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8 Great Corporate Event Planners in Washington, DC

A lot goes into planning the perfect corporate event. For example, a planner must carefully considering the venue, food, schedule of events, lights, A/V equipment, entertainment, and so much more. When your business needs to throw an attention-grabbing event, it can be a lifesaver to hire a corporate event planner in Washington, DC. This is especially true if they intimately know the area and boast a proven track record of planning high-profile and well-received corporate events.

Washington, DC, is a highly competitive place. You have to be willing to leave no stone unturned to guarantee your success. All eight of the amazing event planners on this list have proven themselves in the high-stakes environment of Washington, DC. You can trust them to plan a corporate event that makes a difference to you and your company.

1. Peerspace

If you’re currently planning your own corporate event, we’ve got good news for you: Peerspace has made it easier than ever for you to execute an unforgettable experience in D.C. First of all, Peerspace is the largest online peer-to-peer marketplace for event space rentals. You will not find a better selection of huge warehouses, opulent gallery spaces, intimate penthouses, magical outdoor garden spaces, and other venues that really capture the imagination. And, as everyone knows, once you’ve got the right space, you’ve already won half the battle.

And Peerspace now makes the rest of planning an event much easier, too — because, in addition to our venues, we have a super-talented Concierge team that can help with basically everything else: finding catering, renting furniture and A/V equipment, and much more. If you’re willing to do some of the planning, but would also love a team to help with the details and heavy lifting — check out what we at Peerspace can do.

2. Couture By Design Events

Couture By Design is a well-known corporate event planner in Washington, DC. They seem to be the go-to corporate event planning company when diplomats and foreign foundations want to throw an event in D.C. — which means they’re used to planning high-stakes events. Couture By Design implements great attention to detail when planning corporate events, galas, and special affairs featuring members of foreign governments. Not every corporate event planner is so skilled in creating an atmosphere of relaxation and opulence.

3. William Milligan Events

William Milligan Events is known for throwing some of the most enjoyable and exciting events in town. They have nearly two decades of experience planning corporate, networking, and business development events, as well as political fundraisers. This means you can trust that they know how to plan events that are attended by VIPs. Whether you’re planning an educational team-building retreat or a big event to launch a product or forge new partnerships, William Milligan and his team are your ideal partners.

4. Evoke D.C.

Evoke D.C. is another one of the most trusted corporate event planners in Washington, DC — trusted by the likes of Porche, Toyota, SpaceX, and Google to put together engaging and gorgeous. The team at Evoke D.C. (by the way — the D.C. stands for “Design & Creative”) are each uniquely talented and, when they’re working together, they put on events that win. If you want to plan a corporate event that lodges your business’s name in peoples’ minds forever, check out Evoke D.C.

5. The DC Event Planner

The DC Event Planner offers a full range of corporate event planning services. They boast experience planning everything from industry award shows and product launches to trade shows and networking luncheons. They’ve even planned huge corporate golf tournaments. With every event they plan, the DC Event Planner team shows a remarkable attention to detail.

Past clients include Marriot, Burger King, and HBCU Wall Street — among many other organizations. If you’re looking for a team that can help you plan a superb corporate event, try the DC Event Planner. They’ve proven again and again to that no event is too large or complicated for their team.

6. Creating Environments

Creating Environments really stands out among corporate event planners in Washington, DC. In addition, they’re totally dedicated to planning one-of-a-kind events and focused on eliminating food waste at corporate events. Many event planners have the tendency to provide excess food and drink hoping that the image of abundance will add to the atmosphere of the party. But when it’s all said and done — do they have a plan for the leftovers?

Creating Environments understands that as corporate event planners, they have a responsibility to make their work less wasteful, and they take this quite seriously. If you love great corporate events and are serious about sustainability, Creating Environments could be a great fit.

7. SG3 Events

SG3 Events is a great partner to help you plan a memorable corporate event. Their team is extremely detail-oriented, meaning everything goes as planned on the day of your event — and should anything go wrong, SG3 has a backup plan! Additionally, their event planning experience is so varied that you could throw an event as large or as small as you like.

Best of all, company’s strong relationships with venues and vendors are likely to save you time and money. And their exquisite taste makes it likely you’ll wow your guests — whether you’re planning an intimate night of cocktails or an all-out celebration.

8. Event Planning DC

Event Planning DC (not to be confused with the DC Event Planner) are mostly known for their wedding-planning work. However, their corporate and non-profit event planning are also well-regarded. Their extensive background in wedding-planning simply means they have the scoop on all the best vendors and venues in town. So, whether you’re throwing a product launch party, a networking event with the best sushi, or an off-site event at a trade show, Event Planning DC can help you impress your guests.

If you are an event planner yourself or thinking of taking on the task of executing a corporate experience, head over to Peerspace for inspiration. Selecting your event space is a very large part of planning a successful event. Once you’ve done that, things get a lot easier — especially if you use Peerspace’s Concierge team, which essentially empowers you to be your own event planner.

In Washington, DC, there’s always an amazing event going on. So, our last bit of advice: next time you’re at an event you’re genuinely enjoying — whether it’s a conference, party, wedding, or ceremony –– ask the host which corporate event planning company they contracted. Don’t be surprised if the name they give you is already on this list.

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