The 10 Best Event Photographers in Chicago

Hey, Windy City! This is a slow jam going out to everybody out there planning a big event –– whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, mitzvah, concert, or whatever it is. We know there’s so much planning involved, and an abundance of moving parts may require most — if not all — of your attention. And that’s why we assembled this list of the best Chicago event photographers. We know you’ll still have plenty more to do to throw an epic event, but you won’t have to worry about getting the epic pictures to commemorate the occasion.

1. Michael Courier

Michael Courier is a Chicago event photographer on a mission to help nonprofits, local businesses, and artists connect with the community and communicate their values. He takes authentic, energetic photos that get to the heart of the human beings that make some of Chicago’s best events so enjoyable –– people celebrating, dancing at concerts, building raised garden beds for nonprofits, teaching, or just enjoying time with their friends. You can trust he’ll be there to capture the most compelling moments of your event. 

2. Tori Soper

Tori Soper is one of the most sought-after event photographers, as she has existing relationships with some of the country’s most important organizational and corporate clients, including Food Network, Harvard Business School, the University of Michigan, The Atlantic, Salesforce, Hyatt, U.S. Cellular, Exxon Mobil, and others. She and her team have had huge success helping brands develop their digital voice with excellent lifestyle images that connect with customers. They’ve also assisted in building attractive corporate dossiers and capturing some of the most joy-filled detail-oriented event photos around. We love that they go beyond the basics, always looking for a unique, creative approach to the photos they take.

3. Carasco Photo

Carasco Photo is a super-talented and creative team of photographers. They’re all professional, personable, and hard-working when setting out to capture all the little details that go into making your event the talk of the town. The best part about working with Carasco: they are so experienced that you don’t have to spend your whole event directing them. They’ll nail your shot list, but they’ll also capture all of the minutia you might not think to include on your list. As such, at the end of the day, you’ll have everything you need to publicize how successful your event was.

4. Emily Davis

Emily Davis is excited every time she gets behind the camera, whether it’s for a huge event of thousands, a smaller publicity shoot, or even just a portrait session. She approaches everything as a seasoned professional, with a desire to connect with and put her clients at ease. Emily exudes a real determination to capture gorgeous, world-class photos. Her style is lively with a fine-art bent and quite evocative, full of authentic moments of connection. You’ll really enjoy working with her.

5. Gold Grid Studios

If you want to find a commercial photography studio to build a relationship with — one that goes beyond photographing a single event — take a look at Gold Grid Studios. They’re a full-service studio that’s knowledgeable in branding and marketing. Their photographers understand the importance of getting to the bottom of a company’s story and helping them tell that story through compelling imagery. Not only can they help you make the best of your corporate events, but they’ll bring your visual branding game up a level.

6. Kate Dupree of LuluLynn Photography

LuluLynn Photography is a Chicago photography outfit owned and operated by Kate Dupree. Kate is best-known for her wedding and family photography, but she has a strong résumé shooting events here in Chicago for clients like Food Network and Chicago Fashion Week. She’s a talented documentary and lifestyle photographer with a knack for capturing images that tell compelling, deeply human stories. And her portfolio evidences that she has no difficulty connecting with a wide variety of individuals, not just people who are familiar. We appreciate the creativity and heart that her portfolio radiates. 

7. Sherley Delma of She Shell Photos

Sherley Delma of She Shell Photos is a published photographer, videographer, songwriter, and talented makeup artist, with over a decade of experience in the business. She’s built her name in Chicago for taking images that function as powerful tools for branding and marketing local businesses. Best of all, she’s a great photographer who can forge further connections with members of your community and future customers with her excellent photos.

8. Eric Clarke of eClarke Photo

Eric Clarke is one of the most experienced Chicago event photographers, and his client list includes organizations such as Netflix, Activision, St. Jude, Toyota, Walgreens, and American Express. He’s been working his entire life to develop and hone his craft, and he continues to put in hard work with a ceaseless energy to learn and better himself. With his natural talent as a storyteller and documentary photographer, he has always been able to showcase his skills through event photography.

9. Joe Underbakke of Joe U Photo

Joe Underbakke begins every event shoot by first understanding the goal of the project, the story that your event is setting out to tell. Then he works to understand what makes the event unique, all the little details that go into making the event glamorous and enjoyable for attendees. And then he slips back into the background, and sets about capturing and documenting the event. He has a keen eye for capturing the reality and timeline of your event, as well as the most attractive and laughter-filled moments. He always returns creative, one-of-a-kind work because of his ceaseless energy. You’ll love working with Joe.

10. Jessica M. Photography

Jessica cut her teeth shooting weddings for various Chicago-area studios before she started her own business in town. One thing she loves about being a Chicago event photographer is that it gives her the ability to stay plugged in and active in the community. She’s been gaining attention recently for her high-quality event work, especially images from smaller, more intimate gatherings, as she really understands how to capture the dynamics of relationships to tell compelling stories.

We’re confident that no matter how big or small of an event you’re planning, one of these Chicago event photographers will knock it out of the park for you. And, if you’re looking for the perfect venue to throw a big party, don’t forget that Peerspace has hundreds of incredible spaces in town, and we’d be glad to host you. Much love, Chicago. 

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