14 Creative 14th Birthday Party Ideas For Your Teen (2024)


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Are you helping your soon-to-be 14-year-old plan a birthday party? To help you get inspired as you start figuring things out, here are a total of 14 creative 14th birthday party ideas. Your teen is sure to appreciate at least a few of the options on this list.

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1. Keep the guest list shorter, if possible

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One of the biggest mistakes that many kids and parents make when planning a birthday party is inviting too many guests, most often because it’s hard to leave people off the guest list (which we understand!). That’s why our first 14th birthday party idea is simply to keep the guest list short if you can. So decide on a maximum number of guests and stick to it.

This will be an especially crucial bit of advice if your teenager is an introvert, but even a more extroverted teen will appreciate having more time to interact individually with each guest. As an added bonus, having fewer guests will also help to keep the cost of the party down.

2. Let them design their party invitations on Canva

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Speaking of sending out invitations: Canva has tons of free, printable, customizable party invitation templates that are super easy to edit and that can be printed right from your computer. Your teen is probably pretty savvy when it comes to figuring things out on computers, so if they’ve got a creative streak, they’ll probably enjoy the opportunity to design their own party invites based on the party theme they’ve chosen.

3. Pick a color scheme for the party

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Choosing a color scheme early on is one of the best 14th birthday party ideas to simplify the decorating process. Plus, it will also make your teen’s party look a lot better and more cohesive, even without spending a lot of money on decor.

4. Consider a stylish monochromatic party theme

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Speaking of color schemes: does your teen have a favorite color? For a unique party theme, let that be the color scheme of the entire party! You can even ask guests to dress up in that same color for a fun challenge.

Is your teen’s birthday in the colder months? No worries; simply check out our winter teenage birthday party ideas!

5. Plan a camping birthday party for outdoorsy teens

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For an outdoorsy group of friends, take your teen and a few of their friends to a local campsite and camp there overnight. You can even start the festivities with a hike if you arrive early enough. Best of all, you can roast marshmallows (who doesn’t love smores?!) and tell scary stories around the campfire, not to mention the excellent opportunities for stargazing in the wilderness.

If you live anywhere near the Southwest U.S., consider taking your teen and their friends to this incredible desert hilltop glamping site in Joshua Tree National Park. The host provides bell canvas tents, a kitchen, and a patio with lounge chairs, a fire pit, and hammocks. So yeah, you will definitely be idolized as the cool parent after a trip here!

6. Set up a photo booth so your teen can capture special moments

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If your teenager and their friends are on social media, they’ll probably appreciate the opportunity to take some photos in a homemade photo booth. (Include props and costume pieces nearby if you want things to get extra goofy!) Here’s a helpful guide to setting up a DIY photo booth from HGTV.

There are also plenty of event venue rental spaces on Peerspace that provide a photo booth on-site. For instance, this light-filled large event space in Seattle, WA is incredibly stylish, spacious, and provides a photo booth for your teen and their friends to enjoy.

7. Help them host a classic slumber party

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Slumber parties are a classic 14th birthday party idea for a reason! There’s something about them that’s just automatically fun, and your teen will look back on it fondly years from now! In case you’re having trouble thinking of sleepover activities, here are 22 fun sleepover games for teens from Mom Junction. You can even combine them with our next idea…

8. Plan a movie night

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Let your teen choose a few of their favorite movies to show for a birthday movie night. The choice of movies can be on a theme, a certain genre, or just a random combination of their most beloved films. To make this already great 14th birthday party idea even more special, consider renting a private theater or screening room for a few hours! You can find lots of these available for rent through Peerspace.

If you’re in San Diego, CA, this modern screening room in the East Village has a 72-inch projection TV, comfortable tiered club chairs for up to 14 guests, surround sound, gaming console hookups, and more. Peerspace reviewers have called it “This has got to be one of the coolest places we’ve booked!” and “Absolutely amazing screening room. I had the most amazing experience would definitely recommend. We’re looking forward to our next booking.”

Search for screening rooms in your area on Peerspace to see if there’s a suitable space for a movie night near you.

9. Go to a local trampoline park

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These days, lots of cities have super fun trampoline parks, where kids can jump around for hours and let out some of their seemingly boundless energy. Find one in your area for an exciting, unique birthday party activity.

Peerspace can offer you access to classic indoor trampoline parks as well as more unique spaces, like this modern oasis home in Burbank, CA that boasts its own private in-ground trampoline in its backyard!

10. Make memories by having a beach day

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Assuming you’re located near a coast with some nice beaches, and your teen’s birthday takes place during the warmer months, take them on a trip to their favorite nearby beach with a group of pals!

11. Trip to the spa

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Some teenagers are into self-care, skincare, and relaxation. If this sounds like your kid, a trip to the spa with a group of friends is an ideal way to celebrate their 14th birthday.

Make the most of this idea, even on a smaller budget, by using our cheap spa party ideas guide!

12. Retro birthday party

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Is there a past decade that your teenager is currently obsessed with? Whether it’s the 80s, the 60s, or the Roaring 20s, let them explore this interest by throwing a birthday party inspired by their decade of choice.

13. Cooking class birthday party

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For teenagers who have shown an interest in the culinary arts, ask them if they’d be interested in taking a cooking class with a few of their friends! (Plus, you might just benefit too, because they’ll hopefully learn how to make something new and delicious, and bring that skill home with them.)

14. Let them sing their heart out at a karaoke party

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This 14th birthday party idea isn’t right for everyone, but for teens who love to sing, a karaoke party is an awesome choice. You can buy or rent a karaoke machine and throw this party at home, but if you’re concerned about noise, you can also rent a venue or a karaoke room for this purpose!

This large party room with the best karaoke system in Austin, TX is a great example of the kinds of spaces that are available, but there are quite a few others out there as well. Just make sure that whatever space you rent, the host approves your doing karaoke there because it can get loud and you don’t want to disturb any neighbors!

14th birthday party ideas: conclusion

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As you can see, there are some great ways to celebrate your teen’s birthday. We hope this list of 14th birthday party ideas has provided you with some inspiration, and maybe even a booking at a super cool birthday party venue through Peerspace that your teen will love!

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