19 Creative Girls Night Food Ideas To Wow Your Crew (2024)

Girl’s night parties are so much fun to plan because they can be anything you want them to be! That might mean a movie night, board games, sip & paint experiences…Or just some quality time with your besties over food. All you need is a nice list of girls night food ideas, which we at Peerspace happen to have!

We’re all about helping people make special memories with each other. Peerspace does that by providing not only party ideas but also venues for events of all kinds! So take a moment to browse our collection of party venues near you while making your menu for your special event! 

1. Customize a charcuterie board

Class up your girl’s night party with a charcuterie board! Salty, savory sliced meats look and taste amazing, especially when paired with cheese, crackers, olives, and wine! If you don’t want to buy a premade charcuterie board, head to your local grocery store for some prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, and other cured meats.

2. Go decadent with chocolate fondue

Food should be as much about the experience as it is the flavor. Few dishes do this better than a chocolate fondue pot! Guests can dip cheese, berries, and other treats into the molten chocolate and enjoy them in an entirely new way. You’ll need a fondue pot to keep your baking chocolate warm (don’t use chocolate chips).

Bring your chocolate fondue pot to a banquet hall, loft, or other party space where you can enjoy an elegant interior along with your friends’ company! Peerspace has many venues suitable for a more upscale party, like this industrial luxe chic loft in Philadelphia, PA

3. Design a candy bar

Set up a candy bar for your friends so they can choose handfuls of their favorite treats. You’ll want variety so pick up chocolate chips, roasted nuts, licorice bites, gummy rings, thin mints…Whatever you can find at the grocery store!

4. Go sweet and savory with chocolate-drizzled popcorn

Microwave popcorn feels like a bit of a copout when making a list of creative girl’s night food ideas…So let’s kick it up a notch by adding chocolate drizzle to the equation! It’s still very easy to make yet the chocolate adds a sweet and savory dimension to the crunchy popcorn. You can include chex mix, candy pieces, and other snacks for an even better bowl.

5. Create elegant Caprese salad skewers

Combine the bold, fresh flavors of Italy on a single skewer by making some caprese salad appetizers! Tomato, mozzarella, and basil are the foundation, which you’ll then drizzle with a touch of balsamic vinegar glaze. Don’t forget a pinch of salt and pepper for spice!

If you haven’t hosted a gathering in a while, not to worry. Simply peruse our guide on how to host a party: tips and tricks to get it right and you’ll be ready to go!

6. Opt for elegant strawberry rose bellini

Our list of girls night food ideas needs a few drinks to round things off. How about some strawberry rose bellinis to sip? Including chilling time, you’ll only need an hour to make around 10 servings. Sweet, bubbly, and pretty to look at, strawberry rose bellinis are especially good for a color-themed party.

7. Make simple homemade guacamole

Can it really be a party if you don’t have any guacamole dip? Don’t head to the store just yet, however. Not when it’s so easy to make your own homemade guacamole. It’s best to keep it simple with avocados, salt, lemon, and a touch of seasoning. And a bowl of corn chips for easy dipping!

8. Bacon-wrapped appetizer skewers

Everything is made better by adding bacon to it; it’s a law of physics that is well established. So make your party appetizers a flavor explosion by wrapping them in bacon! Bacon-wrapped scallops, cheese squares, pineapple chunks, olives, chicken, and asparagus are just a few of the routes you could go.

9. DIY a taco bar

Girl’s night food ideas get complicated when you have a large guest list of people who want different things. Fortunately, there’s no better way to satisfy a crowd than setting up a taco bar! A table with tortillas, ingredients, condiments, and seasonings is all that’s required. The vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores can sort their plates out on their own!

10. Satisfy with peanut satay chicken skewers

Looking to recreate an international street food experience? Bring some of the flavors of Thailand over with these peanut satay chicken skewers! They smell good, taste incredible, and many of the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Since you will need to marinate, chop, skewer, and bake these chicken skewers, plan on plenty of prep time. But we promise they’re worth it!

11. Tempt them with mini churros

Churros are crunchy, sweet, salty, and savory, making them the perfect party snack! Instead of full-sized churros, which need a big vat to fry in, follow this recipe to make bite-sized mini churros! You can have several batches made in under an hour, making them the perfect girl’s night food idea when you’re in a hurry but don’t want to go with store-bought snacks!

12. Customize homemade strawberry ice cream

Homemade ice cream isn’t hard to make and it’s sure to be a hit for a girl’s night dinner party. You can use any ingredients you like but who doesn’t love strawberry-flavored ice cream? Use the recipe as-is or toss in some almonds, dark chocolate flakes, or white chocolate chips for an even tastier blend. Strawberry ice cream does need some time to set in the freezer, so you might want to make this one the day before the party.

13. Serve colorful sushi platters

Who doesn’t love a sushi roll or three? Sushi is expensive to buy so why not make some yourself? It’s a lot easier than you think and it’s so satisfying to choose only the ingredients you want! You will need some ingredients that might not be in your cupboard; you have to use sushi rice as regular white rice isn’t sticky enough. A sushi mat also ensures the roll comes together and stays bound until you’re ready to serve it.

Now that you’ve got the venue and menu sorted, you just need these fabulous girls night ideas to plan the other aspects of your gathering.

14. Whip up watermelon and feta salad

Watermelon and feta are two ingredients you wouldn’t think belong together but few matches are as heavenly! The cold, sweet watermelon is a delightful match to the salty, savory feta. Especially when you toss in herbs like basil or mint, a bit of olive oil, and some fresh berries, cucumbers, or other veggies. Watermelon feta salad is also pretty to look at and perfect for any color-themed party!

15. Go brunchy with a pancake station

Looking for brunch-themed girl’s night food ideas? How about a pancake station where your besties can make their own hot flapjacks? You’ll need a pancake griddle that’s hot and ready to go plus some premade pancake batter. The breakfast station will also need toppings like fruit compotes, nuts, syrup, butter, and whipped cream. Pancakes for your girls night food ideas are best in a venue where you’ll have a spot to hang out as well as a separate kitchen or dining area.

Peerspace has hundreds of suitable venues near you, like this open-concept first-floor home in San Francisco, CA! It includes options for both indoor and outdoor dining so you can take the pancake party wherever you wish!

16. Get crunchy with homemade Chex mix

Homemade Chex mix is a delight that more people ought to try. Sweet, salty, spicy, and savory can find their way into a single wonderful snack bowl using this recipe! A lot of ingredients go into a bowl of Chex mix but most of them you probably have in your pantry already. Chex mix is such fun because you can mix and match ingredients as you like! 

17. Season some sweet potato fries

Everyone loves french fries so spice up the dinner table with some savory sweet potato fries! Don’t bother with store-bought fries; not when you can make your own using this easy recipe. They’ll come out crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, ready to be paired with a spicy aioli, ketchup, or other condiment of your choice. There are all kinds of ways to season them as well; taco seasoning, salt & pepper, paprika, and garlic powder are a few of our favorites! 

18. Go for classic Rice Crispy Treats

People have been enjoying rice crispy treats for generations and they are a tasty snack for your girls night food ideas, movie nights, backyard barbecues, and other special events. It only takes 3 ingredients and a microwave to make these crispy squares. Add chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, pretzel sticks, or candy chips for even more deliciousness per bite!

19. Impress with mini cheesecake bites

Cheesecake is one of those dishes that’s so amazing it’s hard to believe anyone can make one. When in reality, it only takes five or six ingredients to make delicious cheesecake bites like these! Plain vanilla cheesecake bites are rich and sweet but you can add strawberry puree, key lime extract, or other flavors to the mix to create a custom mini cheesecake experience. 

Girls night food ideas: conclusion

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From chocolate popcorn to taco bars, you’ll find a girl’s night food idea here for a party of any size! And as important as the grub is, don’t forget about choosing the right venue! Peerspace has venues for special events of all occasions conveniently close to you. Whether you’re looking for a downtown loft or a quiet country cabin, we’re sure to have a space to your liking!

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