Here’s Where to Rent a Daylight Studio in New York City

Hoping to rent a daylight studio in New York City but aren’t sure where to begin? Fortunately, New York City is bustling with studios that are built to attract natural daylight. You just need to know where to look. Luckily, you’ve come to Peerspace, the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals.

We make it easy to find and book the perfect creative space for your projects, including daylight studios in NYC Take advantage of their open space and large windows to produce some amazing photos. We’ve compiled a list of where you can rent the perfect daylight studio in New York City. Rent any one of these to bring your project to life beautifully.

1. A serene Soho loft

scandinavian loft in nyc
Source: Peerspace

This 753-square-foot loft comes with large open windows and 12-foot high ceilings to bring in as much natural light as possible. The warm brown tones of the space, the Scandinavian furnishings, and the subtle pop of color from indoor plants create this cozy atmosphere perfect for your lifestyle content.

Located in the heart of Soho, you can never run out of inspiration with the slew of architecture, art galleries, and museums nearby. Getting to this location can easily be done by car, bus, or subway. However, keep in mind that this loft is not soundproofed but additional equipment can be provided upon request.

Another perk that comes with using Peerspace to book studio time is its listings. All Peerspace venues have their own dedicated listings page that includes photos, upfront pricing, a description of the space and its amenities, and user reviewers. And in fact, this Soho daylight studio has hundreds of rave reviews to its name! Here is one example: “This absolutely gorgeous space was perfect for our shoot – the natural light was unbelievable, and the final product of our shoot was absolutely perfect. The host was also really helpful through booking. 10/10 would book again.” Book it here!

2. A full-service daylight photo studio

Rent a Daylight Studio in New York City
Source: Peerspace

If you want to rent a daylight studio in New York City with all the bells and whistles, then check out this full-service studio in Greenpoint. It is a 600-square-foot room with bright white walls, high ceilings, wooden floors, and a large south-facing window that lets in lots of natural light on sunny days.

Along with its propensity for natural light, this studio provides you with Profoto lighting equipment, about 32 seamless color paper backdrops, c-stands, reflectors, sandbags, furniture, and more are included with your rental charge.

A photographer shared the following Peerspace review after booking here: “This is the second time booking this space and it has been amazing! This is my new go-to studio 💥 every thing you need and want assistance is top notch, literally a one-stop shop.”

3. A vibrant daylight studio

vibrant studio in nyc
Source: Peerspace

Located in the Lower East Side of New York City is this vibrant and cozy 301-square-foot studio. Once you set foot in this space, you are greeted with colorfully painted walls and glamorous velvet chairs. You do not need to worry about certain equipment because it comes with two mono lights, an LED light, two softboxes, a beauty dish, and a ring light. Plus, a few reflectors, umbrellas, and a V-Flat.

If you are a small group looking for a place with natural lighting, then this spot is meant for you! You can take portrait sessions with the exposed brick wall as the background or record an interview with the vibrant setup.

“OMGoodness! Such a wonderful experience,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “Laura is great, very helpful, kind, and agreeable to reasonable requests. My crew as well as my clients complimented the space and it’s accommodations. I definitely recommend!”

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4. A sophisticated midtown production studio

elegant production studio in nyc
Source: Peerspace

Take sophistication to the next level with this production studio located right across the street from the famous New York Times Building. The large, floor-to-ceiling windows provide enough natural light and an unobstructed city view. The sleek modern chairs with geometric interior designs create a professional setting. Your photos will end up looking elegant and classy.

Equipment is available for you to rent, and you have access to its modern kitchen and en-suite bathrooms. Be sure to check out the New York Times Building and take the subway (conveniently around the corner) to explore what the city has to offer.

And check out how helpful the host can be to your production, per a Peerspace reviewer: “David was such an accommodating and kind host. He helped us book the lighting equipment and even met us on the day of the production to give us a full understanding of the space’s features. The space is beautiful and perfectly suited for various production needs.”

5. A spacious daylight studio

Rent a Daylight Studio in New York City
Source: Peerspace

Hitch a subway to midtown and be greeted by an incredibly spacious daylight studio. This 600-square-foot studio comes with contemporary furniture that you can use for your photographic needs, including the red chaise lounger! Groups with a maximum of 10 people can fit into this area and use the standard equipment available.

With massive windows facing east and south, you can catch the best exposure between 10 a.m.-12 p.m. In fact, in the words of a Peerspace reviewer: “Excellent space. Great lighting and easy to work with! Will use again!” Affordable, spacious, and perfectly well-lit, you can rent this daylight studio in New York City right here!

6. IOLITE Studio with natural lighting

chic boho florist studio
Source: Peerspace

What can make your photographs exude a dreamy vibe? A chic boho studio in Astoria with aesthetic floral arrangements. This 1,000-square-foot space comes with a 10-foot CYC wall. The white brick walls and dual-sided walls can be used as the perfect backdrop for your next project.

To add that dreamy effect, use the potted plants and floral designs available. The white-bricked walls and floors bring in enough natural lighting to make your subject radiate. There are plenty of restaurants nearby with the option for delivery if you ever feel hungry and need a lunch break. For any additional assistance, a studio manager is available on-site.

“The studio was extremely bright and lots of options to take great photos,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “The space is exactly what it looks like from the site! Many props for you to choose from as well!”

7. Studio 7 with open space

tropical loft in nyc
Source: Peerspace

Rent a daylight studio in New York City like this one in Long Island City! It comes with an open floor plan that is fully equipped for all your creative needs. A makeup room with vanity lights is included in the rental along with free Wi-Fi. Add texture to your image by having these exposed brick walls as your background. You do not need to worry about lighting because the windows are large enough to engulf the whole space with sunlight.

Brighten your snapshots with the orange-tinge brick wall or keep it somber with the textured black shower tiles. This studio is versatile for any project and your ideas will be brimming with infinite possibilities! A Peerspace reviewer shares: “We loved this space so much! The lighting was perfect and the backdrops were great!”

8. A sleek industrial loft

industrial loft in brooklyn
Source: Peerspace

You may notice the brick jack arches and weathered concrete as you walked in. Originally a canning factory, this building was renovated to now become an industrial loft. The multicultural furniture adds a touch of finesse to your images as you capture them in the open chambers. You can also catch a glimpse of the skyline through its rooftop.

Explore the beautiful city from here by taking a five-minute stroll to the waterfront or dining in any of the nearby restaurants. There are various live entertainments, museums, music, and arts to participate in during your stay.

This studio also has more than 1,800 rave reviews! Like this one from a photographer: “Great studio! And helpful host 🙌🏼”. Book this stunning Brooklyn industrial loft on Peerspace today!

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9. A large & open Brooklyn loft

Rent a Daylight Studio in New York City
Source: Peerspace

This sun-drenched space is conveniently located in Williamsburg, which is 10-15 minutes away from the Lower East Side, Queens, and Union Square. The parking lot is free so you can easily access this loft without spending a dime on parking. This amazing space comes with two seating areas, a CYC wall, a makeup station, and free Wi-Fi.

The tall open windows that illuminate one of the seating areas are perfect for your next photo project if you rely on natural lighting to keep your images looking high-class. You can even do a retro vibe by using the second seating area with its satin couch and vintage table.

“This studio space is amazing!!!! It had everything we needed,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “Thank you to Andres for being such a professional host and so communicative. Such a good experience.”

10. A Midtown studio with northern light

midtown sunlit studio
Source: Peerspace

The biggest highlight when you rent this daylight studio in New York City is its 14′ x 28′ CYC wall. It’s perfectly nestled in an open chamber where three north-facing windows engulf the high ceiling area with sunlight. You have a blank canvas all to yourself that is spacious enough to fit any of your equipment. If you are looking to drive towards this simple midtown studio there is a parking lot nearby and a parking garage that is 100 yards away.

Rent this daylight studio in New York City to enhance your next photo project with an ample amount of natural lighting to produce high-quality images.

A Peerspace reviewer raves: “Booking was easy, simple and quick to respond when we needed deliveries for props and equipment. Would book again!”

Rent a daylight studio in New York City: conclusion

Rent a Daylight Studio in New York City
Source: Peerspace

As you can see, it’s easy to rent a daylight studio in New York City when you use Peerspace. And what amazing daylight studios at that! Book one of these stllar spaces above or start your own search. There are hundreds of gorgeous studios in NYC available through Peerspace for you to discover.

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