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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Banquet Hall?

Whether you’re looking for an intimate venue or a space for a grand event, a banquet hall is a viable option. If you’ve never rented a banquet hall before, your first question is likely: how much does it cost to rent a banquet hall? We’ll give you some insight on what types of banquet halls are out there.

Why should you rent a banquet hall?

Many banquet halls offer an all-inclusive package that helps you with catering, decor, seating, and even entertainment. This can be helpful for those that are juggling a lot of responsibilities and could use some guidance. Banquet halls are also customizable — with adjustments to the size of rooms and lighting options.

Banquet halls are commonly used for weddings and conferences, however, there is a whole list of other ways you can use a banquet hall for your event. Here are some additional uses of a venue rental: 

  • A food festival (pizza or donuts could be a fun event) 
  • A quinceañera or grand birthday bash
  • A yoga or exercise class 

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How to rent a banquet hall 

Banquet halls are commonly rented through hotels or resorts. They can be booked out for months or years in advance, with the booking process often seeming impersonal and prolonged. Most of the time you’ll have to go through the hotel chain and work through the sales process to find out how much it costs to rent a banquet hall. 

Peerspace makes renting a banquet hall a stress-free, easy experience. As the world’s largest online marketplace for event and meeting spaces, Peerspace allows you to search through thousands of venues within minutes. You’ll know the price per hour, number of guests allowed, and all of the amenities that are included. Plus, you can filter the results by what type of venue you’d like and what features you need to have, such as a kitchen or outdoor area. 

Once you find the perfect banquet hall, you can contact the venue host with any questions and easily book right on Peerspace. The price per hour is posted on every Peerspace listing, making it clear how much it will cost to rent the venue during your dates. We’ll get into exact price ranges and answer your question, “How much does it cost to rent a banquet hall?” later on in the article. 

Types of banquet halls

There are a variety of banquet hall options on Peerspace that go beyond the outdated hotel venues. This modern banquet hall in Torrance, California, can fit up to 200 people, has free parking, and includes an onsite event manager to help make sure everything runs smoothly. Peerspace venues include real reviews from people that have previously rented the space. Here’s what one satisfied reviewer had to say about this California-ased banquet hall: 

This venue was gorgeous. Needed to have a reception together in 48 [hours] and they made it happen. The space is so creative to include beautiful lighting, tables chairs, and linen, eliminating the need to have to worry about decor. The host response is great. My inquiry was answered within an hour at 8 pm at night, which eased my worry… Many of my guests raved of the venue and inquired about use of the space for future events. I will definitely be back.

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A large house or warehouse is an attractive option that goes beyond the typical banquet hall mold. Take a look at this blank canvas in Georgia that has 23-foot ceilings and room for up to 100 people. You can use your imagination and brainstorm with the host to help transform this space into your dream venue. We can talk all about how amazing the space is, or you can hear from someone who’s rented it themselves: 

I can’t even begin to express how amazing this experience was. From the second we started talking to Barbara until the moment we walked out the door, we felt like family. Rachel was so accommodating the day of and went WAY above and beyond the call of duty. I not only recommend this venue but encourage anyone who is in need to consider this place. The parking is amazing, the venue itself is clean, accommodating, and just overall a great spot to get together. A great big thank you to Barbara and Rachel! You made this a true night to remember!

On Peerspace you’ll have access to venues that are in the heart of your city — or venues that are secluded getaways. For example, this industrial arts space is right in the heart of downtown Houston will wow your guests with its exposed brick and high ceilings. Great for networking events or wedding receptions, the venue can fit up to 75 people and comes with garden chairs and six foot tables. 

More remote venues that can be used as a banquet hall substitute include mansions like this stunner in Montara, California near San Francisco. With breathtaking views and plenty of room for guests, you can almost picture your wedding or another event in this gorgeous space.

How much does it cost to rent a banquet hall?

The average cost to rent a banquet hall is $1,244, according to the Bridal Association of America. Of course, this varies based on your location, venue size, and amount of people on the guest list. On average, a banquet hall rented through a hotel or resort will cost you anywhere from $500 to $3,000 to rent. This often doesn’t include catering or other amenities. 

A Peerspace banquet hall rental ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. With many Peerspaces that already come with chairs, tables, and other amenities, you’ll save money and have a better experience.

As you read, there are many options when trying to find a banquet hall for your event. When choosing your venue rental, remember to think outside the box — it will pay off in the end.

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