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The 11 Best Philadelphia Family Photographers

The City of Brotherly love is one of the oldest cities in the country. As such, it has had a long time to develop its own culture. And, of course, it’s close enough to other major cultural centers that new developments in the art and photography world take root here quickly. The best Philadelphia family photographers are operating at the forefront of their industry, and they’re totally in control of their craft. A family photoshoot is a wonderful way to spend time with your relatives, so if you’re considering it, we recommend you dive in. Without further ado, here are the 11 best Philadelphia family photographers.

1. The Hursts & Co.

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The married duo of Krista and Mike put out work that’s very in touch with current trends in family photography. They use hip, selective color palettes to give things a very Instagram-ready feel, and they choose angles and compositions that are fun and eye-catching. Their family photography has a natural vibe to it, as if they’re capturing perfect little moments to have and hold forever. Even with in-studio posed photography, they’re able to retain the authenticity of those family interactions.

2. Lindsay Cope

You can’t talk about the best Philadelphia family photographers without mentioning Lindsay Cope. Her images are bright and lively, full of afternoon sunlight and genuine smiles. Elegant, minimalist color choices in her clients’ surroundings, clothing suggestions, and post-processing color correction all combine to create the kind of bright, cheerful photography that’s tailor made for magazines and Pinterest boards.

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3. Morgan Ellis

Above all, Morgan Ellis values intimacy and shoots to document those “in-between” moments. Yes, there are momentous occasions that encapsulate a family’s history — the weddings, the births, the graduations, etc. But the fabric of family life is stitched between those big days, in the little moments of authentic interaction that happen all day long. Ellis has made a specialty out of chronicling those, and she brings a warm style to it, filled with peachy skin tones and earth tone color palettes. Much of her work is shot outdoors using natural light, and she excels at waterside shoots.

4. Lucy Baber

There are a lot of family photographers who slap the same hipster Lightroom preset on each photo and call it a day. The practiced eye can see it a mile away. Lucy Baber isn’t that kind of photographer, and you can tell by the way each photograph pops in its own way, how each image looks uniquely beautiful. We love her colorful, bold choices. Baber prefers getting out and about in Philadelphia over working in a studio and invites her families to get active in front of the camera. Whether it’s playing in the park, sharing an ice cream cone, or rolling in the leaves, the sense of play and fun shine through. They’re the kind of images that are going to draw a smile decades from now.

5. Ann Blake

Ann Blake is a nurse as well as a photographer, and her scientific background informs her creative process. She says she observes, understands, and documents. And that understanding is the key. When you get a sense for who family members really are, the photographic process blossoms, and you’re more readily able to capture them authentically. Blake leverages classic fine art compositions and clean, minimalist color schemes to give her work a timeless feel. It’s going to look just as great to your grandkids as it does to you.

6. Alison Dunn Photography

Alison Dunn nails it with that kind of sun-dappled golden hour natural light photography most of us can’t get enough of. She likes to keep things stress-free and playful, and her laid-back attitude puts clients at ease. Her illustrative style is evocative and feels photojournalistic, even when she’s gently guiding her subjects. That authenticity is the mark of a rock solid family photographer.

7. Carolyn Clement

Carolyn Clement specializes in charming family sessions that are distinctly Philadelphian. She loves shooting at Rittenhouse Square and Washington Square, where the surroundings make it easy to find the good light and shoot comfortably but still retain that big city feeling. She guides families in the beginning of sessions, giving them a bit of direction, but as the shoot goes on she fades further into the background, allowing family interactions to take their course. Since children are unpredictable, she also has the good instinct to follow their interests, which can lead to some delightful situations.

8. Heather McBride

Heather McBride’s creative instincts place her firmly among the best Philaelphia family photographers. McBride doesn’t go into sessions with a rigid idea of the shots she wants — instead, she urges families to be themselves, and she lets the shots present themselves. Her philosophy is that “photos should be something that you get to do.” We love that she utilizes creative compositions and framing, and that her post-processing is stylish without being inauthentic. She’s one to watch.

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9. Amanda Crowley

Amanda Crowley chases the golden hour light, then leverages classic compositional techniques, soft selective focus, and a bit of creative vignetting to create timeless family photographs. Like many strong family photographers, she really takes the time to make sure she’s on the same page as her clients before the shoot, ensuring they get what they want out of it. Then, after a little initial guidance and posing, she encourages them to be themselves and works the shutter.

10. Scott Burkett

Scott Burkett has stellar adaptability and range. Outside the studio, he snaps shots that perfectly encapsulate the little moments families share, especially siblings. His colors are well-saturated and crisp, helping the images pop off the screen or page. In the studio, he’s a master at dramatic, evocative lighting setups. He’s not just one of the best Philadelphia family photographers — he’s also carving out a name for himself in NYC, LA, Miami, and abroad.

11. Veronika Paluch

Veronika Paluch has a crisp, minimalist style that turns families into timeless works of art. She often photographs families in crisp green surroundings, and this — coupled with her personal style — lends the work a fairy tale feeling. If you want photographs that are chic and stylish but glow with a little magic, Veronika Paluch may be the photographer for you.

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