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The 8 Best Wedding Videographers in Cleveland

Nestled along the southern shore of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a storied factory town turned cosmopolitan center. People also call it the Forest City, and for good reason: Cleveland boasts one of the highest concentrations of trees within city limits of any city in the United States. This beloved city boasts character and loads of natural charm, which means Cleveland wedding videographers are never short of inspiration, as evidenced by this list of some of our favorite creatives.

1. Brian + Joelle

We tend to love wedding videographers who are in love, and Brian and Joelle Hunsaker are no exception. With a real heart for getting to know their clients, as well as conveying their clients’ personality in their work, we’ve read abundant glowing reviews of the husband-and-wife team. Additionally, their steadfast dedication to the details of storytelling is evident. In one video, the camera follows behind the bride as she descends the stairs to reveal her dress to the groom. We see his back turned at a distance and only glimpse the front of the dress and the bride’s glowing face as the groom, himself, sees it. This is the famous “first look” shot, and Brian and Joelle capture it flawlessly. We literally swooned! 

2. Declan Cadman

Declan Cadman has a sense of humor — he lists a British accent and spoon whittling among personal skills, in addition to creating miniature cinematic masterpieces. This translates to his work as a wedding videographer in that he firmly understands that one way love reveals itself is through inside jokes, little giggles, and the embrace of imperfection, allowing him to convey all of those little moments that genuinely convey the bride and groom’s personality. 

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3. Toast Wedding Films

Toast Wedding Films’ work is elegant and clean, often taking advantage of the power of light and contrast to powerful emotional effect. After watching the work of these thoughtful Cleveland wedding videographers, we had to grab a box of tissues to dab our misty eyes — the films provided such an unforgettable, jaw-dropping experience. Think of the most breathtaking, flawless scenes from your favorite period drama that made you feel like you were in the action — that’s the kind of mood and expertise this team brings to their work. If you’re looking for a cinematic quality to your wedding video, contact Toast Wedding Films ASAP.

4. Work Shed Weddings

Work Shed Weddings comprises a large, diverse group of cinematographers and editors with decades of combined experience. This know-how, coupled with their dedication to treating your big day as the beginning of an even bigger adventure, translates to the screen in palpably exciting ways. From champagne bursts to fireworks, from surprise kisses to unexpected tears of joy, Work Shed Weddings has a knack for capturing all of the exciting little wedding moments that mark the beginning of your beautiful journey together as a married couple. 

5. Shadow Studios

Don’t let Shadow Studios’ name give you the wrong impression; the shadows they’re referring are not the kind that creepy-crawlers hide around in. They are the shadows cast by greatness, the kind that a strong, loving couple creates and extends well into the future. In other words, the work of Shadow Studios is truly epic, and the creative team is capable of conveying the truly epic nature of your relationship. Simply watch their films yourself, and you’ll see what we mean! 

6. MiMy Weddings

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Zoë & Andreas // COMING SOON

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Full disclosure: we started watching a film by Cleveland wedding videographer Michael Myers and had to pause it, like, six seconds in to grab a Kleenex. There’s cinematic and then there’s “I don’t know how, but this fog rising over the mountains is foreshadowing a perfect, totally human, complex love story.” Now, that’s cinematic. MiMy Weddings is just the first two letters of Michael’s first name paired with the first two letters of his last name, and it’s pronounced my-my, which we think is great, given his commitment to getting to know a couple and making it all about their personalities and what they want from their wedding video experience.

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7. Dagna Griffin Creative

Dagna Griffin’s work strikes the perfect balance between the fantasy element of a wedding day and the reality of commitment and vulnerability.  While making sure the bride and groom are at the center of her work, she also highlights little moments that reveal the personalities of those who hold the bride and groom dear. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a wedding is not only about a connection between two individuals, but it’s also bringing two threads in a larger tapestry together — Dagna’s work reminds of this.

8. Eventide Cinema

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Just look at these two beautiful people! 🥰

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Can Eventide just make a full-length movie called The Wedding, already? Then, after that, maybe they could make a film called The Nuptial, because we can’t get enough of these emotionally evocative videos that highlight the most unexpected details that make us truly care about the wedding party.  Eventide’s work just goes to show that so much of storytelling is in a ripple of a lake, the shoe quietly waiting for the bride’s foot, or the smile of the groom when he thinks nobody’s looking.  If you want a real focus on the finer points of narrative, check out the work of the talented Cleveland wedding videographers behind Eventide Cinema.

Before we went on this journey to find you the best wedding videographers in Cleveland, we had no idea that Cleveland was home to so many talented filmmakers. While this list is not totally comprehensive — because, hey, Cleveland, Ohio’s got talent — it’s packed with some of the very best the area has to offer. So, what are you waiting for? We’re sure that you and your wedding videographer can figure out where to go from here!

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