12 Best Boudoir Photographers in Chicago (2024)

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Chicago is home to some of the best photographers in the nation, which means you’re in for a real treat if you’re booking a boudoir photo session in the Windy City. From sultry to sweet and everything in between, each shutterbug on this list will make you feel at ease while delivering absolutely beautiful results.

Whether you are on the hunt for a dressed-up or an au naturel session, one of these talented Chicago boudoir photographers will bring your vision to life!

1. Emily Gualdoni Photography

Emily Gualdoni would make anyone’s list of the best Chicago boudoir photographers. In fact, she masterfully blends the finesse of fashion photography with the depth of portraiture, crafting images that brilliantly highlight the essence of her subjects. A multi-talented artist (i.e., she also shoots weddings and editorial fashion), she skillfully interweaves elements from her diverse specialties in order to create a body of work that is breathtakingly beautiful.

For those who feel uneasy in front of the camera, Emily stands out as the go-to choice, thanks to her unmatched experience in the city. Her adeptness at making clients feel comfortable and confident is second to none, ensuring that even the most camera-shy individuals can shine in their photos. With a knack for creating a relaxed atmosphere and a patient approach, Emily captures the best of every subject, making her the ultimate pick for anyone looking to overcome their insecurities and look their absolute best on camera.

As for photoshoot location inspiration, consider choosing this luxe loft in the Lower West Side of Chicago for a stunning backdrop for your boudoir session. Ample windows let in tons of natural light, and the 15-foot-high ceilings give this spot an airy feel. Plus, you can take in extraordinary skyline views during golden hour.

2. Cara Garbarino of The Atelier

Cara Garbarino expertly combines fashion editorial and Chicago boudoir photography for a look that exudes “centerfold.” She is also known for her refined eye in all of her portraits, an essential trait for those who want a heavy dose of class with their sexiness.

Every woman gains from her decades of experience behind the camera, regardless of the setting — outdoors or in the studio. This wealth of experience translates into stunning photographs that capture and celebrate your essence.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of how to use light and environment to your advantage, she ensures that each photo is a beautiful reflection of who you are, showcasing your unique personality and beauty in every shot. And Cara shoots mainly in black and white, upping the sophistication factor significantly.

So, if artistic, smoldering photos are your goal, check out Cara’s work today. With that in mind, we happen to think her work would really come to life in this Parisian-inspired Edgewater apartment. For impeccable shots with a touch of vintage charm, this boudoir photoshoot spot should be on your list.

3. Adrienne Richgels of Demi Girl Boudoir Photography

Adrienne Richgels is a firm believer in the transformative impact a skilled Chicago boudoir photographer can have on enhancing self-love. She dedicates her craft to working with women from all walks of life, understanding deeply the common insecurities and doubts that many encounter. Adrienne doesn’t just acknowledge these challenges — she actively works to dismantle them through her photography.

With a compassionate approach and a commitment to showcasing every individual’s unique beauty, she creates a safe and empowering environment where self-acceptance and confidence flourish. Her goal is to not only produce stunning photographs but to offer an experience that celebrates and uplifts her clients, reinforcing a journey of self-love and discovery.

She even has a designated gallery for women over 45, proving that age has nothing to do with beauty. If you are at all nervous about showing some skin for your session, work with Adrienne — she will put your fears to rest and bring out your best.

If you’re hoping for a boudoir sesh that gives you images in which you’re sun-kissed with natural light, then check out this natural light studio loft in Pilsen. It boasts 17-foot ceilings, 9-foot windows, and stunning exposed brick that will enchant any viewer.

These boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago will make your shoot sizzle. Check them out!

4. Liz of Chicago Boudoir

Liz of Chicago Boudoir offers a luxurious boudoir photo session experience to each client. This includes hair and makeup (and even lashes) to transform her subjects “from natural to knockout.” Her style is traditional boudoir, using her studio’s various stages to create a sexy atmosphere.

She’s a whiz with natural light, using it to make skin glow and giving every photo a warm, intimate feel. But Liz doesn’t stop there. She loves mixing things up with strobe lights and colorful gels, bringing a fun and bold twist to her shots.

This mix of styles means she can match the shoot to your vibe, whether you’re all about that natural elegance or want something with a bit more pop and sass. Her approach makes sure every photo captures the unique beauty and spirit of the person in front of her lens.

5. Maggie Rife Ponce & Kelly Feldmiller of Revealed Studios

Maggie Rife Ponce and her associate Kelly Feldmiller are the photographer friends behind this women empowerment-focused Chicago boudoir studio. They absolutely recognize the courage it takes to strip down in front of the camera. In fact, they make the leap as comfortable as possible with their well-appointed studio, full of natural light and feminine touches.

Maggie and Kelly are masters of using light and shadow to highlight each and every curve, making art out of everybody. And we mean every body — they are happy to work with couples and men and specialize in working with curvy figures.

For clients who prefer the boho aesthetic, take a look at this naturally lit studio space just outside of Chicago in Winfield Township. Along with lovely furniture and accents, the venue features free gear and a white backdrop.

6. Ashley Biess of Artistrie Co.

Ashley Biess is a widely published photographer. In fact, she is well-known for her wedding work and brings that same level of artistry to your Chicago boudoir photography experience. Check out her Instagram to see her breathtaking work!

She has years of experience working with people and helping them pose just so, and she can capture candid moments, too. That blend is perfect for a sultry session that shows off more than just your personality. Any light, any location, however many (or few) layers of clothing, Ashley’s work is pure joy.

Want the perfect location for your shoot? This unique studio in Bridgeport offers warm, cozy vibes for your boudoir session.

7. Magdalena Iskra of Pure Boudoir

Magdalena Iskra is an award-winning Chicago boudoir and wedding photographer. She’s a model turned artist, so she knows what it’s like being in front of the camera. This way, she can provide her clients with an effortless experience by leveraging her detailed knowledge of posing.

Her style is classic — a touch of glamour here, dramatic lighting there — and simplicity at its finest and most timeless. Whatever your vision is of the best version of yourself, whether sex kitten or playful, she will bring it out, with consistently stunning results.

And if you’re looking for a special venue to hold your boudoir session with Magdalena, consider this West Loop production loft. Its abundant natural light and chic ambiance make it an ideal match for her vibrant style.

8. Argentina Leyva of Art of Seduction

Argentina Leyva is more than a Chicago boudoir photographer — she uses her art to help women fall in love with themselves. There are few elements with a sexier connotation than water, and Argentina offers a variety of packages using it in different scenarios so you can make your dream of yourself come true. She uses props and settings to enhance the mood and feel of her shoots with mastery.

Some of her most popular offerings include Diva Water, Divine Couples, Pregnancy Boudoir, and Fine Art Nudes sessions. Work with Argentina and you will end up with a treasure trove of images that speak to exactly who you are. That said, we think Argentina’s work in this ultra-feminine pink boudoir studio in Uptown would really suit her style!

9. Laurie Baker of Boudoir by Elle

Laurie Baker stands out as one of the best Chicago boudoir photographers for her minimalist, elegant portraits. She keeps background distraction out of her shots, focusing on the beauty of your form, marking her work as fine art. We also love how she has her own all-female team. Together, they enhance your existing beauty, acting as your personal cheerleaders for an amazing boudoir experience.

Serving the greater Chicago area, she welcomes everybody and is proud to work with the LGBTQ+ community. If you are fond of cleanly composed and classy boudoir — and really, who isn’t — she’s your gal. Join her at this private luxury boudoir suite in the Lower West Side for the perfect setting for your shoot.

Check out these indoor photoshoot locations in Chicago for more boudoir setting inspo!

10. Angela Keefe of Bedhead Boudoir Photography

Bedhead Boudoir is operated by owner and photographer Angela Keefe, who leads an all-female staff. Located just a bit outside the city limits, this studio still gets our vote for one of the best Chicago boudoir photographers for its diversity of styles. They have an incredible repertoire of poses that allow clients to feel sexy whether they’re covered up or bearing it all.

When you work with Angela, consider asking her to shoot at this elegant boudoir suite in East Pilsen that features bright blue walls and boho furnishings. If you’ve been dreaming of a cozy and luxurious boudoir shoot, this place is for you. An amazing bonus is that hair and makeup are included, so you can have a self-pampering day in addition to beautiful pics!

11. Jovanka and Bruno of NoirLux

NoirLux is run by photographers Jovanka and Bruno, a boudoir dream team with several decades of experience between them. These are the Chicago boudoir photographers to work with if you want to turn your human form into art. Their work is perfectly lit and jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

If you aren’t looking to go au naturel, they also have a dedicated studio space with plenty of props so you can accessorize to your heart’s content. Whatever style you have in mind for your shoot, they are happy to accommodate. In fact, they may even come up with something amazing that you hadn’t thought of.

12. Audrey Simper Photography

Audrey Simper is the ideal Chicago boudoir photographer for occasions when you’re wanting sexy pictures in addition to an empowering photo session. With Audrey, it’s more than a photoshoot — it’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where you’re encouraged to embrace your beauty, confidence, and strength.

Her style has a lifestyle photography edge — as if you just happened to be lounging around at home in casually hot clothing and a bunch of beautifully lit portraits were snapped. It’s perfectly suited for those who want their real selves to be shown, in all their beauty, and flipping through her portfolio anyone can see — she shows the most authentically beautiful sides of her subjects.

As for potential photoshoot locations, few places can rival this downtown condo with breathtaking views and a grand piano. This spot would make the perfect setting for one of Audrey’s sessions.

Bonus: Karina Velez of Chicago Pinup Photography

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting your full retro pinup girl on, then trust us, Chicago Pinup Photography is for you. Karina Velez is the studio owner who has battled health and wellness issues in her past.

What she realized from her own experiences is that she is beautiful and powerful. Armed with this knowledge, she now aims to make women feel the same with a fun and sexy boudoir session. Since starting her pinup photography business, Karina has photographed more than 2,000 women worldwide!

This full-service studio also offers you production planning, professional styling, and a photo reveal party. It’s definitely the place to be for those who want fun and flirty images and an experience to always cherish.

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We hope you were as inspired by these great Chicago boudoir photographers as we were! Be sure to book your favorite and nab a stunning photoshoot venue on Peerspace for your boudoir session.

If you want to really level up your shoot, check out these ideas for fashion photoshoots in Chicago. Wherever you decide to do your shoot, you can’t go wrong with one of the greats on this list!

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