12 Sweet December Baby Shower Ideas

Looking for December baby shower ideas? In the season of cold and frost, you’re preparing to welcome a new life. December is a month full of wintery goodness and holiday cheer. Amid all the holiday cheer, what better time to plan and celebrate a baby shower?

To help spark your creativity, we share 12 adorable December baby shower ideas to brighten up your winter. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we at Peerspace know that your primary consideration may be where to host your December baby shower. And we have you covered there, too!

Along with our December baby shower ideas, we’ll share a few suggestions for stylish, well-equipped baby shower event spaces that will impress the mom-to-be and all your guests. Let’s get started!

1. Find a cozy venue 

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When the weather outside is frightful, you’ll need a cozy indoor space to gather friends and family. Lucky for you, we’ve got an awesome resource to find just the spot. 

Peerspace makes it easy and quick to find and book baby shower venues in your city. You can find rentable spots in cities from London to LA. There are options available for any size and budget — and they’re totally aesthetic, too. 

How do you find them? It’s easy. Just head to Peerspace.com, input your event type (baby shower), then your city. Need a few ideas to inspire your search? No problem!

Here are a few of our favorites for your December baby shower:

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stylish, inviting baby shower-worthy venues available to you through Peerspace. Celebrate all of your December baby shower ideas in a beautiful venue that will bring out your merry side! 

2. Set up a Christmas tree 

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Does the mama-to-be adore the holidays? In December, the holiday season is in full swing. So, why not use the festive atmosphere to your advantage and set up some Christmas trees at your venue?  

Instead of using actual trees, you could put a twist on the classic decoration by making a balloon tree, like the one at this event hall in Queens, NY. How cute would that be? 

3. Add a dash of spring

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The weather outside might be frightful. But depending on the baby’s due date, it might be delightful once they arrive. Instead of leaning into the winter theme, why not bring a breath of spring into your baby shower? 

You can do this in several ways — by setting out springy flowers (or faux flowers), decorating with bright and pastel colors, or hosting at a venue with a warm and springy vibe. It’s an awesome December baby shower idea for those who can’t wait for the thaw. 

No matter the season, brunch is always a perfect baby shower theme! Tie it into yours by using our baby shower brunch ideas.

4. Hang up snowflakes

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Paper snowflakes are an easy and classic crafting project – and they look adorable when combined with twinkle lights. Break out the scissors and put your crafting skills to work by making paper snowflakes and then hanging them up at your party venue, similar to this beautiful adaptive studio space in Orange, CA. It’s a fun and wintery alternative to traditional banners and streamers – and an easy DIY December baby shower idea. 

5. Make it a pajama party

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One of the best parts of cold and chilly weather is wearing your pajamas around the house. So, why not bring that sense of fun to your baby shower by transforming it into a pajama party? This makes for some super adorable photoshoots and creates a casual and laid-back atmosphere. 

If you like, you could even ask guests to bring a pajama onesie as a gift. Not only does everyone get to enjoy chilling in their PJs, but the baby will also have a full closet of cozy sleepwear. Win-win! 

6. Warm up at a hot cocoa bar 

Modern Chocolate Lab in Trendy and Urban Plaza
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Hot cocoa is the ultimate winter drink. So, why not arrange a hot cocoa bar for your December baby shower? Set out a spread where guests can customize their ultimate cup of hot cocoa.

Fun toppings and additions you could offer include: 

  • Mini marshmallows
  • Peppermints or candy canes
  • Pirouette cookies
  • Chocolate chips
  • Toffee bits
  • Sea salt

Set out your favorite cozy mugs, and you’re good to go.

Better yet, if you’re located near Charlotte, NC, you can always rent out this modern chocolate lab. The mama-to-be will love the bright and airy setting and the opportunity to take a chocolate truffle-making class! It’s by far one of our tastiest December baby shower ideas! 

7. Make a snowman diaper cake 

Baby Shower Venue Ideas In Pittsburgh
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Diaper cakes are an adorable addition to any baby shower display. So, why not put a wintery spin on yours by transforming it into a snowman? All you need is a mini scarf, beanie, and some extra decorations to make your snowman’s face and arms. It would look totally adorable beside your real cake. 

8. Snack on snowman cake pops

Brooklyn Event Space w/ Backyard
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Speaking of snowmen, here’s a fun December baby shower idea to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

instead of traditional cakes or cupcakes, set out snowman cake pops as party treats for your guests. Not only will it go perfectly with your hot cocoa, but it’s also a super cute way to get your cake fix at a winter baby shower. 

9. Assemble a gingerbread house 

Designer Done Southern Living Gorgeous Traditional Style Home Lakefront
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Every baby shower needs some fun and games. So, why not turn to a time-tested December activity — assembling a gingerbread house? 

The group could assemble a larger project together, then take pics with your new creation afterward. Alternatively, you could make it a competition by challenging others to make their own unique gingerbread designs and allowing the expectant parents to choose the winner. It’s an awesome way to put your crafting spirit to the test!

Set the scene by using our fabulous baby shower decoration ideas!

10. Craft “baby’s first Christmas” ornaments

san diego offsite and workshop
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Depending on the baby’s due date, they might not arrive until next Christmas. That gives you and the other guests plenty of time to craft “baby’s first Christmas” ornaments at your shower.

Gather your guests together, pass out some DIY supplies, and work on crafting baby’s first Christmas ornaments side by side. The expectant parents will surely appreciate all the love from these handmade ornaments. And you’ll have a fun time making them. 

11. Unwrap gifts by the fire 

Beachy, Bright Family Home
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When it’s finally time to unwrap the baby shower gifts, there’s no better spot than beside a roaring fire. 

If your venue has a fireplace like this beachy and bright family home in Costa Mesa, CA, take full advantage of it and let the expectant parents unwrap gifts beside its warm glow. The fireplace also makes a gorgeous photo backdrop to capture memories of the day. 

12. Hand out favors 

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Once the gifts are unwrapped and everyone’s eaten, drank, and made merry, it’s time to say goodbye. You can thank your guests for coming with some special baby shower favors. 

Favors perfect for a December shower include: 

  • Hot chocolate kits
  • Snowflake or snowman-shaped soaps
  • Peppermint candies
  • Customized Christmas ornaments
  • Wintery scented candles

Additionally, if you have any leftover food or hot chocolate, you could pass it out to your guests as a thank-you gift. It’s a thoughtful December baby shower idea that spreads gratitude during the season of giving. 

December baby shower ideas: conclusion

Versatile Event Space with a lot of Natural Light
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We hope these December baby shower ideas prove helpful in planning a super sweet and memorable shower. As you can see, you can use the winter season to your advantage by booking a cozy, well-equipped Peerspace venue as the site of your gathering. We’re certain the mom-to-be will be delighted!

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