11 Awesome White Lies Party Ideas

On the lookout for some awesome white lies party ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place. White lies parties have taken TikTok by storm — and we’re here for it! We tell little, inconsequential white lies all the time, so why not make a party out of it?! The concept is simple: come to a party in a white T-shirt with a white lie written in bold, black letters on the front. But you can step that party theme up a notch.

How? All you need is the perfect party venue and a few white lies party ideas. Luckily, we have you covered there, too! As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, Peerspace is the premier destination for sensational party venues.

We have locations in thousands of cities across North America, the UK, Australia, and parts of Europe, all just a few clicks away from being yours for a few hours. Plus, when you book a Peerspace venue, you can rely on your venue’s friendly hosts to help you secure any extras you need for your party if they can.

As host, why not theme the party around the white lie on your own shirt? We share ideas on how to do so while introducing you to incredible Peerspace event venues you can book for your white lies party. We have 11 awesome white lies party ideas that are so awesome, funny, and unique that they’ll surely make your event go viral!

1. I found this venue on my own

cowboy swimming pool in los feliz
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Stun your friends with a 10 out of 10 venue — but don’t tell them you used Peerspace to book it! You just, you know, stumbled upon it. After all, you are just amazingly skilled at finding beautiful venues; it’s almost like you hear them calling to you. This is honestly only half a lie because when you search for venues on Peerspace, you are going to be hard-pressed to find one that isn’t gorgeous.

We especially love this white lies party idea at a venue like this Los Angeles cowboy swimming pool that you can make all yours for your party. It boasts a heated pool, two bars, gas grills, speakers, and two vintage trailers.

And even “I found it on my own” isn’t your white lie, Peerspace is still the perfect spot to find venues for all your white lies party ideas! After all, when you book a Peerspace venue, you have the full support of the venue’s local host. They are dedicated to ensuring your time in their space is as magical as possible. Many even have catering or special equipment on-site at your disposal. But if not, they can help you track it down.

Just reach out and ask, and they’ll be happy to do what they can to make your white lies party amazing. So yeah, you somehow have your own team to run around and pick up all your party necessities for you. That’s a white lie we’ll keep between us!

2. I’m low maintenance

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If you thought your high-maintenance lifestyle might have turned off a potential date, you’re probably already familiar with the little white lie, “I’m low maintenance”. It probably didn’t take long for your date to notice this wasn’t quite true — and it won’t take your party guests long either! Tell your buddies you are just doing a “lowkey” white lie party, no need to dress up or make a fuss, and then “wow” them with the party of the century!

Where to start? Why, right here on Peerspace! In fact, you can easily prove your “low maintance” lifestyle by booking a sky-high rooftop terrace in Manhattan. This amazing 2,000-square-foot terrace has standing room for 150 and seating for 100 as well as the best views of the NYC skyline. The host even offers catering and bar services. You know, like what all low-maintenance people need!

“Fantastic rooftop and great service,” shares a Peerspace user in their review. “We had a blast with rooftop party and are coming back.”

Book a dreamy party venue of your choice in your desired location and start planning the details. Remember, many hosts can arrange the less fun though necessary details, like food, staff, and gear. No one will complain about your high-maintenance leanings at that point and will instead be awed by your exceptional taste!

3. Diet starts tomorrow

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Who doesn’t love a party that revolves around food? Invite your friends to your white lie party that comes stocked with your favorite desserts, junk food, and drinks. You can even rent a cute cafe or ultra-trendy restaurant on Peerspace equipped with all your favorite naughty noshes. The diet starts tomorrow, guys, so we might as well go all out today!

Plan the menu based on our 8 happy hour food ideas post to delight your guests!

Music Video Locations in Nashville
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Pick your favorite celeb to be the theme of your white lie party. What better way to bring up how thankful you are to have such a fun, thoughtful, and cool first cousin … once removed … maybe third cousin — whatever. You’re definitely related. If you’re a Billie Eilish fan, go old-school Billie and decorate the party in all neon green and black. Or opt to go new-school Billie and book a glamorous space more attuned to her more adult sensibilities.

No matter which type of venue style you choose, blast her music from the start of the party to its end. While the music plays, don’t forget to throw out some random white lie memories, too: “omg. I totally helped her write this song … It’s actually about our friendship. SUCH good memories!”

5. I’m somewhat of a wine connoisseur myself

wine cellar venue in vegas
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Wine is great but let’s be honest — a lot of us choose our wine based on how pretty the bottle art is, call it a “sav” because we can’t pronounce “sauvignon blanc,” and have no idea what people are talking about when it comes to how they “developed their wine palate”. Invite your friends over for a “wine and cheese” white lie party — and shower them with an assortment of boxed wine choices and Kraft Singles. This is one of those white lies party ideas where your guests may “wine” a little, but they are also sure to laugh a lot!

Alternatively, you can also rent a wine bar on Peerspace for your white lies party. For instance, you can book this speakeasy-style wine bar in the heart of Napa Valley or this Hudson Valley wine cellar. Both are super stylish spaces filled with delectable wine that prove you can book a sensational party space no matter your location by using Peerspace.

That way, what started as a white lie can actually become fact by the end of the night. Or you’ll just drink lots of great wine with your friends in a chic, inviting setting. Either way!

6. I’m a great driver

car tunnel in vegas
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Bumper cars, go-carts, maybe even real race track? Show off your driving prowess (or secret lack thereof) with an adventurous white lie party!

Browse Peerspace for racetrack venue rentals and car garages to set the right atmosphere. Plus, it might not hurt for you to have some extra experience in a controlled environment. Do this in the afternoon, and then continue the party with food and drinks after you’re all done driving for the day.

7. I’m not drunk!

White Lies Party Ideas
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It’s the beer Olympics! See how long you can hold yourself together with a backyard white lies party filled with beer pong, king’s cup, and all your other favorite drinking games. We doubt anyone will believe you as you proclaim, “I’m not drunk!” at the end of the night after a party like this.

To enjoy all the beer you want and the built-in vibe, why not rent a stunning brewery on Peerspace? Here are a few of our favorites:

8. I’m not that into TikTok

White Lies Party Ideas
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The white lies party ideas started on TikTok, so why not dedicate the party to the social media platform that has brought us so many great ideas? At your party, make sure to include a dance floor where people can recreate their favorite TikTok dances.

Get started by booking a professional dance studio near you on Peerspace and maybe even start a TikTok challenge — which guest can go most viral during the party?!

Use these dance party ideas to make the most of this White Lies party suggestion!

9. I baked it from scratch

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Invite your guests to your white lies party and ask them to bring a home-cooked treat to share! Then, nab all your favorite store-bought snacks and arrange them in cute little bowls and trays and claim them as your own. Yea, the croissants literally took days to make, but it’s all worth it to have a party with such amazing guests. Sorry, I can’t share the recipe; it’s a family secret.

Makeup for all the little lies and store-bought treats by celebrating in a Peerspace party venue that also includes a cute kitchen. Remember, you don’t actually have to use the kitchen, but a stylish kitchen space is always the starting point for a memorable party.

Here’s everything you need to know about renting a kitchen for the day!

10. I love your gift

White Lies Party Ideas
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Mix two of the most hilarious party ideas — a white elephant party and a white lies party! Give your guests a set amount they are allowed to spend on their gift — a low cash value but high laugh value. Be sure to remind them to wear their white lies shirt since that is still the star of the show. After all, no matter how funny the gift you receive is, your White Lies party ideas shirt is sure to make it even funnier!

11. I’m a great swimmer

SkyHouse Joshua Tree - Private Villa los angeles rental
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Your friends might be shocked to hear you are planning a swim-themed party if you’re a veritable landlubber. But they’ll catch on quickly when you tell them it’s also a white lies party!

Don’t forget to rent the perfect pool party venue on Peerspace that comes equipped with everything you need to swim in style. For instance, you can book SkyHouse in Joshua Tree, CA. It’s a gorgeous hideaway that boasts a crystal clear swimming pool surrounded by rugged desert landscape. You don’t have to be a great swimmer to enjoy this stunning venue, just a Peerspace user with great taste!

You need to check out our epic pool party ideas next to enhance this suggestion!

Bonus: I’ll be ready in 5 minutes!

White Lies Party Ideas
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Are you that friend who is always holding everyone up because you a) take forever to get ready, and b) love being fashionably late? Then this is possibly the ultimate of the white lies party ideas for you! What’s so great about it is that you’re acknowledging that you tend to be just a tad late to events. But hey, that’s who you are, so why not celebrate it?

Oh, and when you’re friend tries to get you to leave the party earlier than you like? Simply gesture to your shirt and get back to enjoying yourself. They’ll thank you later!

White Lies party ideas are better with Peerspace

White Lies Party Ideas
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By now, you have a few unique white lies party ideas to celebrate with your friends. Take any one or more of these ideas and have a ball. Hopefully, you also have learned that a suitable Peerspace venue is a surefire way to bring your party to new heights! You can book a warehouse, an art gallery, a loft, a mansion with a pool, you name it.

Each venue has its own listing that includes a detailed description, high-definition photos, upfront pricing, and reviews from past renters like yourself. You’ll know exactly what to expect before you even set foot in the space, yet you will surely still be knocked out by the venue’s charm and style.

And remember, if you need anything extra that your venue happens to not include, contact the host. They can try to take some of the more stressful aspects of hosting off your plate while you can get busy planning all your glorious lies-to-be.

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