The 8 Best Graduation Photoshoot Ideas in Los Angeles

Ah, the ol’ City of Angels! The place where dreams come true for actors and entertainers. What often goes unnoticed are the students who move here from all over the world. These students are attendees of renowned universities like UCLA and USC. Graduating from high school or college is an honorable moment for young minds. Commemorate the special occasion with unforgettable graduation photoshoot ideas in Los Angeles. Grab a pen and paper because we’re about to dive into some pretty fresh places!

1. Bask in natural light at a bright photo studio in the Downtown Fashion District

dtla studio los angeles rental
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It’s okay to admit falling in love with the views more than the studio space. Here is a vivid, open range studio with extensive windows beaming with bright light. There are beautiful rustic chairs, tables, and fur props available for use if you wish to add a spin to your photos. The studio is located in a trendy neighborhood where you can grab a cup of Joe or authentic tacos before or after your shoot.

2. Capture the perfect shot at an elegant, spacious home in Central LA

Luxurious and feminine photo shoot location for rent in Los Angeles

There is something particularly when it comes to using gold and wool as accents. It could be the immediate class it brings to the room. So, invite the same sophisticated ambiance to your photos. Check out this beautiful, cozy home with modern art pieces and vintage dark green velvet chairs. The loft shouts luxury and class allowing you to create divine photos easily. Leave your external flashlight at home since here you are spoiled with natural, dazzling lighting.

3. Take it easy at this swanky, open-layout gem in the Hollywood Hills

Forever Views,Modern and Artistic hollywood hills los angeles rental
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This mansion and its huge backyard is a massive masterpiece! With a glistening pool and comfortable seating, live like a Kardashian without spending a fortune here with its overwhelming amount of beautiful flowers and plants. As one reviewer says, “It was worth every penny.” This majestic place will leave your peers shocked when they see your grand portraits. Since the outdoor location is a top-rated hot spot, we couldn’t help to include it as one of the greatest graduation photoshoot ideas in Los Angeles.

4. Twirl around lampposts at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The museum is a tourist must-see in Los Angeles. Despite it being closed, the art outside is what makes the place a popular landmark. It’s tall, light marble towers standing parallel to each other and has Victorian carvings into the stone. Walking through the maze area feels almost trippy but doesn’t discredit the ability to capture stunning graduation portraits. Many people enjoy coming here for taking photos since it’s known to have great outdoor lighting and an impeccable backdrop.

5. Go wild in a retro, jungle-inspired studio with dramatic windows

dtla boho spacious loft los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

This place couldn’t decide boho, chic, or nature vibes, so it’s all three in one. Walking into this place awakens an artist within you that you’ve probably didn’t know you had. It’s distinct in how it’s decorated with bohemian, vintage chairs, overflowing with live plant life, and desert moody art pieces. The spacious studio births an opportunity to capture innovative imagery in different settings. It’s been used before for big brand names like H&M, Adidas, Viacom, and much more! Become a popular student instantly by coming to a famous studio and taking exceptional graduation photos.

6. Snap pics at a simple photo shoot penthouse overlooking DTLA

Beautiful High-Rise Penthouse Studio Overlooking Downtown los angeles rental
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Not everyone is a fan of being in the spotlight, especially when it comes to a photo shoot. Or, you could be the type of student who rather takes simplistic photos to go back to studying. We understand. So come to a beautiful high-rise penthouse that gets it, too. You’re not bombarded with overloaded furniture or vibrant décor, instead, you are welcomed by a faux grass wall, dark grey couch, and free camera equipment at your disposal. Since it offers everything you need for a quick and easy photoshoot yet pristine, we’d like to nominate this penthouse as one of the graduation photoshoot ideas in Los Angeles.

7. Experience nature and city views at Vista Hermosa Natural Park

You’re graduating in Los Angeles, so show and tell with your photos by posing in front of the skyline in a hidden park. LA natives enjoy escaping the city without leaving it by coming to Hermosa Vista Park. This beautiful oasis is a favorite for picnics, walking your pets, and lounging underneath trees. The main attraction is a wooden bench sitting on a small hilltop where you can capture your beauty and the iconic city skyline. Have even a more pleasurable day by bringing a blanket and picnic basket to chill and snack after photo shooting.

8. Live it up in a chic, mid-century home in West LA

Mid Century x Scandinavian x Boho Home x Bright x Light los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

“WOW!” is exactly what one Peerspace reviewer said about this gem. This jaw-dropping house is stationed close to the airport and only minutes away from the beach. It’s ravishingly spoiled with Swedish, Scandinavian, and Bohemian furniture. With three bedrooms and an open concept kitchen, you can go bananas when taking photos. As one of the graduation photoshoot ideas in Los Angeles, brands like Sephora have come here to take photos. With that being said, you can have faith knowing you found a treasure.

Los Angeles has an overwhelming amount of options. From the Hollywood Hall of Fame, trending nightlight to even maybe spotting a star nearby. You will never run out of ideas for your graduation photos. Los Angeles offers a reliable metro line from the inner city, downtown to the west side for a beach day. Throw on your most comfortable shoes and get wild in the city by exploring east to coast. By the end of the day, there is no telling how many epic shots you will have gathered.

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