The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Houston

There’s no shortage of wedding photographers out there, but perhaps you’re having a little more trouble finding the right engagement photographer. It’s true that the majority of wedding photographers are also engagement photographers, but because wedding and engagement photography require two somewhat distinct skill sets, finding the right creative still requires poring over their portfolios until you find someone whose style you really vibe with. The good news is that we’ve pretty much done all the work for you by reviewing dozens of Houston engagement photographers and their portfolios. Allow us to introduce you to them.

1. Jason Smelser

Jason Smelser is an interesting guy. Before he was a photographer, he was an operating room nurse. This should tell you two things: one, pressure’s nothing to him; and two, he’s got a great sense of humor. All of us with friends in the medical profession can tell you there’s just something about the job that brings out people’s sense of humor. Maybe it’s just what’s required to push through the long hours, as well as the never-ending stream of people who need your help.

As a photographer, Jason takes beautifully natural photos in a variety of styles. He’s just as talented taking candid photos as he is taking cleverly posed and composed photographs. He’s got an amazing eye for color and knows how to light a scene for drama and soft romance. Take a look at his portfolio, and we think you’ll agree with us that he’s one of the very best Houston engagement photographers.

2. Akil Bennett

Akil Bennett’s journey with professional photography began when he was a film production major at the University of Houston. He’s always thought of himself as a storyteller, and he fell in love with the way photographs could use minimal elements to tell evocative, detailed stories, lending importance to every little detail within a photo. Since then, he’s built a name as one of the top wedding and engagement photographers in the city, with a super-dynamic and cinematic style that keeps his clients happy, as well as inspires other photographers to push themselves harder. Let him capture your unfolding story.

3. Nate and Alex Messara

Nate and Alex Messara are a husband-and-wife photography team who’ve built a reputation in Houston for their ability to capture the secret heart of relationships, that spark between two people that enlivens everything around them. They have a classic, no-fuss style that puts love front and center. Basically, your kids and grandkids are going to love these photos. The duo has long been recognized as among the very best wedding and engagement photographers that Houston has to offer. We love them or their ability to capture natural, vibrant images that never seem overly posed or edited. Everything seems genuine, full of personality, and almost effortless.

4. Joey T Photography

Joey T Photography serves Houston, Dallas, and NYC with some of the most authentic, romantic, and intimate wedding and engagement photography we’ve come across. Lead photographer, Joey Thomas, has a cinematic yet classical style that pays close attention to textures and shadow to create moody, luscious, and striking photographs. If you want someone to make art out of your combustible love for your partner, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than to work with Joey.

5. Eric and Jenn Photography

Eric and Jenn are another husband-and-wife photography team. Like other husband-and-wife teams we’ve highlighted, they bring a unique perspective to the engagement and wedding photography process. They know firsthand how exciting and stressful the process of planning your wedding can be. Plus, they know that everything important in your life is still in front of you. They’re accommodating, fun, and calming influences. Together, they take natural, simple, light-filled photographs that let your love speak for itself.

6. C. Baron Photography

The team at C. Baron Photography see their job as being storytellers. They love that they can be part of your most important celebrations of life, and so they add something to those celebrations just by knowing how to observe things the way an artist does. Their engagement, wedding, and event photographs are as unique as the couples and people they photograph. Their engagement photos always have a sense of a “journey,” as if you can’t help but imagine the whole life the couple has in front of them.

7. Jessica Pledger

Jessica Pledger has been photographing weddings and engagements for around a decade. She’s got over 200 weddings under her belt, and she’s brought something unique to every single one of them. One thing we really love about her style is that she’s got an amazing eye for texture and structure, which means she’s always using the gorgeously natural and architectural backdrops of your wedding to great effect. Her photos are both classical and cinematic, full of that aching old-world love we’re all chasing, and yet full of narrative details. Take a look at her impressive portfolio.

8. Jessi Marri Photography

Jessi Marri and her team are super-modern wedding and engagement photographers, and they’re all very much blazing their own path. Their photographs are personality-filled and narrative, and yet they use color and light in a manner that’s quite original. If you want to capture that sense that you and your partner are living a fairytale, Jessi and her crew are a perfect choice.

9. Dana Fernandez

Dana Fernandez is a true artist. One of her greatest skills is her ability to find the classical beauty in anyone. When you work with someone who sees you the way that Dana sees you, it’s easy to feel at ease and simply trust that that you and your partner are in good hands. She understands that these photos are not just documents, they’re artifacts. You and your partner will return to them again and again to remind yourselves of where you’ve been and where you’re going together. These images will be a part of the identity of your entire family. Why not work with a true artist who wholeheartedly understands that? Dana is that type of artist.

Congratulations on your engagement. We here at Peerspace couldn’t be happier for you. Like the Houston engagement photographers who made our list, we love love. If you’re looking for some amazing locations for your engagement shoot, we’ve got tons of gorgeous locations at super-reasonable prices. And we make it incredibly easy to book and get shooting. We’d love to share in your love story, even if it’s just a small part.

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