. 

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