Where is “Blown Away” Filmed?

Where is Blown Away filmed, you ask? The answer will blow your mind (sorry, we couldn’t resist). Blown Away is one of the most addicting reality shows on Netflix right now. Who knew that glassblowing could be so high stakes! Every artist has amazing talent, and it’s nail-biting to see if your fave will make it through to next week.

However, have you ever wondered where is Blown Away filmed? Where’s the Hot Shop located? We’re here to shed some light on the subject. Here’s everything you need to know about where Blown Away is filmed. And if you’re on the lookout for workshops where you can flex your own glassblowing talents, Peerspace has your back. 

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What is Blown Away?

Blown Away is a reality TV competition where 10 glassblowing artists compete to claim a $60,000 prize and an artist residency at the Corning Museum of Glass. During each episode, contestants vie to create the best sculpture in a set amount of time using the chosen glassblowing technique. It’s like the British Bake-Off for glassblowing enthusiasts! 

Blown Away offers the perfect blend of competition, art, and educational content. And it’s insanely binge-worthy. Raise your hand if you finished an entire season in one day. Don’t worry, we won’t judge. But where is the hothouse located anyway? 

Where is Blown Away filmed? 

Blown Away isn’t like an ordinary filming project. It’s not something you can film in any old warehouse. Canadian production company Marblemedia had a unique challenge cut out for themselves—custom building one of the largest hot shops in the world. 

They needed a space with ample room to house 10 furnaces, along with other glassblowing equipment that contestants would need. Plus, the space needed to be constructed in a single room for filming. 

Marblemedia found the perfect spot when they discovered an empty warehouse in Hamilton, Ontario, about an hour away from Toronto. They set out to turn it into the perfect battleground for their glassblowing competition. The result is an epic playground of glassblowing equipment, perfect for artists to work their skills. 

Glassblowing experts consulted on the Hot House

According to the Observer, the producers consulted industry experts from the Corning Museum of Glass during the production of the Hot House. Corning is one of the most prestigious glass-working institutions in the world. And, of course, one of the coveted prizes for the show’s winner is a residency at Corning. 

Private Spacious Glassblowing Studio portland oregon rental
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“A residency at the Corning means that the winner can concentrate on making art,” says Erik Meek, senior manager of hot glass programs at Corning. “We’ll provide a studio space as well as assistants, tools, and all those concerns. It allows for creative freedom that ensures their artmaking can thrive.”

In addition to giving an artist a way to express themselves, the museum saw more potential in helping out the reality show. Blown Away also presented a unique opportunity to educate viewers about the art of glassblowing. 

“We saw how [Blown Away] could really shed a light on the process of glassmaking, demystifying something that many people don’t get exposed to,” says Meek. “That’s our goal too, to help people understand glass better. This show does that and that’s why we’re behind it.”

If Blown Away sparked your curiosity about glassblowing, then the show did its job perfectly! And if you’re curious about where you can learn glassblowing techniques, we’ve got a few spots in mind. 

Where to find a glass blowing studio on Peerspace

Now that you know where Blown Away is filmed, let’s go over how you can find a glass-blowing workshop for your own creations. Whether you’re a total novice or an expert glass-blowing artist, you can find and rent an awesome glass-blowing workshop on Peerspace

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Peerspace is home to several glassblowing studios available to rent throughout the country, like this glassblowing studio in Oakland, California (picture above). This studio offers group lessons for those looking to test their own glassblowing skills. You’ll get to experience what it’s like to be a Blown Away contestant firsthand! There’s standing room for up to 30 people, and seating available for 10. 

You can find another awesome glassblowing studio in Portland, Oregon. This private studio has a unique indoor/outdoor setup, perfect for corporate events or team-building sessions. Professional glassblowers are on staff to offer demonstrations on glass-blowing techniques. And the glassblowing experience is included in the hourly rental fee! 

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You can also find event spaces that celebrate beautiful glass artwork, like this vintage glass studio and gallery in Silverdale, Washington (pictured above). The space combines the industrial vibes of a glass workshop with whimsical and charming glass creations. There are also some fun amenities for events—like a bar and plenty of cozy furnishings. It’s an awesome place to host dinners, birthday parties, baby showers, or any other gathering.

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If you’re curious about finding a glass studio or workshop in your area, it’s easy to find listings. You can filter listings by type, like warehouses, or search by keywords like “glassblowing studio” or “glass workshop” until you find a space that suits your needs. 

We hope this helps you on your journey in the amazing world of glassblowing! If you’re curious about where more of your favorite shows are filmed or where you can find more awesome spaces for rent, check out our Resources blog for more fun posts! 

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