The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in San Antonio

Looking for the most talented San Antonio engagement photographers to potentially hire to capture your big moment? At Peerspace, we get it! You want an engagement photographer who fits you and your style.

If you put a lot of thought and care into every element of your proposal, don’t you want to work with San Antonio engagement photographers who put the same amount of thought and care into their work? The talented San Antonio engagement photographers we’ve chosen today are all professionals dedicated to taking photos that do justice to this magical moment in your life. Let’s check them out.

1. Joshua Michael

Born in Los Angeles, Joshua Michael is a San Antonio engagement photographer who’s been capturing weddings and engagements since 2011. He values the importance of building relationships and then documenting them as part of his process.

Josh gets close with the couples he works with, trying to put them at ease and connect with them. After all, he knows this is the only way to truly produce the highest-quality art. He’s a careful, nuanced photographer who takes some of the most attractive fine art shots you’re likely to find this side of Texas.

2. Jenna-Beth Lyde and Charles Parish of Parish Photography

Jenna-Beth and Charles are two San Antonio storytelling photographers who have built a thriving business on the back of their impeccable photos. And that’s not even mentioning their over-the-top commitment to customer satisfaction.

Charles has photographed over 4,000 weddings and events and has led Parish Photography for several decades. Then, Jenna-Beth bought the company more than six years ago and has become Parish Photography’s fearless leader. Together, they focus on events, weddings, and celebrations, continuing their reputation as some of the most reliable providers of photographic services in the city.

3. Jessica Chole

Jessica Chole is an engagement photographer with a unique, light-filled style. She exudes a kind, open demeanor, and she’s also an extremely experienced and accomplished photographer, truly gifted at capturing the little details that tell the story of a lifelong romance.

One thing we really appreciate about Jessica’s photography is its elegance and style. Her photos are so thoughtfully put together, refined, yet approachable. She invests a lot of thought into her breathtaking compositions, and it shows with every detail.

4. Philip Thomas

Philip Thomas is a photographer’s photographer. He’s internationally known for his sophisticated, sincere, and emotionally insightful style. Before coming to the US, he was a news photographer in the UK, which helped him refine his own photojournalistic style.

In the US, he photographs about 20 weddings each year, working as a local and destination photographer. He’s sought after by couples for his soft, honest takes on love, as well as by other photographers for his keen insights into the craft.

5. Raul E. Medina of Raul’s Photography

Born and raised in San Antonio, Raul E. Medina has a real love for the city’s people, as well as a passion for telling love stories. He’s also got a well-trained eye for capturing architecture; thus, if you love the city yourself and would like someone to expertly produce gorgeous engagement photos that incorporates the beauty of the city and its architecture, Raul is uniquely suited to that. 

Take a look at his portfolio, and you’ll see that he’s a visionary. In fact, we think he’s a highly attuned artist with a quiet sensitivity to his work.

6. Anthony Gauna

Anthony Gauna has distinguished himself among San Antonio engagement photographers for his hands-on bespoke approach to wedding and engagement photography. He’s also noteworthy for his open-heartedness, sense of style, and genuine love for working with underrepresented “non-traditional” clients.

Check out his portfolio and stand in awe of his careful art, the fly-on-the-wall way in which he’s able to capture genuine intimacy. You get a sense that he truly cares for and respects the people he works with and that simple kindness deepens his photographs noticeably.

7. Rocelyn of ARA Photography

Owner and lead photographer Rocelyn of ARA Photography is famous for her accommodating customer service. In fact, she has great communication skills and can plan and execute exquisite engagement and wedding photoshoots.

Rocelyn is an extremely intuitive photographer who’s able to dig down into what really makes you you, and then quickly understand how to capture that true version of yourself. We are in love with her portfolio of smiling, joyous, sometimes tearful (with joy) brides and grooms. So take a look and see for yourself.

8. Laura Elizabeth

Customers rave about Laura Elizabeth’s ability to connect and put shy couples at ease in front of the camera. She’s got tons of experience shooting both wedding and engagement photos. So even when surprises crop up, you can know with certainty that Laura will be able to roll with the punches, overcome any issues, and deliver gorgeous photos that last a lifetime.

Laura’s our favorite kind of engagement and wedding photographer — kind, intuitive, calm, and extremely skilled.

9. Dane & David of Dos Kiwis Studios

David and Dane of Dos Kiwis Studios have built a name for themselves as being among the best San Antonio engagement photographers, portrait artists, and wedding photographers. Their photos are saturated with color, gorgeous deep shadows, and liquid light.

What makes their work so special is that they’re inspired by classical portraiture and editorial fashion photography — so it’s both traditionally composed and yet full of evocative narrative elements. They’re the perfect pair of photographers to tell your love story.

Bonus: Allison Jeffers Photography

Though based in nearby Fredericksburg, Allison Jeffers has made a name for herself as one of the best engagement and wedding photographers in Texas Hill Country. And one look through her portfolio will tell you why.

Allison shoots modern and dreamy couples photography that makes you feel like you’re watching a romantic movie unfold before your eyes. Her locations are superb, and her couples are breathtaking. It’s clear she puts a lot of thought into every setting and has the ability to make her subjects relax. All in all, if you’re looking for an engagement photographer who can provide fairytale images of your engagement and subsequent wedding, we think she’s your girl.

San Antonio engagement photographers: conclusion

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These San Antonio engagement photographers are not only the best engagement photographers in the city, but they’re also all among the best wedding photographers. So look at this as an opportunity to get to know a talented photographer, get a feel for their style and their process, and potentially hire them to capture your wedding as well.

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