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The 11 Best Family Photographers in Las Vegas

When some people think of Las Vegas, they may be inclined to imagine the city’s infamous party reputation than images of happy domestic families. That being said, there is an entirely different side to Sin City that pervades beyond the neon lights of the Strip. Those willing to look beneath the surface of Vegas will discover a major metro area that is bustling with family-centered communities like Sunrise, Summerlin, Green Valley, and Downtown East. The creatives on our list of the 11 best Las Vegas family photographers are all acutely aware of the possibilities that exist for visual artists capable of capturing the joy and timeless beauty of family-centered connections.

1. Britany Maxwell

Britany Maxwell is without question of the most recognizable names in Las Vegas’s professional photography world, having garnered an Instagram following of some 35K fans and counting. Her family shoots, like other realms of her wedding and portrait-focused portfolio, possess a distinctly bohemian, fun-loving vibe. Whether it’s capturing sunsets using natural light, helping create super-stylish wardrobes, or seeking out beautifully bizarre backdrops in the visual wonderland that is Greater Las Vegas, Britany possesses a skill set that combines hard-earned editing and shooting skills with an entirely unique aesthetic vision. 

2. Marie Grantham

Marie Grantham is one of the most diversely talented artists on our list of Las Vegas family photographers. Equally comfortable shooting in black and white as in color, Marie has the ability to seamlessly move in and out of the studio. That said, when working on location, she offers clients a particularly refined taste for creating posed scenes that still manage to feel entirely natural and unplanned. When shooting in color, Marie’s style leans toward rich, full-bodied patterns, using high-contrast settings. Along with her family assignments, she handles plenty of maternity and newborn shoots. 

3. Erin Roberts

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The world that opens up through the lens of Erin Robert’s camera is one that is distinctively fresh and clean. Spend enough time browsing her portfolio of weddings, elopements, and family shots — you can almost smell the cool morning air of the Nevada desert. Obviously a high-level talent working on location in a variety of natural light conditions, Erin also has an innate knack for giving her subjects the confidence and space to simply be themselves. 

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4. Heather K.

Heather K.’s signature mark as a family photographer is her ability to put just the right amount of unconventional spin on traditional portraiture. Though Heather certainly shoots staged scenes and searches out moments of idealized beauty, she is just as committed to letting candid, real-life moments happen among her subjects. To do so, she is often willing to go the extra mile when it comes to client consultations and creative collaborations. Stylistically, Heather employs a good deal of deep spacing and widely framed compositions. She works in both B&W and color — and, beyond her family portfolio, she handles plenty of newborn, wedding, and high school senior photo projects.

5. Christian Purdie

Christian Purdie makes no apologies about taking such deep inspiration from the culture and physical landscape of his native Vegas. Since beginning his professional photography career in the late 1990s, he’s earned a highly regarded reputation for collaborating with portraiture clients to discover distinctively Las Vegas shooting locations. Christian’s diverse skill set and studio capabilities also allow him to work with ease on corporate, wedding, and headshot shoots. His on-location family photography stands out, however, for the humanity and warmth that he captures in each frame. Whether shooting against a fading desert sunset or a graffiti-adorned alleyway within the heart of the city, Christian is a perfect choice for local clients searching for emotionally evocative images that simultaneously capture the power of place. 

6. Sharon Wai

Whereas some photographers on our list wear their Las Vegas credentials on their sleeve, Sharon Wai prides herself on embracing a more cosmopolitan, international tone in her work. Born in Taipei, raised in British Columbia, and a resident in recent years of both American East Coast and West Coast states, Sharon likes to create images that possess timeless, almost mystical qualities that communicate deep emotional messages. Dark tones, tons of variety, and unconventional spacing are frequent stylistic choices, as are wider-angle frames that emphasize all that’s happening at edge of photos. 

7. Shiran Mariasov

Shiran Mariasov of MBF Photography has received a steady stream of media attention within the Greater Las Vegas area for her expertise in family portraiture. Though clearly adept at handling both on-site and studio shoots, as well as newborn and maternity photography, Shiran is probably best-known for the family services she offers within MBF’s 1,500-square-foot studio. There, utilizing more than a hundred different backdrops and props (not to mention her background as a makeup artist for production companies), she consistently creates emotionally evocative images of the highest caliber. 

8. Jamie Rubeis

One of the things we love about Jamie Rubeis is the way she infuses her traditional, on-location portrait work with elements of documentary and fine-art photography. Furthermore, she makes it all seem so deceptively easy to pull off. She often leans away from staged shots in favor of candid interactions and facial expressions that happen in between the picture-perfect moments. She also frequently makes use of strong shadows and dark tones even as she captures frames that convey lighthearted emotions. Ultimately, though, it’s Jamie’s skill as a storyteller that truly sets her apart. 

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9. Etti Mishal

Etti Mishal’s aesthetic style emphasizes bold bright colors that pop with vibrancy and life. Her top-tier portfolio of family photography is bolstered by a reputation as one of Las Vegas’s premier wedding photographers. Engagement, newborn, and high school senior shoots are also a specialty. Though Etti’s compositional tastes often fall within the realm of traditional outdoor portraiture and lifestyle photography, she is more than willing to tap into experimental techniques, frequently creating tightly focused images full of variety and employing playful uses of focus and contrast. 

10. Courtney Pecorino

Courtney Pecorino has been working as a professional image-maker in Las Vegas since 2013, when she graduated with a degree in photography from the University of Nevada. Specializing in destination weddings, lifestyle, and family shoots, Courtney captures photographs that have a hip, modern, and totally sleek feel. Spend enough time with Courtney’s portfolio, and you will probably want to jump inside the world she’s captured. Though all of the names on our list are adept at shooting in natural light, Courtney’s abilities in this realm are simply next-level. If all that’s not enough, she is also an obvious talent when it comes to marketing herself and creating easy-to-follow pricing packages for her clients. 

11. Megan Gneiting

One reason we love Megan Gneiting’s body of work so much is because it shows just how much is possible within the realm of traditional on-site portraiture. Megan specializes in creating gorgeous, naturally lit images of families and couples that don’t get lost in unnecessary experimentation or ego-driven compositional arrangements. The focus remains entirely on her subjects, in other words, and not on the person behind the camera. Muted greens and blues are often a signature element of the backgrounds that Megan chooses, as are softly lit desert landscapes.  

As the photographers we’ve profiled above know very well, Las Vegas is so much more than casinos and neon lights! Spend some time browsing these Las Vegas family photographers’ online portfolios and hopefully you can find one in line with your needs. The more you familiarize yourself with the photographer’s work, the more inclined you’ll be to effectively communicate just what exactly you’re hoping to get out of your family photoshoot. And that’s when the magic happens.

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