13 Creative Roblox Party Ideas

Need a few cute and clever Roblox party ideas? We get it! Roblox is one of the most popular online games ever. Kids can create and play their own games on a network with tons of other passionate fans.

If you’re looking for ways to make your child’s next birthday party stand out, Peerspace is here to help. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we make it easy to discover and book sensational spaces ideal for all of your personal and professional events, even kids’ parties. There are Peerspaces in cities across the globe, all owned by locals who can lend a hand with party planning.

Along with providing you access to amazing party spaces, we’re also here to share amazing party ideas! Here are 13 creative Roblox party ideas that they’re sure to love. 

1. Decorate with blox

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No party is complete without plenty of decorations! Set the perfect stage for the party by decorating your venue with Roblox party supplies. Banners, balloons, and streamers can help transform an ordinary venue into a vivid party environment.

To make your decor stand out, try to find a venue with neutral tones, like this event space in Chicago. It’s a private dance studio and event space with more than 3,500 square feet of open space. While here, enjoy the rustic exposed brick walls, classic dance studio mirror wall, tables and chairs, sound system, and party lighting. Kids and parents alike will love it!

2. Play Roblox on the big screen

warm and spacious theater in braintree
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Your child might be an expert at playing Roblox on PC or console, but have they ever played it on the big screen?

Set up a gaming projector and let your child and their friends play Roblox like they never have before. Make set up and take down easy on yourself by hosting the party at a Peerspace theater, like this cozy space in Braintree, MA. You can find similar spaces in cities across the globe by clicking here and entering your location.

3. Stage a Roblox photoshoot

pre-lit soundproof greenscreen studio in burbank
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Roblox party ideas like this will give you and your child an awesome memory. Stage a Roblox-inspired photoshoot for your child’s birthday. You can have them pose with Roblox-inspired props, or even photoshop them into their favorite locations in the game by shooting at a greenscreen studio, like this one in Burbank, CA

You can also include your child’s friends in the photoshoot fun and celebrate with Roblox birthday cake afterward! 

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4. Host a Roblox costume contest 

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This is a great Roblox party idea for kids who love to play dress-up. 

Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite Roblox character or as their avatar in the game. To make things more interesting, you could even host a costume contest and hand out a prize to the best-dressed guest.

Keep an eye out for party venues with stages where you can host the contest, like this independent studio hire in London, UK. It’s a fun theatrical space that kids will adore!

5. Create a Roblox game together 

Roblox Party Ideas
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One of the defining features of Roblox is the ability to create your very own game in Roblox Studio. So why not workshop a Roblox game at the party? While you might not finish the game in one day, you could brainstorm ideas or lay the foundations for an awesome game that your child can finish on their own time. 

To get everyone working together, you could host in a Peerspace computer lab, like this one in Columbia, MD. It’s a great Roblox party idea for the up-and-coming game devs in your life.

6. Decorate Roblox-inspired treats 

chef's kitchen for demos or photos
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Every good party needs treats. Your child’s Roblox party calls for a special Roblox birthday cake. You could order a cake at a bakery, make it yourself, or even make Roblox cupcakes for easy snacking at the party. 

To take it to the next level, allow your guests to decorate their own Roblox-inspired cupcakes in a Peerspace kitchen, like this chef’s kitchen in Golden, CO.

7. Host a virtual party 

Roblox Party Ideas
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Who says you have to be all in the same room to show off your incredible Roblox party ideas? Host a virtual Roblox party for your child’s friends, and have them chat via webcam. There’s even a Roblox “party place” specially made for online get-togethers. 

It’s a great Roblox party idea for kids who want to celebrate with friends in different cities. But you could also make the occasion even more special by taking your child and some in-person friends to a gaming center, like this sweet spot in Los Alamitos, CA. It lays claim to a 75″ 4K TV, three PS4s, surround sound, two gaming chairs, and a sofa.  

8. Dance to Roblox party music

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Is your child addicted to Roblox dance TikToks? Turn up some of their favorite songs and let them have fun on the dance floor with their friends. To take things to the next level, host at a venue with a dance floor like this studio space in LA. It’s a 1,000-square-foot dance studio with color-changing lights, speakers, a mirror wall, and tons of free parking.

9. Play real-life bedwars 

private playground in SF's north beach
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Bedwars is one of the most popular multiplayer games currently on Roblox. In Bedwars, the goal is to destroy your opponent’s bed before they can respawn. It’s super fun for kids. So why not recreate this fun game in real life?

These Youtubers recreated Bedwars with easy-to-find supplies. It’s an epic Roblox party idea that your kids are sure to love! If you need a fun venue to set the scene, why not host at a Peerspace playground, like this one in San Francisco?

It’s popular with Peerspace users, with one rave review stating: “This space is amazing to host a kids party. Every parent that came to our party complement us on the venue. The photos on Peerspace don’t do it justice without seeing it for yourself. I would highly recommend this Space! We had our son’s 5th birthday here with about 45 guests in total. The playground keeps the kids entertained, and is completely enclosed and private, so you don’t have to worry about kids running away or having unwanted visitors at the party; the adults can relax and let the kids burn some energy!”

10. Recreate Jailbreak

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Source: Peerspace

Another popular Roblox game, Jailbreak has a classic “cops and robbers” premise, where players have to escape from jail. Recreate real-life jailbreak at your child’s party. 

Have your guests pretend that they’re “trapped” in part of your venue and challenge them to escape. You can even get the adults at your party involved by having them play the role of guards.

And you can take it to the next level by hosting at a Peerspace escape room, like this one in Marietta, GA, or this one in Liverpool, England.

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11. Stage a museum heist 

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Source: Peerspace

A subset of Jailbreak, Museum Heist is another popular Roblox game where players can either rob a museum, or stop the crooks in their tracks. It’s also a prime candidate for a fun Roblox party.

This mom staged an epic museum heist for her child’s Roblox party using custom-made decor and fun party treats. It’s an amazing way to take a Roblox birthday party to the next level.

And if you need room to set up your museum heist, you can rent outdoor spaces on Peerspace, like this outdoor courtyard in Atlanta. It has vibrant green turf, seating, and areas of shade, perfect for an outdoor party!

12. Make Roblox crafts 

Creative Studio for Workshops or Parties in Leesburg
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Looking for more lowkey party activities for your Roblox party? Hand out Roblox-inspired crafts and activity sheets for guests.

If you need more room to work, Peerspace venues like this creative studio space in Leesburg, VA make awesome spots to host. It’s a rustic and sunny spot with large work tables

13. Stage a Robux Easter egg hunt

Roblox Party Ideas
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Robux is Roblox’s in-game currency that allows players to buy custom items and unlock perks. It’s solid gold to Roblox-loving kids. So why not stage a hunt for a Roblox gift card at your party?

Hide a Roblox gift card somewhere at your venue and encourage guests to look for it. Whoever finds it first gets to cash it in! It’s a fun party activity that’s sure to keep kids engaged. It would work even better in a Peerspace venue with plenty of places to hide the prize, like this creative space in Philadelphia, PA

Roblox party ideas: conclusion

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We hope these Roblox party ideas were exactly what you needed to inspire your party planning. Remember step 1, book an amazing Peerspace venue that will delight your guests of every age!

Find the perfect venue near you and then contact the host with any questions or requests. Planning an amazing kids’ party is easy with a resource like Peerspace at your disposal!

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