The 10 Best Wedding Videographers in Long Beach, California 

Looking for the top Long Beach wedding videographers to potentially hire for your wedding day? We get it. After all, there are weddings, and then there are Long Beach weddings. Whether it’s their breathtaking beaches and magnificent castles, or the cozy residential backyards, Long Beachers really know how to get married in style. And stunning weddings deserve stunning wedding films! 

To find the right person to lens your special day, Peerspace has curated a list of talented Long Beach wedding videographers who are all filmmakers in their own right. Browse ahead to know what’s in store for you!

1. Igor Raevskii of West Films

When we were scrolling through Igor Raevskii’s gorgeous work, the first thing that caught our attention was how his wedding videos feel more like a film than a choppy visual montage. The pacing is comfortable; the music grows on you; the storytelling feels organic — it’s like watching a visually perfect indie film.

Igor’s filming and editing team intelligently uses natural audio to capture the essence of the venue. Their unique editing style also involves adding layers that evoke the right emotions amongst the viewers. If you want your wedding film to feel like a fully realized cinematic experience, get in touch with this Long Beach wedding videographer. 

2. Krizelle & Virath Pum of Two Fourteen Wedding Films

For wedding videographers Krizelle and Virath Pum, style and substance are equally important. And the way they take gorgeous closeups of their clients is proof of that. 

But what we love even more is how they capture other tender moments, like the bride’s dance with her father, the best man’s speech leaving the guests in splits, or the family dog wagging its tail in a cute tuxedo. Their attention to detail, along with their fully-evolved filmmaking skills, has resulted in satisfied clients, glowing testimonials, and of course, timeless wedding films.  

3. Tommy Tr. Duong of TomMedia, LLC

Tommy Tr. Duong, the creative genius behind TomMedia, LLC, has one simple motto: to tell your story. And to tell it right! His passionate team works hard at their core filming skills, making your once-in-a-lifetime day look like a Hollywood Classic.

Duong’s love for cinema is reflected in his unique camera angles and story-driven editing style. And his bold, creative risks always pay off. It’s thus not surprising that his team goes beyond the brief to produce breathtaking wedding films

4. Keida Brewer of Swannworks Films 

Having shot hundreds of weddings for approximately a decade, Keida Brewer of Swannworks Films has become one of the most sought-after Long Beach wedding videographers.

What we genuinely love about his videography is the balance that he maintains between shots, lighting, ambiance, and his muses (the couple of the day). No single element in his work overshadows the other. 

His iconic backshots of the bride and groom on the aisle will leave anyone teary-eyed. Whether you have an underdeveloped idea about your wedding day or a full-fledged mood board, Keida Brewer will help you make it a reality. 

5. Michael Bauch of Wedding Video Pro 

If you want your wedding film to look more like a wholesome documentary, Michael Bauch of Wedding Video Pro will be the best at this job. Having seen the transition from analog films to digital, Bauch knows the importance of always experimenting with his craft. His team specializes in using long lenses to capture emotions at a distance but makes sure that they do not get in the way. 

Bauch’s eye for detail, coupled with his unparalleled understanding of filmmaking, is the reason his work stands out from the usual, overly-edited wedding films. All this and more make him one of the finest Long Beach wedding videographers in the field today.

6. Michael Farmer of f/8 Studios

Wedding videography is also so much about friends and family reacting to the in-love couple. And who understands that better than Michael Farmer of f/8 Studios? When he is behind the lens, wedding guests aren’t just fillers. Food and flowers aren’t mere accessories. The wedding dress isn’t simply a prop. They are all major supporting characters in his films. 

Working with Farmer means meticulously planning all the shots while also leaving scope for spontaneity. And when you see the final product — a film that evokes so many emotions in such a short span, you know you’ve made the right hire.

7. Brian Angers of Atlas and Rose Studios

Whether you’re an introverted couple or a socially-active party duo, Brian Angers of Atlas and Rose Studios will make a video that truly encapsulates your personality. Having worked with hundreds of couples for their “I do’s”, he specializes in filming destination weddings. He is also an absolute pro at capturing the vibes of each destination he shoots at. 

The studio also lets you customize your wedding package as per your budget and expected deliverables from the team. If you are looking for a videographer who will make your wedding film one for the books, Brian Angers is the person for the job.

8. Jose and Nayeli Cardenas of Milestones of Love

Jose and Nayeli Cardenas of Milestones of Love know the high stakes of documenting everything on your wedding day. That’s why this videography duo is completely involved at all stages, right from the pre-wedding shoots to post-wedding film editing. 

They like to experiment with their techniques, as is evident in their unique camera angles and a pop of bold color in the lighting, resulting in a distinguished body of work. And if you still need a reason to hire this Long Beach wedding videography duo, check out their glowing testimonials on Yelp, The Knot, and The WeddingWire.

9. Thomas Buckley of Buckley Videography

If you’re looking for an established and trusted wedding videographer, Thomas Buckey has made a name in this industry with an experience of 15+ years. His filmmaking style involves beautiful lens flares, ambiance and decor stock shots, unique camera angles, and extensively planned drone shots. 

Buckley’s post-production process is equally arresting. He creates a story from the ground up, using beautiful Long Beach exterior shots and ambient sound from the venue to produce crisply-edited wedding films. And the rave reviews on Yelp, The WeddingWire, and The Knot only further cement his status as an auteur Long Beach wedding videographer.

10. Gabriela Ochoa of White Sparrow Weddings

Gabriel Ochoa’s Instagram is an impressive display of her versatility behind the lens. She can cover intimate weddings during the day and nerve-wracking wrestling matches at night, both with equal dexterity.

She likes to constantly experiment with her craft, as is evident from the wide-angle shots she opts for pre-wed shoots, contrasting with intimate close-ups on the wedding day. With a highly diverse client list and years of videography experience, you can be sure of Ochoa’s commitment to flawlessly documenting your big day.  

Capturing the sea-son of love!

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The calming ocean waves, the gleaming sunlight, and the swaying palm trees collectively add the romantic factor to your intimate Long Beach wedding. And to do justice to your wedding mood board, it’s important to hire a videographer who will deliver beyond the brief.  

The videographers on this list not only have years of filming experience behind them, but they also know how to blend the client’s vision with their own. We hope our curated list will make your wedding planning a tad bit easier and your big day a whole lot more memorable.

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