12 Beautiful Commitment Ceremony Ideas

Commitment ceremonies are a beautiful way to show your commitment to your partner without dealing with the paperwork headache of a legally binding marriage. Here are our top 12 commitment ceremony ideas for a perfect day of sharing your love with your significant other! 

1. Rent a Peerspace venue

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One of the first things to think about when planning a commitment ceremony is where you want to host it! Whether you are looking for a private mountain retreat with acres of gorgeous riverfront views for your ceremony or your very own slice of Malibu paradise for your big day, you can find it on Peerspace. Peerspace offers spaces for every occasion— regardless of the size or location of your ceremony. You can search by filters, like having your ceremony in an outdoor beach or desert setting, by space type (how about a mansion, quaint home, or outdoor space for your ceremony?), or even by certain amenities (gazebo, anyone?). Once you’ve found the perfect venue for your commitment ceremony, reach out to the host with any questions you may have, select your dates, and book!

2. Hire a photographer

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Regardless of the commitment ceremony ideas you choose to include in your big day, make sure you have a photographer there to capture the moments. Ensure you find the right photographer for your ceremony by asking these 10 important questions and agreeing to price terms before the event. If you are looking for photographers in your area, Peerspace may already have some options for you! We have recommendations for photographers in Scottsdale, Reno, Little Rock, and more! You can find all our photographer recommendations here

3. Opt for an unconventional officiant

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The great thing about commitment ceremonies is that they don’t require an ordained officiant. Your officiant can literally be anyone you want it to be— including yourselves! If you are looking for something more elopement style, there is no reason to bring along an officiant to do the work yourself. Other fun options might be having your officiant be one of your closest friends, family members, or even pets!

4. Just the two of us

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Not only aren’t officiants necessary… you also don’t need witnesses for your commitment ceremony. This is the truest form of elopement you can get— no one but you and your partner around for the “I do’s”! This is a great option for an intimate ceremony that you can choose to clue family and friends in on whenever you please. And it means as long as you are both capable of getting to the destination— the world is your oyster for the location of your commitment ceremony. Say your vows as you paraglide through the mountains or as you bask in the sun on a deserted island you boated over to. When it’s just the two of you, the commitment ceremony ideas are endless!

5. Incorporate wedding traditions

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Just because you aren’t getting a legally binding marriage doesn’t mean you can’t partake in all the wedding traditions! Nothing is stopping you from walking down the aisle, having a bridal party, wearing a white dress or tuxedo— you can do whatever you please during your commitment ceremony. Check out our list of unity ceremony ideas for inspiration on incorporating your culture or adding a unique flair to show your commitment.

6. Shout it from the mountain tops

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Make your guests work for their attendance (if you choose to have guests)! Hike to the top of your favorite mountain and shout your love for each other from the mountain tops … or whisper them quietly, up to you!

7. No formalities needed

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With commitment ceremonies, there are no rules! Want to say vows? Go for it! Don’t? That’s fine too! One of the great things about commitment ceremonies is that you can skip all the formalities of a legally binding union and focus on commitment ceremony ideas that mean the most to you are your partner.

8. Promote your favorite cause

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Rather than accepting wedding gifts at your commitment ceremony, consider asking your guests to give to a cause you and your partner both believe in! A few ideas are an LGBTQ+ shelter in your area, a local animal rescue, or Wish Upon A Wedding, a non-profit that grants weddings and renewals for couples facing serious illness.

9. Surprise!

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This is one of those commitment ceremony ideas that you want to be pretty sure of your partner’s reaction before you try and pull it off! Plan out your commitment ceremony and surprise your spouse with it. You could incorporate it into a special event that’s already planned, like their birthday party or college graduation) or have it be a surprise ceremony with just the two of you!

10. Wear what makes you happy

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There is no dress code for a commitment ceremony so wear what makes you happy! Have an outfit you absolutely love to see your partner in? Ask them to wear it! Would you rather be comfortable than stylish? Go for it! You could even say your vows in your swimsuit if you want!

11. Sing your vows

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If you’ve got talent, show it off! What’s a unique way to share your vows with your partner than giving it your all with a performance?! Singing your vows would be a fun and memorable way to share your love for your partner if you feel comfortable with the idea!

12. Better together

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Why stop the fun after the ceremony? Imagine the perfect day with your partner. What does it look like? What would you be doing? Whatever those quirky, fun, and unique activities to your relationship are — make sure you do them on your big day! We gave you commitment ceremony ideas. Now it’s time to start planning out the rest of the day with memories that will last a lifetime!

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