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The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Atlanta

Atlanta is a hotbed for creativity, so if you’re looking for incredible corporate video production, you’re in the right place. As one of the largest cities in the US, Atlanta is home to incredible talent across the spectrum. And as a national center for cinema and television production for decades, the metro area draws creatives from all over the world to live and work here. If you need proof, simply take a look at our list of the top Atlanta video production companies.

It’s no surprise then, that some of the most visionary people to ever be behind the camera call this city home. And thankfully, you don’t have to be Marvel Studios to hire excellent talent — plenty of incredible professionals offer their services to companies small and large.

1. Loud South Productions

Loud South puts your company’s vision first. With their balanced approach, never losing sight of creative vision or your core message, they create stunning visuals. Loud South ties their success to their clients’ success, diving headfirst into projects, investing everything they have into making an incredible end product.

Driven by their strong work ethic and a desire to only deliver the best, Loud South is an excellent choice for any company looking to build a lasting relationship with creatives who can consistently deliver beautiful and effective content. They’re a storytelling-forward company, always focusing on the way the narrative affects the audience’s impression, and that’s a strategy that works time and time again.

2. FUGO Studios

Years of experience working on thousands of projects has forged the team at FUGO Studios into one of the most well-oiled machines among Atlanta video production companies. Working with the highest-quality equipment available and employing cutting-edge techniques, FUGO Studios is able to deliver video that is stylish, impactful, and detail-oriented.

Keep in mind, however, that gear and techniques don’t automatically equate to great content, so FUGO Studios routinely begins with a strong concept and a healthy dose of brainstorming. Their creativity in this department is endless, and their award-winning work proves it.

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3. Crisp Video

Crisp Video is intimately familiar with the value of high-quality work that wields the power to drive growth, engage new customers, and give clients a solid return on investment. Their large, talented team can deliver on projects of any size, possessing the skills needed to take your message from concept to execution and deliver a final video that fits your needs perfectly.

The Crisp Video crew is especially talented in helping businesses grow market share, even if they are smaller or competing with companies with more resources. Their work is a great force multiplier for your brand, and they’re one of the top Atlanta video production companies in the field today. Look to Crisp Video for energetic, modern productions with loads of personality, anything but the dry corporate offerings of yesteryear.

4. Chosen Productions

Operating out of Atlanta and Chattanooga, TN, Chosen Productions sees their work with clients as a full partnership, from the initial concept to the delivery of the end product. Combining corporate video services with aerial video and photography, they’re well-equipped to create exactly what you’re looking for, whatever that may be.

The team at Chosen Productions is constantly challenging themselves, developing new techniques and perpetually climbing the ladder to become the most formidable in their field. From their video production skills to creative training sessions and social strategy services, Chosen Productions is a one-stop shop for all of your brand’s needs.

5. Radiant3

The award-winning work produced by Radiant3 is simply stunning. Their high-end, high-production value work will wow customers and thrill businesses, as it boasts that attention-grabbing factor that corporate video production benefits from. Proudly minority-owned with a diverse team of experts, Radiant3 brings a ton of creativity and vision to each project they work on.

Plenty of their clients agree, including UPS, McDonald’s, AT&T, and the OWN Network. In business since 2008, Radiant3 is completely equipped to deliver incredible video that fits the specific needs of their clients. With consistent excellency in content creation and attention to detail, Radiant3 is, without a doubt, one of the best Atlanta video production companies available today.

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6. Atlanta Business Video

Roger Stix founded Atlanta Business Video in 2008, and his dynamic team has grown a lot since those early days. Back then, video was just beginning to take off online, and high-quality content wasn’t easily accessible to smaller businesses. Atlanta Business Video found a way to deliver high-quality work at an affordable rate.

Even after a dozen years in the biz, they’ve never lost sight of that original goal: helping businesses that may have fewer resources compete online. With a total commitment to customer service, Atlanta Business Video routinely delivers exactly what you need.

7. Robbs Photos

Robbs Photos is a family-owned and operated full-service visual business. They provide quality photography, boasting a ton of talent when it comes to providing corporate video services. Twenty years of experience has made Robbs Photos an expert at the craft, and whether their team is covering a small corporate event or a Super Bowl, they can handle any project.

With a great eye for branding and message, the crew at Robbs Photos meticulously captures all the details that make your message clear. Whether it’s a wrap-up reel or a promotional video, they’ll come through every time with an effective end product.

8. The DVI Group

The award-winning DVI Group knows firsthand that today, audiences expect phenomenal video from companies and brands. Tailoring their services to each company’s unique needs, DVI creates compelling content that conveys your unique story. Ample planning and outlining of goals ensures DVI is in the best position to take on your project without any problems coming up.

For them, the audience is at the core of their work — they’re primarily creating content for your customers. Innovative and detail-oriented, DVI puts their 19 years of experience to work creating clean, clear, and effective content ideal for any brand. And there are many clients that can attest to DVI’s expertise, including Delta Air Lines, Kodak, and Mercedes-Benz.

If you’ve ever lived in Atlanta, you know this is a serious city for business. Atlanta’s got some unstoppable creative power, talented individuals who hustle to get the job done bigger and better. That’s a powerful combination for anyone looking for creative work, and these Atlanta video production companies are standing by to show you what they can do.

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