The 10 Best Video Production Companies in Cleveland

Hoping to work with one of the best Cleveland video production companies for your upcoming project? Then you’ve come to the right place! As one of Ohio’s largest cities, Cleveland is a thriving hub of commerce and new ideas. Since businesses are continually innovating the need for creatives to showcase what they are up to is just as great.

That’s why each one of the top Cleveland video production companies has a portfolio that is far more diverse than you might expect. Their partners include everything from newlyweds to Fortune 500 companies. In short, there is more than enough talent on our list to bring your vision to life!

1. BG Video LLC

BG Video is a Cleveland video production company offering an innovative approach to expanding the reach of your brand. By stepping out of traditional perspectives and embracing what makes each of their collaborative partners unique, they are consistently in demand across the country!

And if you still aren’t convinced, take a moment to browse their client feedback, because it is radiantly positive. Here is what one partner had to say about their experiences: “The guys at BG Video are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. The videos they created for my inventory were even better than I imagined. My sales are up by 40% since they launched their video campaign earlier this year.”

2. OSV Studios

OSV Studios is one of the longest-running Cleveland video production companies, offering 35 years of experience in every collaboration. They have experience being a central component of every aspect of the production process.

OSV Studios also offers a wide range of services, including live streaming, drone videography, as well as equipment, and studio rentals. Best of all, their production experience runs the gamut from heartfelt, personalized Valentine’s Day videos to TV broadcast footage.

3. The Cleveland Film Company

Are you looking for a creative partner that specializes in documentary and commercial filmmaking? The Cleveland Film Company just might be your production company of choice! They work with passionate brands, people, and companies that are doing what they love.

This emotive quality comes across as you view the work that The Cleveland Film Company produces for its target audience. By focusing on these sorts of clients, this brand’s work has a distinctive, engaging quality that is hard not to immediately love.

4. David Wolf of FullREZFilms

David Wolf is the creative mastermind behind FullREZFilms, a Cleveland video production company with over 25 years of experience in the Ohio market. Over the decades, David has worked with many national-level partners, including productions with Good Morning America, NFL Films, and more. He also counts local brands like the Cleveland VA Medical Center as his satisfied customers.

David’s willingness to engage with clients from all walks of life gives his portfolio subject diversity that is nearly unmatched!

5. Pritt Entertainment Group

Ryan and Jeffrey Pritt are the co-founders of Pritt Entertainment Group. They built this brand from the ground up in 2008, leveraging their shared love for marketing, production, entertainment, and sports. They have since risen to the upper echelons of the Ohio video production world thanks to the passion obvious to anyone viewing their work.

Pritt Entertainment Group makes it its mission to connect viewers with the energy and emotions of game day. And they count not only regional sports teams and universities as partners but also nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies, and other organizations in need of their narrative-driven talents!

6. Wedding Stories in Motion

As wonderful as photography is, few visual media outlets better convey the unfolding of one’s wedding day than emotive videos. This is what Wedding Stories in Motion does best! They bring over 8 years of experience capturing the venue, relationship, and emotions of one of the happiest days in the lives of their subjects.

Their talent for heartfelt wedding films also makes them a favorite of The Knot, which featured them this year in their Best of Weddings collection!

7. Red Point Digital

As a major video production company, there are no stories beyond the scope of Red Point Digital. When browsing their portfolio, we were captivated by the diversity of subject matter they have experience with. Live sporting events, culinary captures, creative short films… It is obvious to us that the team behind this brand is truly in love with the artistry and challenges of video production!

And by being based in both Ohio and California, Red Point Digital has an expanded reach that enables them to work with partners across the country.

8. M.C. Media

Whether you are looking for camera and lighting support or a full-service video production crew, M.C. Media can breathe life into your story or creative concept! Based in Cleveland, this smaller team is run by Michael and Caleb Pritt.

Leveraging their complementary talents, the Pritts also offer most of what a larger studio does, including video editing, post-production, scripting, and creative development!

9. The Story Is

The Story Is is a brand that is very aptly named given its focus on narrative and what makes a project special. They treat each collaboration as fresh, worthy of a creative angle, and unique in its needs. By doing so, they work with their partners from start to finish.

This ensures that the final project reflects both the values of their partners and the narrative-driven approach that makes each film The Story Is crafts so amazing!

10. Wonderhouse Films

Curiosity, engagement, and doing good with their cameras are the values that drive Wonderhouse Films! They don’t just work with anyone; they are out to make a real difference with their work. As they share in their own words: “We aim to challenge the status quo by telling stories of sustainability, outreach, and inclusion, lifting up the causes and organizations that make our communities great.”

When browsing their portfolio, this dedication is immediately apparent in their subject choices. Documentary films about local cleanup projects, local orchestra productions, and the efforts of non-profits demonstrate that Wonderhouse Films really is true to their words!

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