The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Washington, DC

Whether you helm a campaign, a nonprofit, or are looking for a way to get your company values across to a wider audience in an emotionally compelling way, working with a corporate video production company is a surefire move to boost your brand. Although there are a number of criteria that every video production company must meet in order to be competitive, you might prefer working with one biz over another depending on your project goals. To help you choose the studio or agency that’s best for you, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite corporate video production companies in Washington, DC. Enjoy!

1. LAI Video

Brilliant storytellers at heart, the LAI Video team specializes in creating game-changing marketing campaigns via the medium of videos in particular, hence their name. With their HQ in Washington, DC, and an additional office in Chicago, this full-service video production agency has far-reaching influence, creating robust, customized videos for a diverse roster of clients, from trade associations, nonprofits, corporations, and those involved in academia. A division of larger firm Leading Authorities, Inc., LAI Video aims to help clients anticipate the unexpected and embrace possibility.  

2. SkipperFilms

Founded in 2013 by A/V pro and filmmaker Billy “Skipper” Hughes, SkipperFilms strives to “build dreams, conceptualize, and bring those visions you’ve always had for your company to reality.” When a visitor lands on SkipperFilm’s homepage, they’re immediately greeted with a photo of the team that segues into a compelling and vibrant video sequence. It’s evident that this powerhouse creative team works together in harmony, brainstorming and collaborating to achieve the objectives of the larger picture. With such a profound first impression, we feel confident that every video they craft will be as sharp, stylish, and lovingly considered as the work their homepage. Though based in Leesburg, VA, SkipperFilm serves the greater DMV area.

3. Foundation Digital Media

Ever versatile and forward-thinking, Foundation Digital Media comprises an Emmy award-winning team of photojournalists and editors, as well as Murrow award-winning producers. It’s no wonder that they excel in executing engaging, documentary-style media, such as such as marketing campaigns and corporate training videos, for a variety of organizations. Of course, the team at Foundation Digital Media understands that at the core of every effective video is narrative, however subtly it reveals itself. 

4. PulseCinema

While watching PulseCinema’s campaign for Country Fresh Mushroom Company, our mouths watered and we recommitted to cutting our meat consumption. That’s some pretty powerful storytelling in an under two minites. It is storytelling at its finest: the damp fresh-tilled earth ready for fungus, an insect’s-eye view of mushrooms finely chopped on a beautiful wooden cutting board, and finally the sautéed mushrooms plated with care. We see the full story of that piece of food, all of it refreshingly natural and wholesome. In short, that’s a brilliant and simple way to communicate their client’s brand. Founded in 2001 and led by filmmaker extraordinaire Chris McGuinness, this outstanding video production company values honesty and emotional impact.

5. TalkingTree Creative

With an office in Baltimore and another in our nation’s capital, award-winning TalkingTree Creative aims to create noteworthy campaigns, conveying each client’s message in the most effective way so as to inspire action. Describing themselves as using a Strategic Creative process, “a complex strategy utilizing tried and true methods of getting through to people on an emotional level,” they produce unforgettable, dynamic experiences. The team has worked effectively with many NGOs and government entities across the country.

6. 5:00 Films and Media

In 2004, 5:00 Films and Media started as a small boutique media house, focusing on creating effective campaigns for nonprofits and individuals who have a cause they believe in. Since then, the 5:00 Films team has grown substantially, but their mission stays the same: produce story-driven work that helps you help the world. For organizations that may be budget-conscious, take note that 5:00 Films and Media explicitly makes it part of their mission to work with you to stretch your budget in order to spread a worthwhile message.

7. Storyfarm

Storyfarm’s name says it all: this young, diverse group of talented individuals churns out one compelling short-form story after another for big names, such as Pepsi and Uber, and local nonprofits alike. Every single time, their aim is clear and the human touch is never obscured. With one Peabody and 16 regional Emmys under their collective belt, Storyfarm works with clients to develop concepts far beyond client expectations. That’s what makes them one of the top corporate video production companies in Washington, DC, and Baltimore.

8. Early Light Media

Early Light Media boasts a memorable logo that’s bright, electric yellow. Also, the first phrase one encounters on their website is, “Capture the Human Experience.” If Early Light Media’s self-branding is any indication of their ability to get the spirit of an organization, campaign, or company across, then you’ll be in good hands. This team considers themselves artists, first and foremost, and the artist’s eye for detail and sense of play shines through every piece of work they produce. 

Whether you’re trying to sell a product to make the world a better place or communicating a certain message, surely one of these Washington, DC corporate video production companies is right for you, your goals, and your organization.

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