Where Is “Mayor Of Kingstown” Filmed? (2024)


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Are you a fan of the series and wondering: “where is ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ filmed”? Well today, we’re going to take a trip to Kingstown and beyond to the numerous locations that fans are sure to remember. We’ll explore real-life filming locations that you can even visit for yourself if you like.

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Now, without further ado, let’s take a trip to a few of the chilly and dreary locations of the show.

What is “Mayor of Kingstown”?

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Taylor Sheridan of “Yellowstone” and more recently “1883” fame is now beloved for another outstanding television project. “Mayor of Kingstown” aired in late 2021 and stars Jeremy Renner, Dianne West, and Kyle Chandler among others.

The show has been a hit among audiences, with the second season airing in late January 2023, and the third June 2024, which fans are eagerly awaiting.

The show takes place in the city of Kingstown, Michigan, where the expansive prison system funds most of the economy. The series explores how this economy has impacted the people who live and work there.

Fans have probably watched the series and wondered for themselves: where is “Mayor of Kingstown” filmed? Is Kingstown a real place? We’ll dive into this next.

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Is Kingstown, Michigan a real place?

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Fans will need to know whether or not Kingstown, Michigan is a real place before we can answer the question “Where is ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ filmed?”

Like many movies and shows, it is a fictionalized version of a real location. In this case, Kingstown, Michigan, is based on the city of Kingston, Ontario in Canada, according to Decider.

The co-creator of the show, Hugh Dillon, grew up in the city that shares some similarities with the Kingstown from the show. In an interview with Newsweek, he describes what it was like living up near the prison. “You know, as a kid, my mom was a teacher my friend’s parents were prison guards, one was a warden, other friends were convicts and it was, you know, in this perfectly cultivated civilized world there’s this brutality and these institutions.”

The city has a long history with its prison system. The Queen’s University Library says that as of 2018, there were still six active prisons in the city of Kingston. The most infamous prison in the city is Kingston Penitentiary, which operated from 1835 to 2013 and is currently open for tours.

If you find yourself up in Canada and are a fan of the show, be sure to check it out because the interiors may look familiar. Keep reading to find out why!

Did they film “Mayor of Kingstown” at a real prison?

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What is it that makes the show feel so genuine to viewers? We think it’s because they filmed most of the prison scenes in the actual Kingston Penitentiary, according to Atlas of Wonders.

The prison, which is also known as “Kingston Pen,” is still open for tours today awaiting plans for further development.

But there are still many other locations from the show that fans will remember. So now let’s continue to answer the question “Where is ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ filmed?”

Did they shoot the series on location in Michigan?

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We now know that the series’ creators filmed some of the scenes in Canada. But with the series taking place in Michigan, fans are sure to wonder: where is “Mayor of Kingstown” filmed?

We’ll turn to Atlas of Wonders for the answer. It shares that they actually filmed the show in Toronto and the post-industrial city of Hamilton, also in Ontario, Canada.

You can see some of the locations from the show for yourself, such as the Lakeview Restaurant, which was called the Red Carriage Diner on the show. The restaurant is on Dundas Street in Toronto and was also in other projects like “The Shape of Water” and “The Boondock Saints.”

Next up is the prison where the matriarch of the McLusky family teaches. You can actually find this at the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant in Scarborough. The Art Deco building has been in quite a few movies, including “In the Mouth of Madness” and “Half Baked.”

The last location we’re going to cover today is Hamilton, Ontario. Atlas of Wonders writes it was used for all the establishing shots of Kingstown. The post-industrial city has also been in numerous Canadian productions as a double for Detroit, Michigan in the States.

You can see the many bridges and waterside locations from Hamilton in the show. And just driving between Hamilton and Toronto, you’ll be sure to see some locations that you recognize.

Where did they film “Mayor of Kingstown” season 2?

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Now we know many of the filming locations from the first season. So now fans are likely wondering if the show will return to Ontario for the show’s second season.

Actually, season two was set in Pittsburgh. Just as the first season was based on Hugh Dillon’s hometown, the co-creator shares that Pittsburgh is where the series will remain, even beyond season 2.

“We wanted to scale up for season two,” Dillon told Trib Live. “Pittsburgh had all of these decommissioned prisons. And when I scouted it (again for season two), I just fell in love with it. That place is it. We got 10 seasons mapped out. So yeah, we’re not leaving. ‘Kingstown’ will never leave Pittsburgh.”

In particular, all of the water scenes were filmed on nearby Lake Erie. Meanwhile, two abandoned prisons in Pittsburgh provided the setting for all of the prison scenes, SCI Pittsburgh and SCI Greensburg.

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Where did they film season 3?

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Season 3 of “Mayor of Kingstown” started filming in January 2024, back in Pittsburgh, with the new season set to debut in June 2024. Fans are eagerly awaiting season 3, particularly since star Jeremy Renner has fully recovered following a serious accident. The SAG-AFTRA strike also delayed production, with all of the delays no doubt contributing to viewers’ excitement.

While we know Pittsburgh was the setting for season 3, we aren’t sure of the exact locations yet. We’ll have to tune in to watch “Mayor of Kingstown” on Paramount+ to discover all the show’s new settings and new and returning characters!

Find your own “Mayor of Kingstown”-inspired locations

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Where is “Mayor of Kingstown” filmed: conclusion

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this insider’s look at “Mayor of Kingstown” and its filming locations.

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