The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Chicago

Looking to partner with one of the top Chicago video production companies but don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place since Chicago’s finest production companies are what we at Peerspace highlight below! Incorporating video content into your digital media strategy is more important in this modern age than ever before, and we expect that trend to continue in the years ahead.

Luckily, the Windy City boasts a wealth of talented creative professionals, especially filmmakers and other visual artists. So it only makes sense there are many Chicago video production companies out there taking brands further than their clients have ever thought possible. Why should your company be any different? Without further ado, check out a few of our favorite video production companies in Chicago.

1. Demo Duck

Specializing in creating effective animated explainer videos, Demo Duck essentially creates media that bring your company’s personality to life. Comprising a small team of wildly talented and ambitious creatives, Demo Duck has produced corporate videos for nearly a decade.

They’ve worked with plenty of established organizations and businesses across a variety of industries, such as Lenovo (as seen in the above featured video), IBM, Zocdoc, Netflix, and GEICO, just to name a few. As far as Chicago video production companies go, the crew at Demo Duck is the real deal.

2. Bottle Rocket Media

Award-winning Chicago video production company Bottle Rocket Media is at the top of their game. A full-service production agency based in Fulton Market, Bottle Rocket specializes in video production and motion graphics. Committed to authentic storytelling, the Bottle Rocket team has robust experience in collaborating on projects involving broadcast television, filmmaking, and agency work.

From Dyson to United, their formidable list of clients doesn’t stop there. Check out their impressive their portfolio to see for yourself.

3. JV Studios

Founded by two brothers, John and Vince Pinto, JV Studios is one of the most innovative Chicago video production companies. What began as a simple vision in 2012 has expanded into a dynamic company entrusted by big-name brands from Google to The Four Seasons, Sephora, and beyond. After all, the detail-oriented Pinto brothers do shoot with the newest and most cutting-edge, high-tech equipment.

JV Studios collabs with clients throughout the creative process, allowing them to pitch in their ideas instead of going full-steam ahead without that connection. A job well done by JV Studios doesn’t end when the cameras are turned off. As a result, they see a lot of returning customers. Will you be next?

4. Lemonlight

Lemonlight isn’t just in demand; they’re on demand, too. Focusing primarily on digital video content such as how-tos, crowdfunding videos, and social media stories, they provide affordable, high-quality work for any brand or company that’s in the market. Whether you have 10 employees or 1000, the Lemonlight team is prepared to treat you and your project like it’s the only one they have.

What began as a self-funded and self-marketed business now has clients in the biggest of fields, from Hyatt to Amazon, and their work is just getting better and better. Think of what they could do for your company with one of their excellent corporate videos.

5. Indrik.TV

Producer and owner of Indrik TV Dmitri Yakovlev built his company to effectively tell people’s stories through the medium of video. Formerly known as Imagination to Capture, Dmitri and his agile team aim to create engaging videos that keep the audience keenly in mind. Consequently, each video produced by Indrik shares a unique cinematic quality that keeps things fresh and relevant.

In short, this creative crew lives to make films that matter. According to them, “With over 10 years of creative, narrative, and commercial experience, we feel like we can say that we are experts in making the creative processes feel easy.”

6. Cultivate

Chicago-based creative agency Cultivate has its fingers on the pulse of innovation. Along with creating memorable brand strategies, marketing campaigns, and app designs for clients, Cultivate makes some of the most of-the-moment visuals in the Midwest. They know what viewers are looking for and, as a result, are mindful of how to inspire by creating compelling content. Cultivate’s corporate videos aren’t like any others we’ve seen — they’re as contemporary as their digital marketing tactics. The work’s stylish, never stuffy, and always arresting. What can be better than that?

7. Pink Hippo Productions

Trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands — such as TikTok, Disney, and Target, to name a few — Pink Hippo Productions brings heaps of personality to the table. In the words of the Pink Hippo crew, “Our creative team isn’t afraid to get in the mud — that’s how we keep your work so cool. It’s in our nature to make it all about what you do and how your product works, that’s the law of the jungle.”

Their engaging corporate videos are multidimensional and full of life. In fact, we never thought we’d see corporate videos this shareable.

8. Pepper Group

To get straight to the point, Pepper Group is hot. The team boasts some of the sharpest talent from the Chicago area. Among their lengthy client list are names like Navistar, Domino, Meyer, and RedMane — Pepper Group delivers high-quality, creative marketing to each of them.

With over 25 years in the business, Pepper Group has plenty of experience in corporate video production and HR, but they’ve also moved and grown with the times. What started out as a one-man marketing company is now a renowned team of professionals led by that man himself. Unsurprisingly, they’re one of the most notable Chicago video production companies.

Bonus: K3 Video Production

K3 Video Production, also known as Chicago Video Production, is a Chicago-based company that produces snazzy corporate and social media videos. They do this so effectively by first talking to you and discovering everything necessary about your brand. They then develop a strategy that will be the blueprint for your video, ensuring that they hit your talking points while executing eye-catching media.

Along with classic branding videos, K3 Video Production can also create animated videos. Whatever it takes to reach your audience, consider them up for the task.

Chicago video production companies: conclusion

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These cutting-edge creative agencies have the drive and experience to turn their clients’ brands into country-wide success stories. And the same goes for your biz. If you’re looking to inspire your staff as well as up your reach, hiring one of these incredible corporate video production companies in Chicago to step in and help should be on your list of priorities today.

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