11 Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas in Chicago

Looking for boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago? Then Peerspace has you covered with this curated list of amazing ideas and venues to match. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, Peerspace makes it easy to discover hidden gem spaces that bring your creative projects to life. And when it comes to boudoir shoots in Chicago, our hosts offer you plenty of beautiful spaces to keep you inspired!

Perhaps you’ve done a boudoir photoshoot before and you’re looking to elevate your pictures further. Or maybe you’re toying around with the idea for the first time and you want your first shoot to be stellar. Whichever camp you’re in, there are so many great places in the Windy City to bring your boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago to life.

From brick-lined lofts to swanky hotels, there’s something for every style. So, get ready to be inspired as you peruse the top boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago.

1. Create compelling contrast in a chic, Parisian-inspired apartment

Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas in Chicago
Source: Peerspace

We’re kicking off this list of the best boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago with a strong contender. For a boudoir photoshoot, this space commands one thing loud and clear. Wear. Red. The crisp white backdrop is a clean slate for you to make your own.

The French-styled salon offers you natural light and plenty of textures for a playful shoot. Prep an interesting variety of poses because with just a pop of color in clothing, you’re well on your way to a striking photoshoot.

2. Play with shades of gray in a sleek, contemporary home

Renovated Modern Single Family Home in Logan Square chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Up next is a bedroom that plays with shades of gray. If it inspires you, then take the theme and run with it. This stylish bedroom is more masculine in styling, which will make for a great contrast to the delicate femininity of the shoot. Conveniently located in Logan Square, you can enjoy great shops and restaurants after your photoshoot.

“We enjoyed shooting in this space,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “The host was super responsive to all of our many questions regarding logistics. It was over-all a really smooth shoot day and we can’t recommend this home enough!”

3. Look pretty in a pink room of a historic apartment building

Apartment - Vintage + Modern chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Who doesn’t look pretty in pink? Not even a bedroom looks bad in pale rose. Our third pick for great boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago is a bedroom with a commanding king-sized bed and rustic-painted headboard.

In addition to the picture-perfect bed, the room also has a gorgeous mantle and a small seating area, giving you a great diversity of pose opportunities. The space is plenty bright on its own, but there’s enough room to bring in additional mood lighting if you’re shooting in the evening.

This apartment’s Peerspace reviews all mention the host and how dedicated he is! “Jonathan was super helpful and responsive during and leading up to the shoot. The space was clean and had really great natural lighting! Would definitely book with him again!”

What is boudoir photography? Learn all about it with our complete boudoir guide!

4. Pose fireside in this brick factory loft

Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas in Chicago
Source: Peerspace

We at Peerspace just love a loft apartment and this West Town brick factory space is a classic loft to a T. It features exposed brick walls throughout, high ceilings, an open floor plan, and eclectic vintage furnishings. Pose on the floor in front of the fireplace the something sultry. The loft is also plenty spacious allowing room for any additional lighting equipment and tripods.

5. Look sultry and chic in the so-called Shag Room

Historic Hotel Meeting Space - Shag Room chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Live out your 1970s aesthetic fantasy at this next location, which is called The Shag Room. Found in a historic hotel in The Loop, this enormous room would make for amazing unconventional boudoir photos. Show us the rule that says you can’t take boudoir photos in whatever room you please. It’s easily one of our favorite boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago.

6. Make your mark on a blank-canvas loft bedroom

Beautiful Loft in the West Loop chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

This next pick is a beautiful, distraction-free space. Located in the historic Nabisco factory, this renovated loft apartment has all the ingredients for a great photoshoot location. From the huge industrial windows that let in a flood of light to the minimalist décor, this space is a blank canvas ready for you to make your mark.

And check out one of its many rave Peerspace reviews: “Lourdes is an absolutely fantastic host! This our second time using this space for a photoshoot and we’d definitely book again. Can’t recommend highly enough!”

7. Take cozy boudoir pictures in a charming garden home

Boutique Garden House in Chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Sometimes you want something extravagant like The Shag Room, but other times, you may want a more intimate, cozy space to take delicate pictures. This delightful home in Park Manor would make for an excellent boudoir photoshoot because of the unique bed frames in each bedroom. Use these for endlessly unique pose opportunities.

“Destine was a great host,” shares a Peerspace reviewer who booked a shoot here. “The house was just as it appears in the pictures. It was ideal for our shoot and loved the fact that we had a separate area for staging.”

8. Get regal in an ornate Art Deco apartment

Art Deco Beautiful apartment
Source: Peerspace

If you’re looking for boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago that offer plenty of luxury, we may have found your spot. It’s an Art Deco apartment in Near North Side that is room after room of glamorous, feminine, rococo decor. The master bedroom features a four-poster bed with a canopy, high ceilings, lavender walls, and plenty of natural light. We think it makes the perfect spot for a bridal boudoir shoot.

Once you have the perfect boudoir shoot location in Chicago, hire one of our favorite professional boudoir photographers in Chicago!

9. Be a dashing damsel in the very spooky The Pirate Dungeon

The Pirate Dungeon - Unique Photoshoot Location in Wicker Park chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Stay with us for our next pick, because it is out there and without a doubt one of the most interesting boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago. Sure, you could wear a standard lacy number, or you could really have fun and wear a themed outfit to fit what the owners call The Pirate Dungeon.

They describe the space as being “designed by Chicago film and theatermakers to mimic a seaside lair.” If you want a location for edgier and totally unique seductive photos in Chicago, you’ve found it.

And check out this rave review from a past renter who loved the aesthetic: “Love this set! We were able to capture exactly what I pictured – my vision was complete thanks to Maren and her staff. Very friendly, nice space to work with, and gives off the exact vibe of the pictures. Would most definitely book again and recommend to others”

10. Embrace mid-mod boho vibes

Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas in Chicago
Source: Peerspace

If you’re looking for boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago that have a more free-spirited vintage vibe, then you’ll love our next spot. It’s the mid-century mod atomic haus in Lincolnwood, a 2,500-square-foot space with room-to-room mid-century modern design. While the whole house is incredibly stylish and photogenic, we happen to love the master bedroom. Its turquoise walls, pale wood floors, and the bed’s yellow bedding, and rattan headboard are knockout features and can make any boudoir shoot you design a stunner.

In the words of a Peerspace reviewer who booked a shoot here: “Amazing home with so many beautiful areas to find unique shooting vignettes. Unlike anything else you’ll find in Chicago.”

11. Manifest your most adorable form in a cute and quirky apartment

Aloha BANGTEL in Wicker Park chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Rounding out our list of the best boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago is an absolute gem. Teal and pink is the name of the game in this unique apartment. Featuring neon lights and wicker-basket light fixtures, you’ve never seen anything quite like this. The whole apartment is quirky and gorgeous and the bedroom is no exception. It has a pink accent wall and a blue fireplace. Have you ever seen a blue fireplace?

Be sure to check out all of Aloha Bangtel’s pictures and rave reviews on its Peerspace listing page!

Boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago: conclusion

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, there’s a great location in Chicago for you to have an amazing boudoir photoshoot. They make for great gifts to your partner or simply to keep as a celebration of yourself. Boudoir photoshoots are beautiful, fun, and empowering. With the right photographer, you’ll be blown away by how great these shoots can turn out. We hope you enjoyed our count of the best boudoir photoshoot ideas in Chicago!

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