How Much Does It Cost to Rent Space in a Mall Food Court?

If you’d like to establish your own prepared food operation in a mall and run a lucrative business for years to come, here are the key details on renting a space in a mall food court. We’ll tell you why it’s worth renting space in a mall food court, how you go about the rental process, and most importantly, the answer to the titular question: “How much does it cost to rent space in a mall food court?”

In addition to malls, we’ll provide a number of appealing alternative options when it comes to having your own restaurant that you can rent on Peerspace. Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, making it easy for you to discover and book all types of unique venues.

For instance, you can rent a retail space or a commercial kitchen on Peerspace that has everything you need, minus the lease and other legal documents that go with renting a space in a mall food court. All of our spaces are owned and operated by local hosts who strive to make your experience in their spaces as perfect as possible.

So then, we will also present the question: How much does it cost to rent these spaces on Peerspace?


Retail spaces and commercial kitchens on Peerspace cost about $95-$125 per hour.

We understand that it can be confusing when you need to book a mall food court space. Luckily, as the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we at Peerspace can shine a light on some of your concerns. Ahead, we’ll address everything you need to know about renting space in a mall food court. We’ll also present viable options that may be better suited to your brand, personal taste, and budget. Let’s go!

Why should you rent space in a mall food court?

indoor and outdoor space ooozing with style
Source: Peerspace

Malls can be incredibly lucrative locations for restaurateurs. They typically have consistent visitors at the various stores throughout the building who are bound to get hungry at some point during their day of shopping.

A mall food court may seem appealing as you don’t want to have your restaurant in an out-of-the-way location. It’s much better to situate yourself in a high-traffic area such as a mall food court.

Visitors will spot your restaurant as they’re getting hungry and be drawn to it, helping you to make big profits. If they’re happy with their food, they may also seek out your restaurant next time they’re at the mall (and even bring their friends!), earning you return customers as well as new ones.

Likewise, in bustling cities like Los Angeles, foodies can often discover underrated and hidden culinary gems in assuming strip malls and food courts.

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What alternatives are there to mall food courts?

elegant event space with cafe and commercial kitchen
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In the pandemic era, malls are no longer the most popular spaces in towns and cities. This isn’t a huge surprise, considering that shoppers are more interested in personalized experiences versus big-box experiences these days.

Tap into this interest by hosting your culinary event in a more unique, personalized space. You can host a popup at pretty much any location as long as it has a kitchen and is sufficiently safe and clean.

But how do you find such spaces?

Enter Peerspace

To locate spaces with commercial kitchens, search on Peerspace, the most comprehensive marketplace for event spaces on the internet. Easy to search, and easy to browse, the site offers thousands of event spaces for rent across hundreds of cities throughout the country and beyond.

There are numerous other kinds of rental spaces with kitchens for food preparation. These can make great locations for things like popup restaurants, where you build buzz for your brand by drawing in customers with delicious short-term offerings. When people know a restaurant’s offerings won’t be available in a location in the long run, they’re more likely to try to get to them when they can.

Chefs often use popup restaurants as a means of testing out longer-term possibilities. They can also showcase their skills for a gourmet-leaning audience, or just temporarily provide exciting, unique, and/or high-end offerings at a more affordable price. After all, long-term rent isn’t contributing to the cost of food. 

To keep up with the dizzying array of popup events, check out a helpful resource like Popup Restaurants. It helps track different ones across the country, so you can make your own popup easy to find and book.

Remember, using a platform like Peerspace allows you to easily secure a commercial kitchen and similar spaces by the hour. Ahead, we’ll discuss some wonderful options you can book through Peerspace.

Which type of event spaces can I rent on Peerspace?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent Space in a Mall Food Court
Source: Peerspace

So what types of mall food court space alternatives can you discover on Peerspace? Here are some great examples of event spaces with commercial kitchens.

A Manhatten marvel

First off, how about this cool street-level studio event venue in Midtown Manhattan? It’s perfect for pop-up restaurants and shops and includes tons of seating and A/V equipment.

Just check out what a business owner like yourself had to say about their experience here. “This space was great, it was extremely clean and looked exactly as described. The host Hanna was AMAZING, he set up tables for me and the chairs, he answered all questions and was very accommodating, my Welcoming Dinner was amazing and everyone loved it, I will definitely recommend and book this space again. Thank you Hanna I really appreciate everything.”

It is only $65 per hour and has a three-hour rental minimum.

A Maryland church setting

Looking for a spacious event venue steeped in vibes? Then how about this beautiful and historic church in Bethesda, MD? Along with a commercial kitchen, you can make use of the space’s large hall, lobby, stage, speakers, and seating equipment.

It is $300 per hour and has a six-hour rental minimum.

Super chic in Chicago

Are you located in the Midwest? Then how about this chic, intimate space perfect for tastings, popup events, and demos in the greater Chicago area? It comes with a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, high-tech gadgets for demonstrations and presentations, and event staff!

Overall, one Peerspace reviewer summed up her experience here as: “Amazing space and wonderful host! Very responsive and helpful. 10/10 would book again!”

It is $250 per hour and has a five-hour rental minimum.

Splendid in San Francisco

We also love this Clubhouse with full kitchen setup in San Francisco’s Design District. It’s a stylish venue for up to 50 guests that includes plenty of comfy seating, a decked-out kitchen, TVs, pre-set music stations, and an outdoor patio.

It is $120 per hour and has a two-hour rental minimum.

All the amenities in Atlanta

This Beltline modern loft space in Atlanta makes the perfect spot for a commercial kitchen event. It boasts a black and white palette, space for 50 guests, an open floor plan, and of course, a massive professional kitchen. The host is happy to help redesign the space to suit your event.

Check out what a chef said in their Peerspace review after booking this event space: “Wonderful space + experience, worked perfectly for my pop-up dinner. Hosts were available and helpful, had tables & chairs ready for the event. Space was clean and in a great location, would 100% book again!”

It is only $75 per hour and has a two-hour rental minimum.

Truly elegant in Toronto

Finally, check out this gorgeous corporate event space in Toronto, Ontario. It’s an exclusive business lounge available for your private event after 5 p.m. Along with the fully-functional kitchen, you can make use of the bar and the comfy seating while enjoying the city views.

It is CA$250 per hour and has a four-hour rental minimum.

Learn more about where to rent a commercial kitchen by the hour here!

How much does it cost to rent space in a mall food court: conclusion

How Much Does It Cost to Rent Space in a Mall Food Court
Source: Peerspace

Now you know everything about renting space in a mall food court and its alternatives. And don’t forget about the option that offers you more versatility and less of a lasting commitment — a stunning Peerspace rental! After all, there are so many fabulous spaces to be found on Peerspace — the only limit is your imagination.

You can book a space by the hour that includes all the pro equipment and space you need. And since there are no contracts, membership fees, or commitments, you can book as frequently or infrequently as you like! Plus, if your venue needs anything extra, contact the venue’s local host and see if they will arrange for it on your behalf.

Figuring out how much it costs to rent space in a mall food court and actually doing it can be challenging. However, Peerspace makes booking practical and beautiful spaces a breeze.

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